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Saturday, September 08, 2018

Cain His Brother by Anne Perry.

Hardcover: 390 pages
Publisher: Fawcett;(September 19, 1995)
ISBN-10: 044990847X

Victoria's London was the queen of the universe, a dazzling metropolis from whose magnificent mansions and discreetly luxurious clubs flowed the strategies that built the greatest empire ever known. Meanwhile the city's poor suffered and died in hopeless obscurity. Inspector William Monk knows his city's best and its worst--or so he believes until the day when charming Genevieve Stonefield comes to plead with him to find her missing husband. 

In his family life, Angus Stonefield had been gentle and loving; in business, a man of probity; and in his relationship with his twin brother, Caleb, a virtual saint. Now he is missing, and it appears more than possible that Caleb--a creature long since abandoned to depravity--has murdered him. 

And so Monk puts himself into the missing man's shoes, searching in Stonefield's comfortable home, his prospering business, his favorite haunts, and, finally, the city's dangerous, fever-ridden slums for clues to Angus's fate and his vicious brother's whereabouts. Slowly, Monk inches toward the truth--and also, unwittingly, toward the destruction of his good name and livelihood.... 

Cain His Brother builds from one astonishment to another until, in a transfixed courtroom, fate, or perhaps the devil, plays with men's lives and laughs a last mad laugh. Never before has Anne Perry penetrated so deeply into the darkness of the human heart and into a past that rises up to haunt us with its tragic ironies.

This one I really liked alot! I am getting to know many of the "families" that get involved with Monk's mysteries! 

Since I am not reading each and every one in succession sometimes Monk is Married and sometimes he is not ! lol.  But with each book one learns more and more of the main characters personalities .

I actually had my suspicions as to how this would end and (for a change) I was right ! lol.  But it was really well written as to how you will find out how it was figured out! 

Good book! (Big thank you to Kris's mom for sending it to me!!)


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