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My name is Pat and I live in Florida. My skin will never be smooth again and my hair will never see color. I enjoy collecting autographs and playing in Paint Shop Pro.,along with reading and writing. Sometimes, I enjoy myself by doing volunteer "work" helping celebrities at autograph shows. I love animals and at one time I did volunteer work for Tippi Hedren's Shambala Preserve.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One Last Mention...

I've been mentioning the Hollywood Walk of Fame a bit lately, so I thought I would inject a bit of History for it. I found the following on the web..

The Walk of Fame is a chronological history of the Hollywood-based entertainment industry and honors those who have made significant contributions in the categories of radio, television, motion pictures, recording and live performance.

The official nomination period is announced in the Hollywood Entertainment Trade publications and an appropriate news release is disseminated to the Los Angeles area print and broadcast media.

The Walk of Fame Committee meets annually. Nomination of an individual or group does not automatically equate to approval of a star in the Walk of Fame. Several hundred applications are reviewed annually, from which an undetermined number is selected. All nominated artists are carefully and objectively evaluated. Those not selected the first year will automatically roll over for a second review the following year. If it is not approved in the second year, nominees must be resubmitted

When nominating an individual or group, the sponsor must submit the nominee’s qualifications as well as contributions to the community and/or civic-oriented activities. The application must be accompanied by a biography (not exceeding two pages) and photograph of the nominee. Non-returnable samples of the nominee’s work may also be submitted (i.e. in the recording category – a music CD; Motion Picture – a DVD). After the Walk of Fame Committee has made its selections, the artist must be approved by the following agencies: the Board of Directors of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Los Angeles City Board of Public Works, with the final approbation being the Los Angeles City Council.

Criteria for Star on the Walk of Fame
1. Professional achievement
2. Longevity of five years in the field of entertainment
3. Contributions to the community

The recipient must agree to attend the dedication ceremony.

In case of a fan nomination, a letter of agreement must be sent by celebrity management.

There is a five-year waiting period after death for nominations of deceased individuals. The Committee does not necessarily select posthumous honorees each year.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce makes every effort to schedule a dedication ceremony on the date requested by the honoree. A 60-day lead period is needed for required permits, the manufacturing of the star, and advance publicity.

Please be advised that if your nominee is selected and the induction does not take place within five years of the selection date, the nominee must be re-submitted during another voting period.

Just as a note: I wonder how Mr Trump got past the rules to get a star?
According to an article I found the Apprentice began 3 years he has not had a show for 5 years like is required.

By Andy Dehnart

MSNBC contributor
Updated: 7:06 p.m. ET Jan 8, 2007
When “The Apprentice” first debuted three years ago, it was a sensation even before it began.

Getting a star on the Walk of Fame has changed over the years. I remember when DeForest was told that he was nominated for one... he wasn't sure he wanted it.

When I asked him why he wouldn't want one, all he said was that it doesn't represent what it did long ago. I was never really sure what he meant by his remark. Although over the years when I have talked with others about the Walk of Fame, the term "political" was uttered many times.

I think the sentence: honors those who have made significant contributions in the categories of radio, television, motion pictures, recording and live performance says a lot. Most especially the words "significant contributions", which I am guessing has changed over the years.

I honestly don't feel that "reality tv" fits the category at all, though it does make some a celebrity of sorts. But one does not necessarily have talent to accomplish this.

I didn't mean to pick on Mr Trump in particular. He is, after all, not the only one that has received a star but doesn't really belong on the Walk of Fame. I guess it will always remain a mystery as to how some manage to get a star while others, much more worthy, do not.

Still the Hollywood Walk of Fame will always remain a tourist attraction in Hollywood... that much will never change. And if you ever go there, it is something you shouldn't miss!

'Till next time....

p.s. by the way if you ever DO go there, DeForest's star is located at 7021 Hollywood Blvd. Just so you know... heh

Monday, January 29, 2007


I actually had some time to myself this weekend, and so I indulged myself and finished reading the book Eragon!

I have to say I'm amazed that a 15 year old could write such a long first book! (over 500 pages). It's an enjoyable read for anyone wanting to read it. It is written well for young readers, they should have no problem following the main character through his journey.

I don't want to say alot about it in case someone reading this is reading it or going to.

I will say the young Mr Paolini seemed to be sure you knew the meanings of any made up languages, and even has some pages in the back of the book for pronunciation's of said words.

He kept his story simple and easy for young people to follow. (I can't really say if that was intentional or because he himself was so young when he wrote it)

I bought both of his books at the same time, so I will begin Eldest tomorrow.

The second book is over 600 pages! I now wonder when the third book of his trilogy will be out... and how long that one will be?!


I don't get many "weekend readers" so I'd like to ask anyone who didn't read the post before this one to check it out. I'd like to help Naomi of Here In The Hills by sending people her way to read her post on actor Larry Parks and how you can help Naomi towards getting Larry a well deserved star on the Walk of Fame. It's not a guaranteed help, but it certainly couldn't hurt to send an email to the link she has on her site. Even if you are not old enough to know who Larry Parks is, you can relate to the fact that others like Donald Trump do NOT deserve a star on the Walk of Fame. (yes, Mr Trump has a television program, but I'm sorry... he's still not an actor!)

I would like to see this because it is deserved..

...not this which is not...

(Larry Parks star is not real I made it in my paint program) I am not saying Mr Trump does not deserve to be noticed for his work... just not "Walk of Fame" as it was meant to be for Actors and Actresses in the industry.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Weekend Assignment #149

Weekend Assignment #149: Ill-Advised Teenage Fashions

Weekend Assignment #149: Reveal Your Teenage Fashion Disasters! Yes, whether it's big hair, Nehru jackets, acid-washed jeans or an ill-advised tattoo, let us know what about your style as a teenager you would change today.

Extra Credit: Are you kidding? Pictures, baby!

I haven't participated in John Scalzi's weekend assignments lately, but I thought it would be fun to join in this week.... if you want to join in remember to leave a link on John's Journal!

Ok, so here we go.... and since I don't have a lot of teen photo's I've started with youth pictures...............

The first pictures I have are from my mother's era of: all little girls should have a bow in their hair. *groan*.. and she kept this up for longer then I care to think of!

Also note: that it just wasn't a "bow"... but a HUGE BOW! Gads, did she think everyone was blind or what !???

I couldn't find many photo's when I was a teenager.. I had this thing about cameras... when a camera came out, I disappeared! But here are what few I came up with...

Picture #1... the pantaloon gym suits! Oh, and scarfs.. they were a big thing back then. Don't ask why because I don't remember! I do know they were worn by all the girls though.. even when it wasn't windy or needed!

Ok.. in Picture #2.. note: that is not a hat on my head! It's teased hair! And the higher the better! One could easily use a half of can of hair spray on this to be sure it didn't move... even in a hurricane! Of course, if I am truthful here, the 1/2 can of spray I used was because my mother had an old convertible car and INSISTED on always driving with the top down! Oh horror! And mess my hair??? Not!

The last photo is my HS graduation photo (right out of the yearbook).. Note the hair is still big! I don't remember when the huge amount of teasing of the hair left, but I don't think it was for some time after I graduated. Heavy makeup was still in then too, especially the eye makeup.. had to have that black eyeliner or you weren't "dressed".

I can remember that girls were not allowed to wear any sort of pants in HS nor were boys allowed to wear jeans or t-shirts!

Girls had to wear skirts BELOW their knees or were sent home to change their clothes! (we'd roll up the waist band to make skirts just above the knee and jank it down when a teacher approached.)

During Gym class (it wasn't called Phys Ed back then) we'd roll our stocking down and put socks over them to save time when we had to redress later.. that was a no no if you were caught. Needless to say.. there were no panty hose then! We even has "seams" in our stockings!!

Guys had to have neat haircuts.. the minute they even looked like they "needed a hair cut" they were sent home until they got one.

It blew my mind when I went to visit my old High School only a few years after I graduated to see all the jeans and t-shirts worn by both male and female...AND THE TEACHERS! Hello? I couldn't tell some of the younger teachers from the students!!!

I will admit here though.. I never did think "how you dressed" had a darn thing to do with "how you learned". Obviously back then they thought if you were dressed comfortable you couldn't learn... my how times have changed!

'Till next time...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A neat meme...

This is a really neat meme. After being reminded of it from Donna at A Country Life, I have decided to post it again.. for any new readers I may have!


I am from an Irish father and a English mother.

I am from a small town in the eastern state of New Jersey. A very little town that had only one traffic light, one elementary school and no high school.

I'm from wild Tiger Lilies lining a creek that flowed thru part of the town.

I'm from a 4 family house with a chicken farm next to it and a second home with a small sheep pasture next to it.

I am from a town that had no movie theaters, or things to do. I am from an after school playground going higher then the bar on the swing.

I am from a family without a father. I am from a mother did a man's job in a nearby factory but did not get the same wages as the man next to her, doing the same thing. I am from a mother who raised two children by herself. I am from an unknown family. I am from a mother who was adopted and from a father who was a singer and a musician.

I am from the poor side of the tracks and thrift shop clothes. I am from never having said the word "daddy".

From hearing that my birth grandparents, on my mothers side, were of some distinction: a "Lord" in England. And that my grandmother by birth came back when my mother was 7 and wanted her back, but the court asked the child who she wanted to live with, and of course chose the only mother she knew.

I am from coal and wood burning stoves and irons that had changing handles.

I am from by birth, an Episcopalian, by choice Methodists and Presbyterian and now none at all.

I'm from Salvation Army camps, eating home made cookies at my neighbors, playing "pretend" under the front porch, and reading used Zane Grey books.

I am from puppies and turtles, and kittens born on windowsills, from wild strawberries and wild violets, and from catching frogs in streams. From big band and rock and roll music and the Syncopated Clock on t.v.

I am..... me.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Toon Time..

I was reading Stewart's blog, The House of Sternberg, and he did a post about cartoons. He mentioned a few that were favorites of mine when I was young. I guess the fact that I no longer read newspapers may have something to do with the fact that I don't see many cartoons anymore. (ya think?!)

Anyway besides reminding me of a few of my old favorites, it brought to mind one in particular that I just found hysterical. It was called "Snake" and drawn by an Australian man who used the name Sols.

Poor Snake.. he was a looser no matter what. From wrong decisions to the fact he had no hands or legs or even a "neck"!

After reading Stewart's blog I went in search of Snake. I remember searching for him a long time ago and found virtually nothing! This time I did find a website by the man who draws Snake!!! I was thrilled! I found out his real name is Allan Salisbury.

I also found just a few of his cartoons on Snake at his site. I will post them here for your enjoyment...




There was just one more on the site... and it's for Stewart, since he is a teacher he may appreciate this one more then any of us..

Snakes expressions were priceless! He was such a looser you had to feel sorry for him, and I don't even like snakes!

I hope you enjoy the few cartoons that I managed to find...

'Till the next time....

Monday, January 22, 2007

A Quick Read

It was that time again, for me to back up my computer, so I spent part of yesterday afternoon copying things to cd. I do this every month.. a bit of a pita but then, I always feel safer once it's done.

Well.. the book I was reading, Goblin Quest, was a quick read! (356 pages)

It was a nice light read. Different. When was the last time anyone read a fantasy book where a Goblin is the main character? And an undersized Goblin to boot! This was a stand alone paperback book, and though it was not a bad read, (I did enjoy it) I don't know if I would have wanted more of the same.

Next up I am going to start reading Eragon, by Christopher Paolini.

This is the book they made a movie from. I haven't seen the movie so I have nothing to spoil the read. I have some other paperback books but I did find it harder to read the small book with my blurry eye. I looked inside of Eragon and it is double spaced like the Margaret Weis books I just read, so I decided to wait on the paperback books for now.

New Jersey is finally getting winter temperatures. We had a dusting again, of snow, but that's all gone. This is NOT a complaint!! I've always loved "watching it snow", but now that I'm old and have bulging disks in my lower back, shoveling is not on the list of "fun stuff to do". So, I'm ok with the lack of snow! Besides, it's probably waiting for March to have a blizzard or two and mess up my trip to California.. that's the sort of luck I have. But I'm hoping it won't come to pass. We are expecting another dusting tonite... so far each time we had our tiny bit of snow it's happened while I'm alseep. I wake and see it white outside and by noon it's gone. I've yet to actually "see" it snow! That's incredible to me seeing as January only has 8 more days left to it!

Oh boy... the news is on television... Hilary Clinton is officially running. Along with more people then normally run! Maybe everyone running thinks they can be the one to get us out of this war!.. that would be nice.

'Till next time...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The McGregor Saga

"Snowy River: The McGregor Saga" [TV-Series 1993-1996]

Recently I've started reading a blog by Della in Australia. called Turning Sixty I'm not even sure how I found her.. a link is my best guess. Anyway, on her journal she shows some photo's of what it's like near where she lives and some of the wildlife. (Today she has a Kookaburro)

It got me to thinking.. Back in the 90's when I lived in California, I got hooked on a television show that was from Australia. It was called "Snowy River: The McGregor Saga". The star of the show is Andrew Clarke, and he was ummm... really nice to look at ..heh. So, I went to see if I could find anything on this old series or some photos to share with you, but I found very little. I did manage to find this photo of Andrew Clarke as his character Matt McGregor...

One person on this show who is still making movies is Guy Pierce. The McGregor Saga was my introduction to this cutie. (Many weren't thrilled with his version of the Time Machine, but I rather liked it. )

Another person who showed up on that series was Tracy Nelson, who I didn't realize at first is Ricky Nelson's daughter.

There was a third person that had a regular appearance in the show.. let's see if you can guess who he is..

Well, if you didn't guess Hugh Jackman I guess you aren't an X man fan!

Some of this TV series is now coming out on DVD. Although I love buying movies rather then renting them, I've never gotten hooked on buying television series on DVD. (not even Star Trek!) But it's nice to know that this series was popular enough to make it to DVD anyway.

Like I mentioned earlier, I was living in California when this series aired, and I can remember asking others on the east coast or other parts of the country if they ever saw it. It seemed to me that it must not have aired nation wide, which is sad if that's true, for it truly was a good series.

I didn't mean to do a post about this show but after a few times to Della's site it popped into my head and wouldn't go away. I'm really disappointed there wasn't more about the series on the web. I found a few episode guides and the DVDs but when I checked in Images, hoping to find more photo's there were few to be found.

If you are among the few that ever saw this series I'd love to hear what you thought of it...

'Till next time...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

January 20th.

Admittedly I'm not the greatest at remembering Birthdays. So I write them on my calendar. Oh, I'd remember them just before or just after, but I'm not good at hitting the nail on the head anymore.

So, I couldn't let today go by without wishing DeForest a Happy Birthday.

I chose this picture to show you on purpose. One might wonder what you buy a person on their Birthday when they can afford to get anything they want or need. Well.. it is a dilemma! So generally in De and Carolyn's cases they would be a nice card and some sort of silly thing. (but always flowers for Carolyn) The poster behind De is one of the silly things I sent him.. I wanted him to know that I loved his cowboy movies every bit as much as his Star Trek part.

I couldn't believe it when a bit after his birthday this photo was in my mail (I was still in Florida at the time). Carolyn had dug out his old cowboy hat and had him pose by the poster, holding their dog, Fancy. (also behind him on the desk is a photo I took of them on stage at some convention.. kissing!

Speaking of conventions..........

I've finally been able to make arrangements so that I can go away for a week in March. (I won't go into how hard or long that took me.. nor that I doubted I could make this come together for months.)

They already had one person cancel due to a work schedule, Elijah Wood.. sigh, his autograph in my book would have been good. But they have gathered others... if the line up changes it wouldn't surprise me so I'm a little afraid to hope the only changes would be to add yet another person.

So far they have Andy Serkis (Gollum) and it's his first convention so that will be a good autograph to get. Here's a small photo of Andy as he really looks..

David Wenham (Faramir) who is a very fine actor from Australia. (not hard on the eyes either!)

Billy Boyd (Pippin) who many know I am partial to since I saw him once before and he achieved something few do... he made me laugh. Creations Entertainment is also flying in Billy's band from Ireland and they will get to play for the fans. (I'm especially happy to see on imdb that Billy is still managing to do more movies.)

The fourth guest is Doug Adams. He is a musical associate of composer Howard Shore, and has been working closely with Howard on the release of the Complete Soundtrack Recording box sets for LOTR.

The convention will run from a Friday to Sunday.. I will fly out the Monday before and stay with a girlfriend who I haven't seen in 7 yrs since I moved back to NJ. You've heard me mention her name before, Sue Keenan. She was the president of De's Fan Club (see there... it all ties in together!)

I'll keep you informed of any changes along the way.. for now I have my airline set, the hotel set (2 nights), and the convention ticket. .. and a charge card that makes me ill to look at!

'Til the next time.....

Friday, January 19, 2007

Winter arrived in NJ

Well, it finally happened! The first snow (other then a dusting) in New Jersey!

I took this picture at 7:30 this morning.. It's now 9:10 and the roads are clear just from traffic... so it's safe to say the rest will be gone shortly.

It seems so strange that other parts of the country are getting pounded with snow and the East Coast that is normally the one to get hit hard has been spared.... so far. (not complaining!)

Being true to being a pessimist... I await the other shoe to drop. But in this case I would love to be found wrong!

On another note: I finished book 3 of the Dragonvorld Series by Margaret Weis. I enjoyed the trilogy. Book 3 was odd somehow... it was hard back but smaller (the actual size of the book) then the first two. It also wasn't double spaced like the other two. And it seemed to me, (not that i am knowledgeable in this matter) that some things in the last book were "rushed". I realize there are times when things are to happen quickly but I felt like some things could have had more written about it.

Oh well.. I still enjoyed them. They were different and yet well written. With a few good characters to keep me reading, which was most important.

Next I am going to tackle Goblin Quest. I say tackle because this is a paperback. The printing will be smaller and not double spaced.. a real test of how much I can roll my eye around for a clear spot. If it gets too much I will have to set it aside and read a hard back and hope the eye gets better sooner or later.

Changing the subject:

Did anyone watch Greys Anatomy last night? Oh goodness... what a tear jerker it was! I didn't want to go to sleep with that on my mind so I tried to stay awake and watch Men in Trees. I'm not an Ann Hesch fan but I watched most of it and then turned it off and eventually went to sleep.

'Til next time..

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Little of This and That

Well, yesterday was a day of reading. I finished book two "A Dragons Son" (the books aren't very long) and will begin book 3 of the trilogy today.

I'm glad I had these books to read, it's keeping my mind off of other things right now. But I'm surprised I read that one so fast. Between calls from my brother downstairs and the blurry eye it's difficult to get much reading done at any one time!

These books are hard back books. For some reason the first two books were double spaced, which helped alot with my eye problem. I took a look in book 3 and it is NOT double spaced... darn. This one might take a tad longer lol.

The sun finally has come out in New Jersey!.. For 5 days we had clouds and drizzly rain going on. After a few days of this it starts to drag you down with the gloom. I don't know how some people can life in areas where it is cloudy and rainy most of the time. Even when I lived in Florida, there would be daily downpours but the sun was out part of the day too, so it was rarely all gloom.

Gosh we are half way through January and no snow in NJ yet! Why do I think that when it comes it will make up for it???!! (Probably because I was born and raised in NJ)

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes the other night? I did. I was really happy when the show "Ugly Betty" won! I love that show. (but I still hate the title!) After the show won America Ferrera, born 1984 (was anyone born in 1984? Gads!), who plays Betty won for Best Actress in a Comedy. Although she has done a few things before, she probably came to be known most from being in the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I was really glad she won, she's great in the part. If you haven't seen the show you should. The casting for the show is fabulous.. most I never saw before, aside from Vanessa Williams and Salma Hayek. But they make a great group of actors and actresses.

I was also glad that Hugh Laurie won a Golden Globe.. I like his show too! Does anyone not watch House? (probably a loaded question).

My last surprise (happy one) was for Kyra Sedgwick when she got a Golden Globe! (hubby Kevin Bacon was pretty darn happy for her too). She was shocked and you could see it! She has developed a really good character for her series The Closer.

All in all there were some nice surprises and some totally expected. It was a good show, I hope you got to see it.

... Till the next time.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Calgon...take me away!

Oh hooray, the 4th rainy day in a row...

Anyway, I finally (blurry eye and all) finished Mistress Of Dragons by Margaret Weis.

I wondered even before I opened it if she could get me to like these new characters. I love the Dragonlance characters and sometimes it's hard to let new ones into my life. I'm glad to say she succeeded! Though not as profoundly as the ones from the other series, she did manage to make a character that kept me wanting to read more about him. (this is a good thing). I don't want to give away anything in case someone might want to read this particular series, I'll just say I'm looking forward to beginning Book 2 The Dragons Son, and then on to the last one Master of Dragons.

On a different note: those who read my journal in aol know I have a mirror copy in Blogspot, and those in Blogspot know I have a mirror copy in AOL. Well, it seems that Blogspot is making a major changeover to a "newer and better blogspot" (we know how that goes, bigger is not always better. It's just more "stuff" that only a few people use, and for people like me it's a PITA) So, I am contemplating deleting my blogspot journal. I haven't decided for sure yet but after sleeping on it, so far, my mind hasn't changed.

I hate just having the aol journal because I still can't stand the animated banner on my journal.. it was so nice at blogspot not to have flashing ads on it! But I will give aol credit where credit is due.... when aol does an "upgrade" to their journal, no one has to "switch over" or "make another account" etc.(which also makes no sense to me Google already owned Blogspot, so they already have my information) Aol just shuts down for a few hours and when you next go to your journal the only thing changed is a new button here or there. You can use them or ignore them.. of course, I ignore them. For that I give them credit, they make it easy and no one has to go about re-customizing their journal because it remains exactly as you left it before the "upgrade".

I'm looking into WordPress ( a place you can make a free journal/blog) because i read where it can move my whole blogspot journal over to them, but I still don't want to re learn another whole way of blogging so I doubt I will do that, plus I don't think they allow animation there. But for now, it remains an option.

We'll see... I'm going to wait a few days before I decide what to do. Right now I am busy being ticked off at Blogspot for not giving me the option to keep what I have or "upgrade". I'm not even sure I'll keep the aol one going if i shut down the blogspot one. (between hometown errors trying to upload pics and the banner I'm not happy in aol journal).. so maybe it's just time to let it all go.

I will admit that 4 days of rain might be clouding my judgment at the moment... And no matter what I decide, I can still read the journals I've been following and keep commenting so none of that will change.

Hoping for a sunny day tomorrow...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Silly Survey

Silly Question Survey .. I found this over at Melli's.

1.When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? First off, I avoid mirrors. If I happen to see myself in one I think of how old I am.

2.How much cash do you have on you? On me? none. In my wallet,mmm maybe 35 dollars.

3.What’s a word that rhymes with DOOR? Bore? Core? Four? Gore? and many More.

4.Do you label yourself? Lots of times.

5.Bright or Dark Room? Bright.

6.Why is there always a missing question? Is there?

7.What does your watch look like? Boy this is a loaded question, and you'll see why....

(I bet you thought you'd go a day without DeForest huh? heh.. One watch is me and De.. the other Carolyn and De)

8.What were you doing at midnight last night? Most likely tossing and turning.

9.Where is your nearest 7-11? I have no idea if there is even one around here.

10.What’s a word that you say a lot? You mean besides "DeForest"? LOL.. Ummmmmm... probably "Ummmmm"

11.Who told you he/she loved you last? My son on his Birthday.

12.Last furry thing you touched? Anyone of 9 cats around here, Probably BooBoo Kitty.

13.How many rolls of film do you need developed? None. When I take photo's that require film I always get them developed in an hour photo place.

14.Favorite age you have been so far? (this requires memory does it not? sheesh)... I dunno... mid and late 40's.

15.Your worst enemy? Myself.

16.What is your current desktop picture? I'm sure this meme was made so people would post pictures... here it is.

I always make my own Wallpaper... this one is made up of a few pictures, then I added Ian McKellan and the owl.. so it would resemble the story I wrote. Here's a closeup..

17.What was the last thing you said to someone? Do you want bread with the soup?

18.The last song you listened to? Whellll... I had a cd in by John Williamson, he's a singer from Australia who does a lot of "sing alongs".. he has 2 songs I play over and over for no reason other then they are "catchy tunes".. one is called "G'day, G'day" the other is "A Home Among the Gum Trees" I've been hooked on those songs for many years now.

19.What time of day were you born? Oddly enough, I have no memory of my birth and was never told what time of day I was born.

20.What do you do when vending machines steal your money? Go to the establishment manager and get my money back.

21.Do you consider yourself kind? I try.

22.What’s your life motto? I have some quotes I use now and then, but I don't consider them my life motto. "Don't let Reality Spoil Your Dreams"

23. Name three things you have with you at all times. well I can't say my mind.. I think I've lost that!

24. Can you change the oil in a car? change it? no.. add it yes.

25. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it? I do write letters now and again to collect autographs. But I do use the computer to type them... after all, I want the person I'm writing to, to be able to read it! My handwriting sucks!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Blame it on Shelly!

Utoh.. I know I promised no more DeForest, but Shelly had a few comments that made my mind wander..

First she mentioned that she hadn't noticed his "sexy lower lip" and would watch closer now ..heh. (he had this way of pulling his lips together sort of like a pucker and push that lower lip out)

I have to tell you how that all came about. You see before I ever met De I had joined his fan club out of California, which was run by Sue Keenan; later to become a very good friend.

Though I did not meet De "through the club", but rather on my own on a Trek Cruise, the club became important to me. I met others in the club who became friends, Annie mostly, she's probably the only person I know that genuinely cares about me. Who would have known I'd meet someone like that through a fan club?!

Sue would have "parties" at conventions that De was at. She'd hold auctions to raise money for De's Charities, and it allowed fellow fans to meet. It was at these gatherings that I would hear over and over about De's "finer attributes" other words, what made him so "sexy" to the fans. The lip came out on top time and time again.

That bit of knowledge eventually led to my "award". (a much nicer award then the pachyderm poop plaque! But I wrote about that already)

De's club was a blast to be in. Sue was great and put together a "newsletter", consisting of several pages every other month for all to read. It would update everyone on what De was doing, (if anything! He always credited himself with being the laziest actor in Hollywood) and be filled with stories that the fans had written about seeing him on stage for the first time or writing to him for an autograph, and of course I had to put my 2 cents in with con reports that I went to where we played pranks on Sue. Many would write to Sue anxiously awaitingto see what happened to her next! The Pranks we did on Sue were just as much for De and Carolyn as the club. They loved reading what we'd do to Sue! And there was always a cartoon Sue created of Myrtle.

De liked his club and often when we'd be having the auctions at a convention he and Carolyn would show up to say hello to everyone... can we say "shock and heart palpitations ?"! For many of his club members that was the first time they ever got to meet De close up and personal. I don't know of any other actor that did something like that with their fan club.

I remember once, there was this 18-20 year old gal that came all the way from Germany to one of the cons, "just to see her favorite actor..De". She had joined the club and wrote to Sue and we knew she was coming. We got with De and told him of her. He shook his head and said something about how he couldn't believe someone so young would give a hoot about and old man. He asked her name and told us he would talk to her from the stage.

But he did more.. he called her up on stage and hugged her and told the whole audience how she had traveled all the way from Germany just to see "him"! The poor girl was visibly shaking in her shoes while she stood there with De and his arm around her!

When she came down from the stage she headed right to Sue and I and was crying! We hugged on her while she kept saying how nice De was. We certainly agreed with her!

There were times De would call on me from stage, referring to me as his personal photographer since I was always front row and taking pics at every convention, to take a picture of him with someone from the audience. Then I would find that person and get their address and mail them the photo.

But I am getting away from Shelly and her comments..

She also mentioned seeing De on tv a bit more than usual lately. I'm guessing some of the westerns he was in are showing up again. He was always a bad guy in them. So very unlike the man himself.

Ok, I guess I've rambled on too much here... (we'll try this again..) Till the Next Time!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Till the Next Time

I know you must be sick of "DeForest" by now.. but I also found these photo's I wanted to share... then .. I promise, no more DeForest! (till the next time)

This is the beautiful Carolyn Dowling. Later to become Carolyn Kelley. And the ever so handsome Jackson DeForest Kelley, in their younger days.

Carolyn and DeForest met while doing a play in 1942. De appeared as a beach bum in "The Innocent Young Man" with the Long Beach Theater Group. His co-star was a blonde, blue-eyed beauty named Carolyn Dowling.

I wish I had photo's from that play, but alas.. I don't. Carolyn did have a newspaper clipping though, of another play they had worked on together.. this is a very bad xerox copy of the original news article that she had given me, of a play called "Tobacco Road"

DeForest and his (as he liked to say) very same wife of 54 years.... Theirs was a true love story that I will never forget.


I found yet another picture close to the ones I posted. It's one of my favorites from Star Trek VI.. it's a photo of De and Nick Meyer the director. (yes the same one I hugged and got embarrassed over).. note how short Nick is!! De is 6 ft, if you need a comparison. (old post about meeting Nick Here)

Here's a bit a trivia.. if you saw Star Trek 6.. when Kirk and McCoy were on trial a real evil laugh came from the gallery of Klingons... it was Nick Meyer! Nick not only directed but wrote many screenplays and the novel The Seven Per-Cent Solution.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Award

From the day I met the Kelley's I knew they were my captive audience and my job was to bring smiles to them. Which I tried to do on a regular basis. In doing so they kept something alive in me.

Sometimes my mind would race with an idea and other times it would be completely spontaneous. Yesterday's entry was one of those "spontaneous" things... this one was thought out.

It was the year of Star Trek's 25th Anniversary and special Conventions were popping up to celebrate along with tributes and other such things.

One day while at the mall (where I worked part time) some people came and set up their displays for selling in the halls of the mall. As I walked around I notice one such setup which featured "wood". Now, I love wood, so I walked over. This man could do about anything with wood! And one thing REALLY caught my eye. He had made signatures out of wood!.. no, not the "burnt in the wood" kind... but rather a stand with the name in wood above it!

This fascinated me and my mind took off... towards DeForest naturally. Maybe I could have his signature made in this wood and make some sort of award for him! After all... Paramount and Conventions were celebrating... so, why shouldn't I?

So I went home and began to create a letter to go with the "Special Award" just for him and then I would go talk to the man at the mall to see if what I wanted could be done.

The "Award" was his signature carved from wood. With a little something extra on the stand itself!

I asked if words could be added to the stand part and he said yes. I told him what I wanted it to say, "The Sexiest Lower Lip in the Galaxy"... after he stopped laughing he told me the price.

I was not laughing.

Holy Moley.. it's how much?!! *gulp* dang.. but you know the rest... it's worth it to get a smile or a giggle from the Kelley's.. Once I had it in hand I wrapped it with plenty of bubble wrap and mailed it.

(Just so you can see that I had good eyesight at one time... as they say, the proof is in the pudding...)

I figured I'd be pretty safe from anything De could do since I was in Florida and he and Carolyn were in Ca..

The phone rang..


I heard giggling..

"oh, hi Carolyn... let me guess, De got a package today."

more giggling.. "why, yes he did...."

"Ummm, did he like his "award?"

"I think so... (more giggling)"

"You think so???"

"Well, he's in the bathroom examining his lower lip at the moment or i'd ask him!"

Of course she was joking, but it cracked me up just the same.... Gosh, how I loved making them smile!

Of all the things I've lost.. I miss my Mind the Most!

So... ready for another short memory story ?

As part of the cast of Star Trek, every now and then Paramount would send De and Carolyn a box full of "samples" of things being release with Paramounts blessings. To which De or Carolyn would call me and a few other friends and say, "Come over we have a box of things. There might be something here you want."

I would trot myself over to their home and they'd pull out the box. Mostly it would be models or dolls of some sort, which I never bothered to collect. My collection pretty well stuck to autographs/ photos/ a few books and maybe a t-shirt now and then, because I could use them.

In one box there were some t-shirts... well, actually they were night shirts to be worn to bed. I figured, what the heck, I wasn't married and no one sees me, I'd take one.

Maybe I should have preceded this whole thing by telling you, that when I met the Kelley's something inside me opened up. I'm not sure what it was, but from the time I met them until the time they died, it seemed that my life's mission was to do whatever it took to bring smiles to their faces.

Now, considering what I've just told you... I went home and before I put the shirt away I was grinning to myself. Why this sort of thing only happened to me where it concerned these people, I don't know... but puns, pranks, evil doing, were always bursting through.

So... I had someone take this photo of me... and what I had done to the shirt and mailed them to De and Carolyn. (I do hope you know that part of the Star Trek Introduction went " To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before".)

Upon the arrival of these photo's in the Kelley's mail I received a phone call... Carolyn was laughing so hard she couldn't talk so De let me know that they thought "the shirt seemed to fit perfectly"... heh.. yeah, no kidding De!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A C and Me (post 500!)

It seems whenever I pull out my "collection" on DeForest I find more photo's of things I never intended to use here... but I wind up scanning them and then going into my "memory mode". So anyone reading this blog is in for a few more old memories that surround De and AC and living in CA...

I did come across one of the Paramount passes I mentioned in other posts.. here's what one looked like.

The HARTT stood for the Hart Building, which was where AC's office was, and Mary Ann was AC's secretary.

Right next to the pass I found was this photo of me and AC..

Seeing the date on the pass I realized it was a "Christmas visit". I wrote a short post about this exact day last December, when I went on Paramount lots wearing antlers and a red nose. I won't repeat myself but I will leave a link if anyone is interested.

Notice the photo's behind us? AC's walls were filled with them. He knew anyone and everyone in "the biz". For the longest time his best friend (before he passed away) was James Cagney.

A.C., much like DeForest, is a very special man. While he's worked for Paramount nearly all his life, and made friends with just about every actor and actress that there is, A.C. has this quality about him... no matter who you are.. when you are with A.C. you feel special. I've never met anyone who didn't love A.C. Lyles, and that includes me.

I remember another time I was there to visit him, along with my girlfriend Sue. We were sitting in that very office just chit chatting, when his phone rang. Mary Ann answered the phone and then poked her head in the office.

"You probably should take this A.C"

A.C. put up his finger and indicated "give me one moment", and picked up the phone, and sat back in his chair. We heard a jolly "hi how are you?", saw a few nods of the head as he agreed with whatever was being said, and suddenly we heard, " Look, Kevin, I have two ladies I am trying to flirt with here in my office. Can I get back with you?" A moment later he hung up.

"Kevin?" Sue asked.

"Kevin Costner" AC replied.

My eyes widened and Sue responded, "You hung up on Kevin Costner?!!!"

"He can wait," A.C. said, "I can call him anytime, but I don't see you girls often enough."

I think I came near tears at that moment.. but I hung on and we continued our visit.

Shortly after his phone rang again, and Mary Ann answered the phone.

"Sorry to interrupt a second time.. you may want this one A.C."

Once again the finger went up, he reached for the phone with a smile on his face, and never took his eyes off of us.

"Oh, Buddy" we heard, "I've been meaning to call you, but I'm busy with some young ladies right now, can I get back to you?"

(good lord he was doing it again!)

He hung up the phone with a promise to call within the hour...

This time I chimed in, "Buddy?"

"Buddy Ebsen," he replied.

"Oh, my gawd, A.C., we love you to death, but we can wait for Buddy Ebsen!" I blurted out.

A.C. chuckled and got up from his seat and came towards us.. we stood up and he wrapped his arms around each of us.

"Anyone can pick up a phone," he said, "But when you take the trouble to come to see me, I don't want any interruptions."

This, was A.C. Lyles.

This is the type of man he is.

I may not see him anymore... but I still love him to death.

(the exact words of ACs phone conversations may not be verbatim, but it is as close as I can remember)

Monday, January 08, 2007

My Assault on Sherry Lansing..

Having mentioned Paramount the other day it reminded me of the time I got to being mad at them. This was the time, back in 1993, when Sherry Lansing was head of Paramount, and was saying they were going to make Next Generation Movies and drop "the old guys"... I guess you can imagine that I saw RED! (This all happened shortly after Brandon Tartikoff had stepped down as chairman of Paramount.. and HE wanted to do another movie WITH the Original Cast!)

I talked with DeForest and asked him if this was because some of the originals maybe didn't want to do anymore. He said, "no". If a good script was there and they asked they'd all do another. (this was after ST 6 had already been out)

So in my infinite wisdom (which is none) I decided to wage war with Sherry Lansing and Paramount about the Original Trek folks and wanting them to do another movie..

My brainstorm was to send her a piece of mail each week... for however long, I hadn't decided. Before I even began I knew it wouldn't mean diddly but I wanted to feel like: at least I tried.

I didn't tell the Kelley's my "plan" but what I did do was xerox a copy of what I sent each week and sent it to them. De had foretold me that he could not be "involved" but would be interested to see what I did. (I think it was more then he figured lol)

Anyway.. I began my war with a little "poem" that I wrote... now, let me tell you.. I'm ain't no poet! ...but this was the first piece of mail to Sherry Lansing..

That was "Week 1"....

I have to say as I scanned these things I thought, "geez if i had a computer back then I could have done some REALLY good stuff!".Ah well, I was only voice my opinion after all... (jokingly I mailed a copy to De and Carolyn with a note )

Week 2 ...

I wanted to let her know that I thought a Star Trek VII would be nice.. with the Originals of course!

These were both 8x10 and had to be hand drawn and colored... I cut out a photo from a magazine, xeroxed it for De and put it in the mail to Sherry Lansing. I wondered what the odds were that it would ever get past her secretary..but hey, I had to try.

Week 3...

Week 3 saw me "crafty".. of sorts. Some cut outs and paste helped lol...

If you can't read it .. its says: When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are... But when you wish upon THESE stars...your dreams come true!

I wasn't fooling around lol... I'd push Walt Disney or anyone into their faces if it would get our guys another movie!

Week 4...

Next I tried music... well.. I didn't send a recording! (lucky for her!), but the titles fit!

(when I can I am making the pics smaller, but some I can't or you can't see it at all lol)

Week 5...

I had this photo of "McCoy" from Search for Spock.. near the end when Spock looks at his friends who "brought him back to life".. and I heard Spocks voice when he put his katra into McCoy... "Remember"...

It was a color photo and looked better, but all I had saved was a b&w xerox.

I was still sending copies to the Kelley household. It was a weekly call back to me with comments each week. Carolyn did a lot of giggling.

Week 6..

By now De was beginning to feel sorry for Sherry Lansing... well... maybe a little.

Week 7...

This week I added alot of color... thought maybe she'd notice it..heh.

It was also LARGER , about 11x14. it was folded in half like a card. The yellow was the top.. when you opened it the black. The stars are photo's I had taken of the cast that had stars on the walk of fame at the time. I think I heard Deforest moan when he saw the copy and knew the size of it ...heh.

Week 8...

(tired of this yet?. I was hoping Sherry Lansing was beginning to get the idea)

this week I took it easy and cut out an article and highlighted to better points. At the top I wrote: "They are yours to do with as you please. They have been and always shall be our friends. They are the heart of Star Trek. Listen to your heart... listen to the Fans. They're not dead yet Jim!"

Week 9...

No rest for the weary.. I pushed forward, while Carolyn giggled some more!

I liked this one myself LOL... I burned the edges of the paper and some holes in it to make it look like a wanted poster. It too was a bit large and had to be folded. I think the cowboy in De liked this one!

Week 10...

Since it hadn't been all that long since the cast had put their hands in cement at Mann's I thought I'd remind her how much they are loved.

If they weren't getting to Lansing... I figured her secretary was, by now, dreading to open anything from me!

Week 11...

(like my artistic touches? lol)

Week 12...

I myself couldn't believe I was still sending this stuff!

How much hinting did this woman need????? I know I wasn't the only one !!

Week 13...

I was running out of ideas! But refused to give up!

Week 14...

I was surprised that I managed to get inspired again.... much to Sherry Lansings dismay.

By now I was surprised she didn't send a cop after me lol...

So I decided I'd better wind it up... after all... I think I sent as many HINTS as I could come up with. But, I would send one last HINT...... and it would be the biggest one yet! A full sheet of oaktag! Rolled and mailed in a tube!

Week 15..

When I told De about this one he guffawed!...

Of course I never heard from Sherry Lansing, and maybe that's for the best. But about a week after I finally halted my assault on her I received a note and package from DeForest....

If you can't read his handwriting it reads: "Dear Pat, Please accept this "Lemon Seal Award" for the most imaginative Star Trek petition for the return of the Original Crew for number VII. I was most impressed with your presentation. I'm sure Sherry Lansing will be too..... Deforest"

Ummm, yes.. that is a real lemon which came off of the tree in De's backyard.. he painted the eye and beak and presented it to me... Heck, that was better then anything I could have gotten from Sherry Lansing!.... well, except maybe another movie *sigh*