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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas movies

I just finished watching the 1938 version of A Christmas Carol

Reginald Owen .... Ebenezer Scrooge
Gene Lockhart .... Bob Cratchit
Kathleen Lockhart .... Mrs. Cratchit
Terry Kilburn .... Tiny Tim Cratchit
Barry MacKay .... Fred (as Barry Mackay)
Lynne Carver .... Bess
Leo G. Carroll .... Jacob Marley's ghost
Lionel Braham .... Spirit of Christmas Present
Ann Rutherford .... Spirit of Christmas Past
D'Arcy Corrigan .... Spirit of Christmas Future
Ronald Sinclair .... Young Ebenezer Scrooge

I know it's been made many times since this version.. but there's something about the old black and white version that keeps me watching over and over each year.

I love the TMC channel for just this reason. But I like that they also show newer (but not reeeeeeally new) movies.

The next one comming up is A Christmas Story. Anyone remember that one?
Melinda Dillon .... Mrs. Parker
Darren McGavin .... Mr. Parker
Peter Billingsley .... Ralphie Parker
Ian Petrella .... Randy Parker
Scott Schwartz .... Flick
R.D. Robb .... Schwartz
Tedde Moore .... Miss Shields
Yano Anaya .... Grover
Dill Zack Ward .... Scut Farkus
Jeff Gillen .... Santa Claus
Leslie Carlson .... Tree Man (as Les Carlson)
Jim Hunter .... Freight Man
Patty Johnson .... Head Elf

Peter Billingsly had the leading role. But the real reason I will watch this movie is because I know one of the other kids in the movie.

This is Scott Schwartz as he was back then.. he's a bit older now lol.

I ran into him at the last autograph show I went to. What a surprise that was!He lives in CA and he wasn't on the list of guests, so when he walked up and just stood there until i noticed him, I was more then delighted!! He gave me a big hug and then I went with him and chatted while he sold his autographed pictures.

A little known fact about Scott in that movie is that although all those kids were the age they looked like, Scott was actually 14 yrs old! But because of his size (not real tall) and his baby face, they gave him the part.

He's the kid who's tongue gets stuck to the pole!!He told me how they did that.. there was a hole in the pole and a machine making a vacuum.. so when his tongue hit the pole it got "sucked nearly into the hole"! lol..

Funny how we seem to watch the same movies over and over at this time of year and never really tire of them. I hope that never changes.


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