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Friday, February 01, 2013

January Reads

I don’t usually do a “monthly” post of what I’ve read but I’ve been doing such little blogging I decided to break tradition and do  January Books Read post..

January: 2013 I read 5 books.  That’s not a large count but I maintain that if I average one a week I am more than  happy with myself.   Although the book count itself is not large.. I think I did well with the page count!

secret22_zps7d4827de[1] 1. The Dead Secret..................Wilkie Collins   (316 pgs)
dalia2_zps68dc6956[1] 2. The Black Dahlia Files........…..Donald H Wolfe    (416 pgs)
creatures2_zpsd065d1c3[1] 3. Beautiful Creatures...........….Garcia & Stohl      (563 pgs)
bow2_zps05f8815c[1] 4. Clara Bow.....................…...David Stenn          (400 pgs)
er2_zps8b2b4642[1] 5. Eleanor Roosevelt................Blanche W Cook    (608 pgs)

Total pages:  2303.

As of Today I am reading Eleanor Roosevelt Volume 2 and have read 145 pgs.  A little slow going.. I’ve  had a bad few weeks with depression and anxiety and stress.. but I try to read some everyday anyway. 

So..  I loved the Dead Secret probably because I love Wilkie Collins lol…

As for the Black Dahlia.. I remember hearing stories of it but reading about it was very interesting indeed!

Beautiful Creatures was an unexpected surprise of a read and I see they’ve made a movie from it!

Clara Bow I read more because I enjoy reading of how Hollywood got its start and how things were “back in the day” and of course to know more of the person I am reading about..and Clara Bow (the IT girl) was actually quite a sad story.

Eleanor Roosevelt.. wow.  What a lady and what a humanitarian!  When you read about her and her marriage to FDR you can easily get the impression that she helped him be the President he became!  But he didn’t deserve Eleanor, at least I don’t think so..  however they did find a way to have great respect and admiration for each other even after FDR cheated on her.  Super good information in this book!

That’s it for me… any favorites you read in January???


Blogger Cath said...

Not only did you do well with number of books, imo, you did even better in that the books you read were so diverse and interesting. Have you heard about the movie Hyde Park on the Hudson? George VI and his wife visiting the Roosevelts. I so have to see that!

6:57 PM  
Blogger Chris Howard said...

I'm with you mama! I'd like to read a book a week too this year. You've added the Wilkie to my wishlist and the Black Dahlia book sounds really good too!! Great start to the year mama :D

2:04 AM  
Blogger Debi said...

I'm sorry you've been struggling with the depression and anxiety, dear lady...just breaks my heart. I hope things ease up for you very soon. *HUGS*

I'm so impressed with how much non-fiction you've been cranking out! I love non-fiction, but I almost always find it so much slower to read.

It's sort of impossible not to love Eleanor, isn't it? :)

9:57 AM  

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