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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Weekend Assignment #89

Money is no object:

What do you really want for Christmas/Hanukkah/The Seasonal Celebration of Your Choice? Shoot for the moon, here folks. Share the thing you'd want to get if everyone you knew was a billionaire and wanted to spend money on you. One caveat: Don't ask to get celebrities of other people for the purposes of, well, you know. We're trying to keep things PG around here. Also: wishing for world peace is all very nice, but come on. Treat yourself.

Extra Credit: Seriously, what would you do if someone got you that thing?

The one thing i would like, money is no object.. ok.. i'd like to be covered by some sort of health insurance that would cover everything and every penny for whatever is left of my life. Just the thought of not having to have that stress hanging over me and not having to decide if i eat this week or pay for some medicine.. man.. that would be it! Of course if i was finally unstressed it might be nice to have a very large one room house too! lol lol.. one big room that i could section off but no walls all over so i could see everywhere (well.. not the bathroom)!!

What would I do if someone gave me the "health care coverage"?...most likely cry for a week straight. There are no words you could say to someone that would do something like that.. thankyou would never cut it.

He'd probably look much like this guy...


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