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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Why can't i leave my computer alone?

Sunday, October 16, 20057:16:00 PM EDT
Feeling Quiet

Why Can't I leave my computer alone?What is it about me that won't let me leave my computer alone? I have this need to dink with it and make it "all mine" so if anyone comes near it, it's clear that it's mine. (not that i let anyone close to it mind you!)

This is my wallpaper... well.. one of many actually, i like to make my own wallpaper..

Ummm, yes.. it's George Lucas. I do think he's extremely handsome, so why not have something restful on these old eyes? (I also have one of Harrison Ford, and one of DeForest Kelley and one of....... heh, well you get the idea)

I didn't stop there either, when I first boot up my computer I hear a few bars of the main theme to star wars. (duh..) Then when I log on to aol I hear a few bars of the Indiana Jones theme. The aol "welcome" just didn't do it for me, heh. I wasn't fond of "you've got mail either".. so when an email arrives I now hear the 5 notes from Close encounters of the Third Kind. (hmmm, I detect a pattern here) I switched gears for my buddy list. The door opening and closing grated on me. A friend recorded "hello m'lady" and "I'll see you around m'lady".. sounds a whole lot better then the creaking and slamming door! And finally.. when i log off of aol I hear Tigger.. "TTFN, TaaTaa for now"! (once again.. aol's "goodby" just wasn't it.. whatever "it" is)

So i sit and wonder sometimes, why i can't leave things alone? Obviously they work fine without my intervention.. I guess I just don't like knowing it's like everyone else's computer.. this one is all mine!

One day your prince will come, mine just took a wrong turn, got lost, and is to stubborn to ask for directions


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