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Friday, August 03, 2007

Finally! I get to read Harry Potter!

Ok, so now I will catch up on reading...

I finally finished An Unexpected Apprentice by Jody Lynn Nye. I have to say it's not on my favorite's list. It wasn't bad! But it seemed to drag alot and I didn't have the feeling I knew the characters well. There is a story behind it all, and it also indicates a sequal, but it didn't hold me. I wasn't always wanting to pick it up every chance I had, so when the sequal comes out.. I dunno. Tildi Summerbee, a Halfling was the main character and I really liked her, so I can't pinpoint what it is that didn't grab me to enjoy this book more than I did.

When I was in Florida I took Neil Gaiman's book of Stardust to read. I thought I would only read at the airport but I managed to read in bed a few times and the book flew by. To me, it began rather oddly.. maybe because it seemed to be written as a "fairy tale" and not a full blown "fantasy", ...but once it got going I really enjoyed it. I saw the trailer for the movie due out any day now and I hope I can get to see it! I may well try another Gaiman book... if I ever get through the pile I have waiting for me..heh.

So finally! I am beginning Harry Potter! It seems everyone in the world has read it already.. but that's ok.. I'm not in a hurry for these stories to end, and not to get to read of them anymore. So, I'll take my sweet time reading it.. and I'm sure I'll remember all the HP books each time I look at them on the shelf... and one day, I'm sure I will read them all again!

Did I mention that there was a lady waiting at the airport reading this book? I smiled at her when she closed the book and asked if she was just beginning it or ending it. She laughed and said, "oh, I'm finishing it........ for the second time!"


Blogger Chris said...

Too bad about your first book...the cover's great!

Stardust..I think it's meant to read as a fairy tale. It's very different from the rest of Gaiman's books, yet it does have his signature charm to it. My suggestion if you choose to read another book of his is American Gods. That book blew me away and it remains one of my top 3 favorite books.

I can't wait to hear what you think of Harry! I wish I would've taken my time with it even more than I did :( It's so sad that I have no more new Harry Potter stuff!

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi Pat,
Please place my link with the others. This is my entry of 'My Favorite Character.'

2:01 AM  

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