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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Feedback please...

I would like to ask anyone who likes to read fantasy fiction to read this preface to a story I wrote.. I wrote it as a "lead in" and wonder if you read this if it would make you curious to know more or not. Either way, please leave a comment.. "I am not a writer" so I don't expect miracles.. not even at Christmas time lol.. but i would appreciate feed back.. thank you ahead of time.


Lilith roamed the city streets owning nothing more than the clothes on her back and whatever she could find that would fit in her pockets. Her life had evolved to the point where the city streets had become her home and she no longer strived for what was called, the good life but merely existed from day to day.

Remembering what used to be would tear at her inside and so she no longer lingered on memories but rather tried to forget them. Always in the recesses of her mind remained the one given fact that daunted her everywhere she went; she was never good enough. Because of this, often as she walked along the streets she would study the faces of the passing people wondering if they had accomplished what she hadn’t and she looked to see if they were truly happy

When she was hungry she begged for handouts or went to the nearby shelter hoping that there would be some food to be handed out, and when she was tired, if she was lucky she would find a bench in a park to lie on or simply lie on the cement sidewalk for warmth. Most people that passed by her were never even aware that she was there, she was invisible, but the few that bothered to see her would look down in disgust, for she had become one of those homeless people that other people try to ignore and don’t even take the time to wonder why life treated them as it did. Many of us walk through a tunnel in life, one that keeps us moving straight ahead, no turns, no curves, do not take time to care for others, do not pass go and do not collect two hundred dollars; life goes by and you never even know it.

At one time or another during our lives most of us have taken a walk through a forest, we’ve gone hiking or camping or visiting a National Park. Thankfully there are still many forests that can be visited, but I'll bet that you've never seen one quite like Kesterwood Forest. Kesterwood is lush and beautiful, filled with every shade of green imaginable on it’s ancient trees and it’s multitude of shrubs and bushes; it’s a place where peace and quiet reign. The only sounds one might hear in Kesterwood are those of the soft breezes as they weave through the tall branches of the trees, and the babbling of water as it flows over the pebbles and rocks that lie on the bed of a creek.

Chances are if you were in Kesterwood you might see the flight of a white owl named Rhys, who shares the forest with an old man that lives alone in the midst of this very special forest. It’s been said that Kesterwood is enchanted; for on occasion somewhere in the middle of the forest a guest might suddenly appear.

Any time now the old man and his owl are about to have unexpected company. Lilith didn’t know it when she closed her eyes on the city sidewalk to try to get some sleep but she was about to take an unforeseen journey.

If this peeked your interest at all I have 6 chapters on a website, that if you want, you can read and give me your opinion.


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