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Monday, February 13, 2012

Long …Long…ago…..

Well.. I did something that I won’t do again for another X amount of years!  Of course I thought I’d enjoy seeing the old posters I used to collect and I did enjoy seeing them, but trying to lay them flat (they are kept in tubes) and take pictures of them turned out to be an overwhelming chore!

So… since I did this, and do NOT plan on doing it again.. you get to see all the things I took pictures of!  (lucky you!).  You will note that many of the posters are by Drew Struzan.

This first poster from Indiana Jones is a prime example..

..dang but he’s good!!


The next poster is from one of my favorite movies… Medicine Man.  I love this movie and never tire of seeing it… such a hopeful movie. (and of course Connery is easy on the eyes!)


…another Drew Struzan poster of the *gorgeous* George Lucas..*sigh*


Ahhh… Ron Perlman from Beauty and the Beast!.. One of the all time best tv shows ever!


… oh lookey!  Another George Lucas poster, imagine that! lol (and no that’s not an autograph on it, that’s part of the poster)


Here’s an old piece that used to be at movie theaters , I believe it’s called an insert… I have this because DeForest had a small part in the movie but his name isn’t on this .. but Edward Dmytryk is the director… and since DeForest did westerns for Dmytryk I found a book on him once called, Odd Man Out,  that is very interesting! (he was one of 12 men thought to expose the corrupting presence of communists in the entertainment industry and, they were to be barred from further employment in Hollywood )(and I actually met him once in a Pancake House in Sherman Oaks CA lol)


Ohhhh… now then.. Sean Connery!  loved this little movie… loved Julia Ormond in it too and Richard Gere of course.. the only thing I found wrong with this movie is it was too short!


Ummm, ok so .. Connery and Ford are two actors I really like ok?  Just wanted to get that out of the way ..heh.. Mosquito Coast.   To many, not Ford’s best movie.. but I like it!..and more to the point when he was interviewed a long time ago on tv he said it was a movie he was very proud of… so there you have it.


…I guess I need not mention Star Trek huh?  This poster was put out for the 25th Anniversary and knowing how I love our space program and the moon… need I say more?


hmmm,  another Indy poster. surprise, surprise…


Ahhh Kevin Sorbo!  I loved the Hercules tv show and then loved him in Andromedia too!… and then… when I lived in Jersey, I got to sit by him and help him during an autograph show… broke my heart, but ya know… someone hadda do it! (a really nice person!!)


Another movie insert.. this one from a Tarzan movie when Gordon Scott was Tarzan. I got to be friends with Gordon when I lived in Sherman Oaks and helped him a number of times too… oh, take note who was in this particular movie… Sean Connery! lol


This one is one of my favorite Inserts… sure wish it didn’t have rips in it I’d try to sell it…  I love Turhan Bey! ..and Merle Oberon was a huge star!


Ok… that ends the posters that I still have tucked away ..have no idea what I will ever do with them now that I live in such a small apartment…

Rolled up with them was this drawing of me below.  I used to do clown work to help raise money for the Special Olympics and the art teacher at Indian River Community College, Helen Terry, had me sit for an adult art class and she drew this of me..


I also found two rather large pictures of DeForest rolled up…

This very young “head shot” from when he first started out as an actor…


..and this one below I think you’ve seen before.. a photo I took of DeForest in my back yard picnic..


..then I got the biggest shock of all!    I thought I had sold any of DeForests autographs I had that weren’t signed “to pat”… but I found this double paged magazine ad that I remember De giving me … thought I had sold it!


…he had a beautiful signature didn’t he?   It’s too bad this is only on a center page of an old magazine and not a nice photo of some sort… oh well…I’ll probably keep it since I don’t think it would sell for very much not being on a photo…


………..and last …but NOT least!

I found this poster… and I have to tell ya’ll (and ya’ll know I read a lot)… but IF I didn’t read a lot…. this poster would certainly make me go out and get a book to read!!!


By the way… I will probably NEVER take those posters out again!… that was toooooo much work!!

(I apologize for the amount of photo’s in this post..but it turned into such a chore that there was no way I wasn’t going to post them all!)


Blogger Kailana said...

Fun post! That drawing of you is awesome. :)

11:03 AM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I didn't think there were too many pictures, Pat....These posters are really wonderful...! I'm amazed you were able to flatten them to take pictures of them considering they have been rolled up for so long.....!
GREAT picture of the drawing of you, which is quite wonderful...!!

11:48 AM  
Blogger animewookie said...

Holy Eye Candy Batman!!! Love it Love It Love It!! Thank you for sharing these Pat <3

1:35 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

thanks kelly!

naomi: yes, I was surprised to find that drawing!! I always liked it and was glad I still had it.

kelly: LOL "eyecandy" ummmm, yeah, that's the ticket! lol

1:51 PM  
Blogger Cath said...

No wonder we're sisters! All those movies we both love. But I honestly had no idea that we bothed loved Medicine Man!! Adore that movie. And First Knight is the first movie that I loved Sean Connery in... he had aged enough for me to find him interesting. LOL! After I saw that I went back and watched his others, including Medicine Man.

4:31 AM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Cath: I have Medicine Man on vhs.. and wore it out and had to get a second one!!... not that I like it you understand lol

4:56 PM  

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