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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fingers Crossed!

Ohhhhh, how I hope this is true!! (doin' the happy dance!)

Good news (hopefully) for LOTR fans!... I found this on the web...

Nov 29, 2006 Jackson thrown Hobbit lifeline

It looks like Peter Jackson will direct the movie version of the Lord of the Rings prequel The Hobbit after all.

There was uproar last week when New Line Cinema told the director he was no longer needed.

But Jackson been thrown a life line by film producer Saul Zaentz who holds the screen rights to Tolkien Enterprises.

Zaentz has told The Sun newspaper the rights to The Hobbit fall back to his company next year and when that happens, Jackson will be back on the project.

Well, hello! Someone woke up before it was to late! No one could make the movie of the Hobbit better then Peter Jackson!! I really, really, REALLY, hope it gets in the works soon!!


Blogger Bibi said...

Gasp.... sacrilege!! How could he NOT direct The Hobbit!!?? Hadn't heard about this but thank goodness for Saul Zaentz!.

9:20 PM  
Blogger Carl V. said...

That is good news indeed, thanks for coming over and letting me know this. I too hope this works out and that they get to filming it soon.

1:16 AM  
Blogger Skittles said...

Can't wait!

7:03 AM  
Anonymous Janet said...

I KNEW this would happen, it's why I didn't bother getting upset! Finally, Saul makes a good move :-)

4:11 PM  

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