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Monday, December 05, 2005

Over the Edge

Today I was clicking on journals that i enjoy reading.. not once but TWICE I came across this....

This is incredible!... no intrusion they say??.. looks to me like I can't read the title of Wildcat's journal, nor how he describes it!!

I had writen a comment to John who emailed me and said the ads such as this are no longer on aol journals..but may still be on aim journals.. I know Bill's journal is on AIM.. however.. may I point out .. the "address" to his journal still reads ""

Is this how aol wants to be thought of???? wow... how sad is that? How sad for AOL who always said it was "all for the customer"... sad , sad, sad...

And sadder for those of us that journal.................. though I haven't stopped "mirroring" my blogspot journal to aol... I'm rethinking it more and more... I just don't want to leave friends behind, and i really can't see how they stand this.

I can deal with an ad ... but not THIS sort of thing.. that's no ad! That's total disrespect! sigh... I don't get it... i really don't.


Blogger Charles said...

Man now that ad really is an eyesore. I didn't know that they stick out like that. That has to go it looks annoying.

2:52 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

It is very disrespectful. I agree with you totally and completely. As if the banner ads weren't bad enough!

It IS very hard to leave our AOL journals. I've posted an entry or two there, as well, but the more I am in Blogger, the happier I am here. So with time, I'll be done over there.

Love, Anna

10:08 PM  

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