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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Neverending story..

Well, the other day I finally finished the book Brothers in Arms, sequel to Soulforger, by Margaret Weis. There is a second writer on Bothers in Arms and it wasn't Tracy Hickman, (Don Perrin) which shocked me. I hate tosay there is a slight difference the story telling then usual. I have read the prologue to another Dragonlance story that says it "precedes" book 3 of the Raistlin Chronicles, but this one isn't by Margaret Weiss... so.. we shall see if this person stands up to Weiss and Hickman when it comes to Dragonlance.

After this book I have one more Trilogy by Weiss and Angela Lansbury's Biography and then it's back to the book store! I have a love-hate feeling with the books store. I love going to them.. and hate if I can't find anything by my favorite authors or something that really grabs me. If that happens I resort to start replacing old copies of books that I love and are ...well.. getting a little tan looking inside.

Replacing them is nothing less then a shock to your wallet! Books that I once paid 3.98 for are now 7.98! (paperback of course.. I don't think I want to discuss hardbacks!) I realize the price of everything goes up, up, up... but, geez wiz, it's not like they've added extra pages to read or anything! Same story, same amount of pages and more then double the price, sigh.

I do wish I could afford them all in hardback (if they even came out in hardback) because they must use better paper so that they don't turn "tan" as quickly and last a lot longer. But the fact they use less quality paper for the paperbacks is most likely a "business" decision, so that they need replacing and they can make more money. Thus, slowly but surely, they take away another enjoyment from the "not so wealthy" and begin to put it in a category for "only the rich". I know, you are probably thinking: well there are always libraries.. but it's just not the same when it's a book that is so good you read it more then once , those you want to "own".. those are the books that bring a small smile to your face just seeing it on your shelf, and bring back memories of what the story was about. Those are the books that made you escape and live a life you could only dream about, or make you laugh so hard you cry, or take you to a place in your mind where you feel as if you are all you wanted to be. Those books you don't want to have to return to a library.. those are the books that, like the old "calgon commercial", say, "take me away".. and they always do.


Blogger TJ said...

Gosh, I am shameful! I haven't read a thing in so long!!
I love Sci-Fi and all the Magical wizards and Warlords! Oh and them witches! I did read some Nora Roberts this winter but never finsihed...
I will have to start it over..
Thanks for your visit! come set with me on my deck anytime!!!

2:10 PM  

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