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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Commercials,... big business

Last night I watched a show on television that was all about "Commercials appearing on Super Bowl".. many I remembered seeing and were really good commercials, but I don't watch the Super Bowl.. well at least I haven't in many years, so most of them must have gone on to be on normal television for me to have seen them.

One of them was Yao Ming trying to make a purchase. The store workers saying "yo" and Ming saying "Yao".. funny commercial for sure. But he did another that must not have made it to the super bowl that i thought was very funny too.. the one where he and Vern Troyer (who played Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies) were on an airplane and You pulls out his laptop.. and when Vern does the same thing, Vern's is twice as large as Yow's... cute cute commercial.

One other that is old and keeps comming to mind as a funny commercial (let's face it if we HAVE to watch commercials, it is nice if they give us a laugh at least!). It's one for beer.. men are sitting around a table playing cards and one guy sends his "well trained dog" to "fetch beer for everyone".. you see the dog leave, then you hear the refrigerator door open and close, then you hear bottle tops being "popped" and then you hear the dog lapping liquid. The card playing owner looks stunned and says "that better be water you're drinking!" heh.. animals are smarter then people most of the time haha.

I do enjoy commercials with animals in them.. For instance i like the Aflac commercials. Between the "duck" and the black man that is nearly always in the commercial somewhere i always laugh. The black man (whose name I don't know) is usually in the "background" but the duck passes him or goes near him at one time or another.. he never has a speaking part but his facial expressions say it all !

They showed part of a commercial for the game being made.. it had the Clydesdales in it (so guess who's commercial it is! heh).. anyway, I love the Clydesdales and have seen them twice in my life. Such gorgeous animals!! That alone means I would like the commercial... but i don't drink beer (very very rare times, then it's a Corona and lime lol) so though i enjoy the horses, it doesn't sell me anything lol.

I guess it's big business making commercials.. i'm glad at least some are enjoyable.. but like other years I'll have to wait for the Super Bowl commercials to hit "regular t.v." before i see them!


Blogger Astaryth said...

Phhhhht! The only reason I turn the TV on for the SuperBowl is the commercials. Often G will even have to say "Hun... Love... Commercials" LOL!

10:38 AM  

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