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Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Silent Cry

The  Silent Cry by Anne Perry.
Hardcover: 361 pages
Publisher: Ballantine Books;(October 7, 1997)
ISBN-10: 0449908488 Review
Readers of Anne Perry's series of Victorian murder mysteries know that her novels are as much social histories as crime stories. She pens her tales with an acute eye for period detail and a strong moral outrage at the hypocrisies and miseries of life in 19th-century England. Mysteries featuring Inspector Thomas Pitt and his upper-class wife, Charlotte, explore the life of the middle class and aristocracy; those that center on William Monk illuminate the back alleys and pauper's hospitals of England's lower classes. In The Silent Cry, Monk and his friend Hester Latterly, an independent young woman inured to life's horrors by her nursing service during the Crimean War, investigate the murder of prostitutes in Seven Dials. As always, Perry's grim landscape of tenements, sweatshops, and boozing kens becomes almost as much a character as the living people who inhabit them, while Monk and Hester's rebellious intelligence and unconventionality keep us coming back for more.
Yet, another really good Mystery for Monk by Anne Perry!

This one began a tad slow (for me) but it was long before it picked up and with each time I sit down to read it was going faster and faster!   Towards the end I thought I had it figured out and of course Anne Perry had a few last minutes twists!  But I did  have part of it right!! 

This series is a pleasant surprise to me, since I don't generally read authors that are so prolific as they generally get into a set routine and after a bit are no longer good stories.  Well I've read 8 of the Monk series so far and am still enjoyed her mysteries and finding out about Monk!!

I have a few more of her books here, and although I occasionally slip a different book in between I will have no trouble reading the rest that I  have!


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