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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Alike.. but not alike.

Another in the Heron Family...

I thought this was the same bird but it's not (no orange around the one above's eye or neck)

.. Evening is nigh. (actually this was sometime last week)

A "cold front " is here!!!  My door is open!!!! It will only get in the mid to upper 70's!!!!  Tonight will dip down to the low 60's!!  I will dream of maybe being able to wear my sweats!!!! oh yeah! oh yeah!

Look at the photo below of all the gathering Ibis!... they look like a bunch of chickens!  Now if we could only teach them to lay eggs that we could gather and eat they'd help us all here at the old folks home alot!


Blogger Ladytink_534 said...

Not sure I'd want to eat those eggs... hmm, wonder if they'd taste like duck eggs though?

2:02 PM  
Blogger Astaryth said...

Phhhhtttt! The -high- here today (so far) has been 60° and tonight's low? 45° or so they say. Fine if I could just bundle up inside and drink my cocoa, but I have critters who need extra care when it goes below 55° or so. The horses will be in the barn tonight with their light sheets on and hay in front of them. And I'll be checking in on them a couple of times. And tomorrow morning will bring the barn cleaning and chores since they had to be inside...Brrrrrr! I much prefer when it stays around 60° at night cause I'm lazy ;p

3:45 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

lady: i dunno but it was a thought lol

JJ: going in the 50s tonite but up to 75 during the day.. but I have to walk to the chiropractor at 8 am when it's still rather ummmm cool lol lol I will enjoy it compared to walking in the humidity!

5:29 PM  
Blogger Melli said...

Our high today was 46. When I grow up, I want to live at the old folks home! :)

7:50 PM  
Blogger Cath said...

Enjoy the cooler weather. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it lasts for more than a couple of days!

We're having a really bad autumn storm tonight and tomorrow - winds might reach 80 mph tomorrow morning apparently.

Did you look in the book to see what the new heron is called? I can't see it in mine.

3:15 PM  
Blogger Cath said...

Adding another comment because I forgot to tick the follow up comments box. :-)

3:16 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

melli: trust me.. you don't want it!

Cath: I hope the high winds don't do you any damage..the summer storms up north kept taking down trees and such. I've been too lazy or rather seem to have no interest even in the book I'm reading and I love this series so no I don't know the heron yet ..

also I forgot to apologize to everyone that I had to put word verification back on..I was getting spam in older posts for things I don't want on my blog.

4:16 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh those Ibis are sweet! And the Heron, too....I know I keep saying this, but I just love that you have all these birds visiting...a different show every day....!
As to the! What they call a "cold front" is funny...!

3:25 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

the ibis are so beautiful

1:24 AM  

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