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Friday, May 05, 2006

Weekend Assignment #110: Strange Dreams

Hmmm, John Scalzi at By the Way has an interesting weekend assignment...

Weekend Assignment #110: Strange Dreams Well, that's something that most of us have had at one time or another. ..what's strange is that we dream at all!

There was one dream I had over and over for years.. I can't say I am unhappy that I finally don't have it anymore.

That one concerned elementary school... or at least it happened in the playground of my elementary school... it was always the same.. I was hiding under a wooden box and peeking out.. kids were running and screaming and airplanes were buzzing the school shooting at it. i could hear the kids screaming as they ran to try to hide and i was terrified. Tell me THAT isn't strange!!

Quite often I have dreams that are nothing more than conversations with people.. many of them actors or somehow in the industry.. lately it's included John Rhys Davies, I assume that's because he will be at the convention I will go to at the end of July. In this dream I am sitting in the hotel restaurant waiting for my dinner to be served. Mr Davies walks in and asks for a table alone, the lady tells him she will have to look because they are mostly filled. Having overheard this, I tell the woman that if she wants to move me to share with others that Mr Davies can have my table. (having helped at many cons and shows I realize the guests need some time alone!) She offers the suggestion to Mr Davies who then smiles and asks if I'd mind if he shared my table. (duh.. like i am going to say no? ) He sits down and we have a great conversation, just talking of nothing in particular. The funny thing is when I have these sort of dreams I could wake and tell you verbatim what we talk about.. but I won't here.. it's never very exciting.

However, Creations Cons aren't "autograph shows" so the chance of saying more then "hello" and "thank you" to Mr. Davies is highly unlikely.. maybe that's why I dream the situation differently.. this way.. I have it all!

Dreaming makes anything possible!....

Oops! I nearly forgot.. Extra Credit: Name a favorite song with the words "dream" or "sleep" (or some variation of those words).

Boy, Howdy.. this will date me! heh.. ok, here it is!

The Everly Brothers (1958) All I have to do is Dream...


Blogger Charles said...

Man that is one heck of a scary dream. I'm curious, did you hate to go to school?

This sounds like an interesting weekend assignment, but ever since the "You know What", I haven't did a Monday Photo Shoot or a Weekend Assignment.

No joke: I once had a dream I met God. My family and myself died and when I met him, he asked us if we had gifts for him. My family all had gifts for him, and when he came to me, I gave him socks. I have know idea what it meant, but it was a very memerable dream. It seemed kind of real. It had me asking myself what do I have to give to someone who could possibly have everything. I should be posting this in my journal huh?

Dreamin'-Vanessa Williams

11:47 PM  

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