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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Looks like we are going back! (and it's about time!)

As I fixed an old photo album the other day i found these pictures of my son's "as teenagers". They were reading whole newspapers that my husband and I had bought and saved (as is) from when the United States landed on the moon.

Not so long ago I attended a show of Astronauts (most from the very beginning years of Mercury, Apollo, and Gemini), when i asked Dick Gordon if he thought we'd ever return to the moon he replied that he thought one day we would.

I've heard rumors of the same and finally decided to see what NASA was saying about it, and it looks as if we are FINALLY headed back to the moon! (and beyond!) Glory be! They finally have it right! We made it to the moon when my kids were babies and now they are grown men, and they are just now realizing that they held back by going to the Shuttle Program instead of furthering exploration.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I believe the Shuttle has taught us alot, and it was necessary. I just don't think it was necessary for so long a period of time. Now I have to hope I live long enough to see some of their future plans in action.

If you've read any of my past journal you probably know I love the space program. I believe it holds the promise of saving mankind one day. And i don't just mean by discovering a cure of some sort in a lab on the moon. Earth is an unstable planet, in case you haven't noticed. But then many in the United States have not had the extreme pleasure of sitting atop an earthquake. (I have!) Somehow I don't think earthquakes are just hiccups of a "settling" planet. But neither do i think the earth will explode anytime in our near future.

But though I will not be around when something that catastrophic happens, possible "relatives" from my family will be. And I'd like to think everything that could be done to help save them and all of man kind is at all times on someones mind, and that they are always seekingways to save us.

Space really is not only our "Final Frontiere", but quite possibly our "Future Frontiere."

But then.. this journal is only the ramblings of an old lady.. what do i know?.

If you want to learn more about what's going on right now with NASA here are some links that are interesting: (this is really cool! Live NASA tv!)


Blogger Chris said...

We've never really been to the moon. It was all filmed in the desert.

Ha ha....Just kidding:)


2:16 PM  

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