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Monday, February 06, 2006

The Monday After..

Well, another Super Bowl bites the dust. After reading many journals, it seems that is what most were watching... ummm, but I didn't. Heh.

I have to admit, "I might have"... if figure skating wasn't on. But it was, so that is what I watched last night. (Only 5 days until the Winter Olympics!!) When that was over I turned on ABC in hopes that the Super Bowl was over so that I could watch Gray's Anatomy. Well.. the game was over but things continued with the presentation and such.. groan.
I wasn't happy to wait another 1/2 hour for my program.. but i managed to stay awake, which in itself is close to a miracle.

Gray's Anatomy was worth the wait.. boy oh boy... they left it with a "cliff hanger"!! agggggggggggggggggggg.. And yes, don't bother to ask.. I hate waiting for a week to pass to see what will happen!

I assume all will be alright, because it involves the person they named the show after! If it wasn't for that fact, I may be more curious to see if someone were going to be bumped off of the show or not.

I've grown attached to George, the little guy with feelings. Wow, it blows my mind to think a doctor might really care. (can you tell i deal with many doctors? heh) I hope they keep the character like he is.. I'd hate to see him fall to "the money trap" (push 'em in.. pull 'em out as fast as we can to make the bucks).

I miss the old doctors, back when a doctor not only knew your name, and knew what medicines you were on at all times, but even knew your family medical history WITHOUT looking it up!! They also made housecalls!

I often wonder what changed to have them disappear? What i wouldn't give to have just one doctor like that again, that i could believe in and trust. I think the lack of doctors such as those, is one change I could have lived without.

Which could lead me into medical care for those of us, ummmm older persons.. but I will stay off of the subject as I get mad.. then depressed.

Happy Monday!.. I hope however you spent Super Bowl weekend, that you all enjoyed yourself!


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