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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Just Rambling...

This will be yet another ramble.. nothing specific.

First: I'm almost done reading Sean Astin's book There and back Again. There's credit on the cover of someone who helped him write it, Joe Laden, but it reads quite like someone wrote verbatim, things that Sean said and thought out loud.

As some of you know I met Sean, though briefly, at a convention here in NJ. In person I found him to be very nice, a people person, cheerful and he didn't seem to have a ego problem like some actors do.

Reading this book of his, may have taken him down a peg in my feelings about him... but I'm not sure. Through most of his book it seems to me he says things and then goes about recanting what he said. One minute he would say something like, he didn't like how Peter Jackson did something, and the next paragraph he'd be praising how Peter was so good at everything he did.

It's like he complains about things and then says how great things are. I sure can't figure him out. And I don't know if it's because of how it's written, or what. It's just a very strange reading.

Anyway, I guess I'm glad to read it, but (sounding much like Sean himself) I don't know that I'd go so far as to recommend it to any one lol.


Lessee... what else?

Oh, I mentioned in another post that I thought some folks should try writing a screen play for Angela Lansbury of Murder She Wrote.

My friend Kiyotoe might take up the challenge. One I would hope a few blogs that I read would do. Kiyotoe mentioned he'd need "my" help since he never saw a Murder She Wrote. Well... I am not good at observing certain things that may be important for something like this sooooooooo..... I did some searching around and gathered up some basic information for anyone wanting to try this. They can find information.. here. I would think there's much one needs to know to write a screen play,... but with my lousy memory and I don't pay attention to maybe the important details I would be of no help.. if that page doesn't help then... well, then only someone who was a fan of Murder She Wrote could possible write a 2 hour movie of one.


Next: We had a bad rain storm here Thursday night.. but nothing as bad as the tornado that showed up down south! 19 kids died in their school when it hit before they could get away from it.

I was floored to hear on the news that in tornado statistics the normal is about 20 some tornados a season and it's jumped this past year to 71!! What the hell is going on anyway?


On another note... did anyone see the new game show about Are you As Smart as a 5th Grader? lol.. it's hosted by Jeff Foxworthy (you might be a redneck if..) The show premiered a few days ago.. the funny thing is, the older we are, and the farther away from "school days" we are, things we thought we memorized have long since vanished into the mush part of our brains... and so... the 5th graders wind up smarter then the adults; who by the way are college graduates!

Even if you aren't into game shows, if you see this on you guide list.. do tune in and watch it.. just once! lol.. Unless you have one really fantastic memory you will laugh at yourself to find the 5th grader smarter then you!


And for the last tidbit..........

I don't know about anyone else but I was furious Thursday night!! I wait all week for Thursday night to watch Ugly Betty and Greys Anatomy... and what do they do? PUT ON REPEATS!! Not just one of them.. but BOTH! No warning at all! Just slam me with REPEATS! I really, really REALLY hate that!

I'm not thrilled when I KNOW it will be a repeat... but no warning really upset me... I soooooooooo wanted to see a new show for each of them! GRRrrrrrr.

Almost forgot.. one more last tidbit..heh.. there is to be a total eclipse of the moon tonite at sunset... -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

'Till next time....


Anonymous Karmyn said...

I just took a stupid little quiz to see if I could pass High School...and I got a D. So - the thought of watching a show to see if I'm as smart as a 5th grader just kills me. (and I'm a college graduate - where did all my knowledge go?)

12:19 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

I've been bad and haven't checked lately. I used to check it everyday... it's like I'm getting old or something.

I won't read the book. Your review convinced me.

What kind of questions are they asking on the game show.. like the new colors in crayola or something>>????

2:46 AM  
Blogger Carly said...

Hey Pat :)

I did catch that new game show, and I loved it. I will be a regular viewer. I can admit it. "I am NOT as smart as a 5th grader!" Tee Hee. My goodness... how much I have forgotten.

Always, Carly

3:30 AM  

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