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My name is Pat and I live in Florida. My skin will never be smooth again and my hair will never see color. I enjoy collecting autographs and playing in Paint Shop Pro.,along with reading and writing. Sometimes, I enjoy myself by doing volunteer "work" helping celebrities at autograph shows. I love animals and at one time I did volunteer work for Tippi Hedren's Shambala Preserve.

Monday, October 31, 2005


Monday, October 31, 200510:58:00 AM EST
Feeling Chillin'

Bill, the Wildcat ( ) brought up something about autographs when he commented below. Bill mentioned that he has some signed books. Another, big collectors item! I do have ummm, not alot, but a few books signed lol. I have one signed by Lou Ferrigno, one from Anne McCaffrey, and one from Harry Carey Jr. (the cowboy) called Company of Heroes, which I enjoyed so much I gave it to an actor friend that I knew would read it and he said, "that's how it really was for the hollywood cowboy!"

I collect photos because of a few reasons. One being the amount of space they take up. I have 3 ring binders and plastic sleeves that I keep the photos in and you can fit alot in those without taking up alot of room. Another reason is I have this "thing" for pictures, be it professional or ones that i can take thru the lens of my own camera.

I did find a site that lists alot of book signings, ( but again.. i just don't have the room. Wish I did there are a few authors I'd love to have!!
As i mentioned in an earlier journal page, I managed to get my first 2 astronaut signatures.. most likey the only ones I'll ever have as most of their prices are "out in space"!

I've collected autographs very slowly over many many (ugh..many) years. I never wrote for an autograph without that person having a special meaning to me. It's something you don't always think about you know? I wouldn't say I had lots and lots of them.. but they were precious to me. I never once wrote a "I like you.. would you send me a picture" letter. I did exactly what those that write about "collectors" say NOT to do! Many were 2 and 3 page typed letters!

When I lost my job in California, no one wanted to hire someone over 35 and so I was driven to sell off many autographs that i can never get back because they've passed away. I was grateful I had them to keep me going but at the same time I felt like i was selling little piecesof my being. Soon I had sold all my furniture and all the autographs that weren't "personalized" and had no choice but to move to NJ with my brother. Now "I" consist of a computer and a number of boxes of movies and my one 3 ring binder left of autographs that i didn't sell. I sometimes feel like I don't even exist. What will anyone see or touch to know I existed? Not much. I hope my son likes whatever autographs I have when "the time comes", and my second wish would be that he finds the story I wrote (trilogy?) called Kesterwood Forest. As things stand right now, that will be all of "me" thats left.

I think it's great that so many in J-Land are either writers or potential writers.. when their time comes there will be lots of writings to read that will tell someone what the author was about. No, No, i don't mean autobiographies.. but the feeling and creation that was going on in their minds when they put the written word down on paper. The author isn't the Vampire or the Giant or the Sorcerer, or even the Woman Looking for Love... but they are the heart behind the characters and the story that unfolds. Weather intentional or not.. it tells alot about the person, and part of that person lives on. What a nice thought.

Bill also mentioned Sci-Fi/ Fantasy conventions.. "been there done that!" lol.. I think I'll write a bit on that later in the day!! (but don't even THINK I was one of those dressing up in costume for the convention and walking around talking Klingonese! NOT!)

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Patrick's Saturday 6

Sunday, October 30, 200510:42:00 AM EST
Feeling Loopy

1. What is a bigger pet peeve for you: someone trying to talk on a cell phone during a movie, a baby crying in a restaurant, a dog barking on your street, or music played loud enough to rattle windows.

Cha! any of the above if they go on "indefinately" lol.. but if i had to choose just one I'd go for the cell phone.. I have come to hate cell phones in general. As much as I can understand how convient they are (especially in the time of needing help) I absolutely hate them, hate them, ..HATE THEM! (get the picture?) I do NOT want to hear anyone's conversations be it in a movie, elevator, car.. if i wanted to listen in I'd have joined the F.B.I.!

2. What is your favorite cologne or perfume that you wear most often? Which one is the one you like the scent of, but don't wear often or at all?

Umm, well.. i don't wear perfume. I like them when i first put them on but after some time I am sick of smelling them. It's like when I'd bake.. smells great in the beginning but by the time I'm done i'm almost naucious from the sweet odor.

3. In your opinion, what is the best way to tell someone you value how much they mean to you?

To me, the best way to show someone how much they mean to you is to give them your "time".. it's one of the most valuable possessions you have.

4. Earlier this week, I posted a personality quiz: If you haven't taken it, please do; if you already have, how accurate were the results compared with your true personality.

41 TO 50 POINTS: Others see you as fresh (well i bathe alot if that's what you mean!), lively(at my age "lively" means being able to crawl out of bed!), charming,(good grief!) amusing,(i've been known to make others laugh) practical,(definately.. when you have nothing you get very practical) and always interesting;(that remains to be seen) someone who's constantly in the center of attention(NOT!), but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head.(it would get cramped in the one remaining brain cell i have!) They also see you as kind,(I'd like to think so) considerate,(hopefully)and understanding(I try to be); someone who'll always cheer them up(if you enjoy hanging with a depressed person) and help them out.(I try)

5. When was the last time you feel you got as much sleep as you really needed in a single night?

A full nights sleep?.. never happen!

6. If a stranger walked up to you and handed you a briefcase with enough money to pay off every debt you had down to the penny, do youthink you could start from then on living debt-free?

First off.. that stranger just got dang lucky.. i am debt free! I hate owing money to anyone.. if i use a charge card, it's paid off when the bill comes. (I also dislike paying "interest") I figure i already can't really afford it so why should i be forced to pay 3 times the amount by making "payments".

Multitasking : Screwing up several things at once.

The Day After..

Sunday, October 30, 20052:51:00 PM EST
Feeling Happy

Sometimes life hands you the pits (in my case, most of the time) but once in a great while it decides you deserve the fruit too!! Now, ask me if that happened yesterday! O-O-O-O-O-O-H YEAH! (Bowing head with as much gratefulness as one can have).

Indeed, yesterday was my long awaited autograph show. The rain held off, for which I am most grateful, however, it was a tad on the cold side for standing in lines outside for hours. Of which, (someone was looking over me) I did NOT have to do!! But many, MANY I watched standing in lines for 2 and even 3 hours (I saw more then one red nose from the cold) just to have a chance to get a long awaited autograph of a favorite actor.

Now, you might think, “Heck, I’d never do that!” Well, I’d bet money you wouldn’t, unless of course, you were an Autograph Collector who had waited months, or years, or even most of your life for a chance to get the autograph and to have a few short minutes of that actors undivided attention. Of course, it doesn’t have to be an actor. You might be someone who admires a sports figure or an astronaut or someone in the political life. But no matter who it is, the feeling is the same, “this could well be my only chance to see this person”.. and so… you wait in line.
There are times you do everything you can to make things work out and still they don’t, and then again there are times all your effort pays off. I had one of those days! I had read on the website that advanced tickets were sold out and the sale of tickets at the door were going to be (in their words) EXTREMELY LIMITED. Panic set in my stomach as I let out a huge discouraged sigh. “Once every 6 months (if that) I get an opportunity to do something I enjoy, somehow I’ve got to make this happen.”

The first thing I did was to be at the hotel where the show was going to be at by 6:30 AM. Tickets were not even going to be sold until almost 11 AM! Would you believe I wasn’t the first in line? Well, I wasn’t! But I was 3rd in line! Ok.. so.. at least I was assured a ticket! (but ohhhhh, that long wait was hell on my back since I suffer with bulging disc’s)

Then something wonderful happened, totally unexpected but ooohh so gratefully accepted! They began to sell the tickets a tad (not much) earlier. Ok, I’ll take that! I guess I need to tell you at this point, that out in front of the hotel was a HUMUNGUS line of people who bought the “pre-tickets”. The line I was in was for those who had no ticket. They were supposed to sell our tickets when they opened the door for the pre-tickets to rush in and run for yet another line in front of the tent in which the multitude of guests were seated to do their autographing. As they began to sell our tickets someone asked where “we” (the new ticket holders) should go? The man thought a minute and said, “They can go line up at the tent”. I didn’t stick around for him to change his mind!! I went! It meant I was “front of the line” for the tent! It was only minutes later when I saw the “pre-ticket” folks begin to filter out and get in line. (they weren’t happy that others were in front of them.. but to be honest, maybe 7 or 8 of us got there before they did, it wasn’t “major”, but I well imagined how they felt!)

Minutes later the tent opened it’s doors to a “limited amount of people at a time” due to fire restrictions. I headed down one side of the tent looking for the few people I was interested in and wanted to obtain autographs…

Ohhhhhhh heart be still!! Kevin Sorbo! YESSSSS! I’ll take him “to go” please! LOL! I’ve seen him before so he’s not really a surprise to me, just ohhhhhh so pleasant to view!! Haha. What is it men like to say? “I may be old but I’m not blind!”, oh wait, or is it, “I’m allowed to look at the merchandise as long as I don’t buy any!” Actually, I’ve heard them both lol.

The old song “So Fine” went thru my mind as I approached his table. He greets you with a great big smile and handshake waits a moment and then says, “which picture would you like?” (Hits hand on head) Ohhh, right.. a picture! Heh.

Anyway, that was my first sight of Kevin, but not my last.

I left his table and walked around looking at many faces, admitting I didn’t know a lot of them as most were people involved with “horror movies” of which I don’t watch much. Eventually I came upon someone I knew and had enjoyed more than once, Warwick Davis. He played “willow” in the movie of the same name; also numerous other movies, most recently he’s been cast in each of the Harry Potter movies. Yes, he’s a dwarf, one with talent. And he’s not that bad looking either. I remember he was only 17 when he played Willow, now he’s 37 and married. He looked exactly the same as when he was 17 .....sometimes I hate men!

In the short time it took me to get two autographs a new “line” had formed of those wanting to get Larry Hagman, Barbara Eden, and Bill Daily’s signatures. (“I Dream of Jeannie”) I asked one person, “is this the line for Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden?” The man just pointed in back of him. I began to walk until I came to one of the tent doors and looked outside.“Umm nope, I think I’ll skip these autographs, thank you anyway.”The line outside went so far I couldn’t see the end of it! So, suffice to say, I skipped them! (you weren’t even allowed to take your own pictures of them unless you were getting an autograph, therefore, you will see no pictures of them in this journal)

After some mulling around I found Geoffrey Lewis, a fine character actor. You may recognize him from the Clint Eastwood movies, especially “Every Which Way But Loose” (the one with the orangutan). I always enjoyed him, so we got into his line. (which did NOT extend out into the parking lots!)

As I looked around more I saw a familiar face so I walked over to see the photo’s she had. “Well I’ll be darn! It’s her! She was in one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek” I stopped and began talking to Antionette Bower. If you ever watch the original Star Trek, she played a character name “Sylvia”, who was at times, a black cat. She wasn’t the nicest person in that episode lol She even held a miniature of the Enterprise over a flame making the crew very uncomfortable lol. We talked a long time, for she knew DeForest Kelley, which made our talk go off into other directions. Anyway, she had a nice picture taken just a few weeks ago with Bill Shatner (Kirk) and I thought it was so nice I asked her to sign it.

No matter where I walked I “somehow” always wound up back by Kevin.. heh, imagine that! I have to say, I’m not really used to just walking around for autographs, generally I am working with/ helping one of the guests. Which of course meant old habits don’t always die. I asked Kevin and the 2 helping him if they’d like me to go to the hotel for any drinks or something to eat for them. His two helpers said yes, and off I went.

A bit later there was a lull in people for Kevin’s line, which surprised the heck out of me. Obviously, it surprised him too. We began talking, all 4 of us; Kevin said he had half a mind to “walk the outside lines of people” since they had to wait so long to get in, but he didn’t want to create a scene either. I went and found the person in charge of the whole shebang and told him what Kevin wanted to do. I found out quickly that the people doing the show didn’t much care; they just wanted the “money”. I went back and Kevin said “let’s do it then”. The three of us picked up his photos and his pens and went out to greet the people. The folks in line were shocked to see one of the guests outside, “coming to them”!

Quickly Kevin was signing all sorts of things and posing with anyone that asked to have their picture taken with him, even if they didn’t buy from him. He turned no one down. (how can you not like this guy?) We stayed out there nearly an hour and were quite cold before we decided to go back in. Things inside picked up for Kevin and the 2 that were helping him decided to head out if “I” wouldn’t mind staying with Kevin. (oh, yeah, right…. I mind..NOT) So then I was on my own helping him for the next few hours. Yeah.. tough job, but someone had to do it! Hahaha. I totally enjoyed working with him. When he had a few quiet moments he whipped out his digital camera and played “proud papa”.. he showed me pictures of his 2 sons and his new born (2 wks old) daughter!! Beautiful children, he’s going to have his hands full when they are teenager’s lol.

So.. that’s the short of it (short?). The day was great (with the exception that by the end of the day my back was really painful. But if you ask would I do it again.. hell yes!)

Since it is Halloween weekend, I did think I should end this on a Halloween Note…So here’s the last photo I took while there… least anyone is of the age to remember, This is Zacherly! He had a long running “creep show” on television where he came out of a coffin and introduced “creepy movies”.. I hope everyone has a fun Halloween!!

Only those who attempt the absurd, achieve the impossible

Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Halloween Memory

Thursday, October 27, 20058:38:00 PM EDT
Feeling Silly

Well, I don't have a scarey story of my own from when I was a child. Maybe there was one but darn if I can remember it! I do remember one Halloween when my sons were small. Maybe 5 and 7 years old. We were visiting my husbands folks in Virginia in the country by a lake. Mostly older folks lived there and it was a novalty for kids to be around there so the neighbors went all out, Haaawg Wild!

My kids weren't prepared for Halloween down there and so we had to improvise "ghosts" from king-sized white pillowcases. (not very original, but hey.. they were 5 & 7, do you think they cared? As long as the candy was there that's all they cared about. )

Well, we went to a few homes.. all was going "normally", until we got to the house at the end of the street... All was unusually quiet as we headed up the walk. When we reached the door my son rang the bell.. but it wasn't a bell.. it was a Screeeeeeeam! My kids jumped back but then nervously laughed and then it became a "game" to ring the doorbell. Little did they know!

The door began to open to sounds of creeking, from what i could see (which wasn't much in the dark) my kids eyes grew to the size of silver dollars. A monster jumped out from behind the door, and I'm not sure but I think the youngest of my sons dirtied his pants! (there was a foul odor rising!)

Then scarey music began to play and a witch appeared cackling and saying something to the effect of "come in my little pretties". The odor got stronger, I think son number two joined son number one in the "who can have the dirtiest pants" contest!

They made the kids walk thru the room to the badly lit bowl of candy on the other side of the room. The walk consited of a number of undeciforable screams and a bunch of jumping up and down. (I was CERTAIN someone dirtied their pants by now!)

Finally, they were led back to "mom and pop" with the full contents of the bowl on the far side of the room. The kids were now figuring out who the monster and witch were. I think it had to do with when their bull dog Jenny came running out from another room all excited to see the kids... heh..

Well, they made out like champs that Halloween.. they were the ONLY kids in the small developement of middle age and elderly folks... and EVERYONE gave them HUGE amounts of candy! (the fact that Russell Stover Candy Outlet was but a few miles away might have contributed to that!)

Anyway.. it wasn't MY scariest Halloween, but I know for a fact my kids never forgot that one!!

Everyone is guilty at one time or another of throwing out questions that beg to be ignored, but mothers seem to have a market on the supply. "Do you want a spanking or do you want to go to bed?" "Don't you want to save some of the pizza for your brother?" "Wasn't there any change?"Erma Bombeck

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Two More Days 'Till the Autograph Show!

Wednesday, October 26, 20057:36:00 PM EDT
Feeling Flirtatious

Umm, the answer would be yes! Heh. The autograph show is right around the corner!!

Tonight was the first night that the weatherman said no rain for Saturday!! (One problem taken care of). Now I get to worry if I can even get a ticket to get in! The website for the autograph show said they had so many “advanced tickets” sold that they will run out of tickets “very early on”. Sigh.. Now that’s not a fun one to deal with, it could mean standing in line for 3 hrs or more to be there before too many people get there, especially since the website announced the fact that they don’t have many tickets left to sell.

AARrrggghhhhhhhhhhh! I wait 6 months for this show to come to New Jersey and now this!
For the most part I’m still excited though..uhhuh,uhhuh!

Over many years I’ve helped some guests of autograph shows.. sadly, a few of them have gone, and each one had become special to me.

To understand aiding a “guest star” you should know, if I am lucky enough to do that I get to sit with that person all day long. I collect the money that everyone pays for a photo of the guest and make any change that’s necessary, then the guest signs the picture for them. All the while they get to chat with him or her, and most times asks to have a picture taken with the guest. (no one I’ve ever worked with has refused to have their picture taken) It doesn’t sound like I do much but when you do it all day it’s very tiring. (this show I don’t have anyone to work with). The best part of working with a guest is that you hear all the stories that each fan has to say when they talk to one of their favorite stars. So many people.. and so-o-o-o-o-o-o many stories! All are wonderful!!

I remember when I was working with Jonathan Harris
He used to crack me up big time. Of course, if you recognize him you know he played Dr. Smith in Lost in Space. This one young man walked up to Jonathan wearing a huge grin, he stared at him ashehanded me the money and chose a picture he wanted Jonathan to sign. As Jonathan leaned over to sign his picture the young man told him, how when he was young (he was all in his 20’s mind you) that Jonathan used to scare the dickens out of him. Jonathan looked up, then lifted his arm up and brought his hand down on the desk heavily and stated, in his very theatrical voice,“AND WELL I SHOULD!” Needless to say the young man just loved it!!! I’m sure he will never forget the day he met Jonathan Harris!

Some others I worked with at one time or another: Dorothy DeBorba, she’s the young lady with the long curls. She played a character named Echo in the original movies of the Little Rascals.

More recently I had the honor to help out Mako..maybe you remember him as the wizard in the Conan movies
He’s the sweetest man.. very nice.

And the last person I helped was Kevin McCarthy. You may recognize the face and not necessarily the name. He’s been in a slew of movies and even more television shows. The most famous movie was “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”..”The pods! The pods!”

I saved the BEST for last.. someone who became a very good friend… if I was at his conventions and someone needed a photo taken with him he’d yell for me to come take the picture. Then he’d have the “nerve” to tell them that the camera was growing out of my hand and couldn’t be removed!! DeForest Kelley and his wife Carolyn were my friends.. I miss them more then I could ever say.. this is one of my favorite pictures I had taken with him on stage once.. the picture has a story with it but maybe I'll tell that some other time.

So.. now you know why I look forward to these shows. I always get to meet really nice people, stand around and chit chat, take pictures and just plain have a great day.
Am I excited? Uhhuh..uhhhuh… Is my camera ready? Uhhuh.. uhhuh…

I’m gunna get me new pictures of Kevin, I’m gunna get me new pictures of Kevin~
Uhhuh, Uhhuh..

Am I gunna drool over Kevin?… dang right I am-Uhhuh, huh~

Maybe I’ll even hug him and squeeze him, or, or, or I might.. ummmm, dance all over his b-o-d-y!! Uhhuh, Uhhuh!!

Hey.. no one ever told me I couldn’t dream… and DREAM BIG!

It’s not my fantasy….. it’s my alternate reality.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Remembering Pookey

Tuesday, October 25, 20056:51:00 PM EDT
Feeling Quiet

This is Pookey.

She was my cat for about 16 yrs. I don't know why I thought of her so much today but I did. She's been gone for about 7 years now, and I still miss her.

She was a very unusual cat. As a matter of fact... she didn't know she WAS a cat! She never jumped up on tables or chairs, never scratched furniture (and she wasn't declawed). She went through life as if each day was totally new and she was seeing everything for the first time.

Someone had dropped 2 kittens off by my house in Florida. I guess they figured it was better then putting them to sleep, but they were awfully young and I had my doubts they would survive alone. Anyway.. this one stayed.

As she grew older she became diabetic. For 5 years that followed I had to give her insulin injections twice a day.. 6 am and 6 pm. But she didn't know she wasn't supposed to like it. She would waken me and lead me to the refrigerator and turn and sit with her back to me. She waited until i gave her the shot and she would then walk to her dish and wait for her food. In other words: she had me trained.

About a year before I had to put her to sleep I walked in from work one day and she was sitting in the middle of the room with her back to me. Generally she would walk at a fast pace over to me to greet me. This day she just sat there.

"Hi Pookey!"
(no response)

"Pook, Pook.. I'm home baby."

I closed the door loudly.. still no movement.
I got upset and clapped my hands loudly. She never moved. Finally, I walked close to her and she jumped around and greeted me. I knew what was wrong, but didn't want to hear it. She had gone deaf from the diabetes.

I cried alot knowing she couldn't hear me when i told her how good she was and how much i loved her. She lived another year or two and had a bad diabetic episode. At that time the vet said they "might" pull her through, but they couldn't say she'd have any sort of "good life" left. I sat crying with her for three hours in the vets before I could say the words to the vet and leave.

Animals become so much of our lives, with or without families. I miss Pookey even though i am living with my brother who has 9 cats. There are cats everywhere! And i cry when they have to put one of them down.. but not like when i lost Pookey. What a cat she was!! Maybe someday i will find one like her again, who knows?...

Those who danced where thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Happy Halloween

Monday, October 24, 200512:47:00 PM EDT
Feeling Quiet
Your Monday Photo Shoot: Halloween is just a week away! Display your current decorations and preparations, or show off a favorite from years past. Pumpkins, holiday cards, decorations from Halloween parties and porch displays -- it's all good.

Hmmm, I was going to do something anyway, but it's nice not to have to think tooooo hard and "just follow instructions" lol.

Here are 2 pictures: One of my son at a much younger age then he is now.. and the other of my neighbors yard.

It's kinda cold and dreary here in NJ today.. but my thoughts are in florida where my son and his family live. Really tired of these dang hurricanes! NJ is to get hit with high winds and rain beginning tonight from a cold front, and continuing from the hurricane.. gosh, I can't hardly wait.. (heh, yeahrightsure!) I'm hoping it all gets overwith and it turns nice out by the weekend so that Halloween doesn't get "more or less" get cancelled. There's a huge bag of candy here waiting to get passed out to the little ghouls and gobblins!

Happy Halloween everyone...

I'm going to stop punishing my children by saying, "Never mind! I'll do it myself." Erma Bombeck

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Countdown to next Saturday

12:06:00 PM EDT
Feeling Hopeful

Ok, so I'm trying to get my chit together and look forward to something for a change..

So, I'll admit this is the mood I woke up with.. but i'm trying like heck not to take it out on anyone. It wasn't easy before my cup of Cafe Vienna.. but eventually it got better.
The sun came out today.. that was a huge improvement! I don't think the weather people had said NJ would see the sun until after wednesday due to a cold front now and the ends of the hurricane later in the week. Score one for the sun!

I looked at my mini calendar i keep by my computer and noticed next weekend is not only Halloween, but on that Saturday the autograph show comes to the Meadowlands!
(hobbs) Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

My one day every six months I can leave the house alone and take some time for Moi! It's a Saturday so David will be home to watch over my brother (normally that doesn't stop my brother from yelling my name and asking me to get him this or that) but, when i go to the show i'm not in hearing range! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

Don't get me wrong.. I don't resent helping my brother.. but 24/7 is like when i was married.. lots of work, and no days off. (men tend to forget that little tidbit about wives and mothers. They get paid for their jobs and get weekends off and paid vacations. Wives and mothers don't! ) I'm not saying that as a putdown to men, honest I'm not.. I'm just stating a fact.

So... next Saturday is my "day off"!! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I get to see some of the people I grew up watching on tv or in movies. A day of nice memories.

Some names that will be there are: Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden (remember I dream of Jeannie?). Robert Culp will be there, (those of us in the elder generation remember him from I Spy.) Adam West and Burt Ward are also going to be there. Batman has been in reruns for so long most know those names. I've always enjoyed Warwick Davis and he'll be there.. he was "Willow", and is now in the Harry Potter movies. There are many many more, but the best I saved for last! Kevin Sorbo ! Oh yeah, Oh yeah!...

I may be old... but I ain't blind yet!! These old eyes can use a good dose of rest and relaxation and spend some time gazing at Kevin!

I got "hooked on Kevin" back in his Hercules days.. his sidekick Michael sure wasn't hard on the eyes either! lol. I was glad that Majel Barrett (for those not into Star Trek, she was married to Gene Roddenberry.. the "creator" himself) chose Kevin for her show Andromeda, and sad it has gone the way of all the Star Trek shows. I read fantasy fiction but i totally have always enjoyed watching sci-fi. Kevin did both, so it was natural I would have found and enjoyed both of his shows.

I really, really, REALLY hope that next Saturday isn't a "rain out" and that I get in to see the guests. I just read on the official web site of the people putting on the show that they have had an unusual large demand on "pre-tickets" and expect to run out of "at the door" tickets very early on. Rain could definately be a hazzard if I think my only way in is to be in line 3 hrs before they even open the doors. I don't think this old bod would care to wait in cold rain for 3 hours.. sigh. Youth always has advantages dang it!

Well, I will have to make my choices "due to weather" as the time comes closer. I really really REALLY need the day out!

If i get there I will post some photos. I've seen Kevin before and taken pictures of him before, but some new ones would be nice. (very nice)

Pahleeeze! be a nice day next Saturday!

All things considered, insanity may be the only reasonable alternative.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Yesterday was a bad day

Saturday, October 22, 20059:41:00 AM EDT
Feeling Frustrated

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment.
It was with an Orthopedist and i waited 2 months for the appointment. I knew what was wrong before i went. A torn Rotary Cuff in my right shoulder. They told me to pick up my MRI before comming to the doctors office.

I guess I should tell you that the only way i could afford to go see this specialist was to have Charity Care. I'm not proud of it but it's a fact of life that was delt to me. So I waited the 2 months in hopes something could be done to relieve the constant pain.

The first thing that went wrong was the taxi driver. I have to use them because i don't drive. Well, I did drive at one time but i can't afford insurance anymore, so... i don't drive. I gave him the address of the place i needed to go to pick up the MRI.. he mistakenly took me to that same address in the WRONG town!.. after we got that straightened out and i finally got what i needed he took me to the doctors, a normal 7.00 ride. Well, it seems he decided to charge me for HIS mistake.. the trip TO the doctors was more then double a round trip!

"How much?",


"Did i hear right, 15.00?"

It took me by surprise but there wasn't anything i could do. The driver barely spoke English.. that's another subject that sets me off!

So, here i sit broken hearted, paid a dime and only... never mind. When i went in the waiting room i was shocked. Talk about a full house! I groaned, I knew I was in for a long wait, I just didn't know how long. I had an appointment for 2:45, and i settled in knowing that wasn't about to happen. But, but.. maybe there are other doctors here? A woman came out of the doctors area and asked if anyone there was for Dr. so and so, or Dr. whoever. No one moved or raised a hand. My internal stomach was beginning to churn.

All of the people in that waiting room were in the same position as i was... Charity Care. I began to talk to the lady sitting next to me and asked what time her appointment was. 1:30 (groan) that was an hour ahead of mine and she was still sitting here.

As time went by.. went by... went by.. my depression began to take over. I'm not used to leaving my disabled brother alone for too long. I called him to tell him this might take a really long time and not to worry.

More time passed.

5 o'clock, 6'oclock.. 7 o'clock (2:45 was a long way away).. the lady next to me finally got called. I went outside and had a slight cry for myself. Last I had heard being poor wasn't a crime, but i knew if i had an expensive health insurance I would have been seen long ago. I only remember feeling this bad about myself one other time (well a group of times, but same circumstances). It was when my mother, who was raising 2 kids alone, ( back in those days woman didn't make the same money as men.) Well, ocassionally a bill would get past due, like the gas or electric. My mother would hand me the money and tell me to run in and pay the bill and she would drove around the block because there were no parking spaces. I'd go in and pay the bill.. but the look i would get as i paid the past due bill was one of disgust.. they looked at me like i was lower then dirt. I never forgot it.. never.

It was 9 pm before i got to see the doctor. They did an x-ray of my shoulder, which made me wonder why i had to bring the MRI with me? By then my compaints of pain were told to him with embarrassment. Thankfully i was told i don't need surgery.. yet. And with some excercises it might get better. I have 3 weeks to try this and then if it isn't better i get to wait 2 more months for an appointment and who knows how many hours in the waiting room.

It was really a bad, bad day.

"When life hands you lemons.. stick them in your bra. Can't hurt, might help"

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Weekend Assignment #82

Thursday, October 20, 20056:47:00 PM EDT
Feeling Quiet

Weekend Assignment #82: posted a weekend assignment. Since I haven't been up to par the last few days I'll make this my post for the day.
Weekend Assignment #82: What was your favorite bedtime story as a child?
Extra Credit: As an adult , have you shared that favorite bedtime story with a child?

I can't say i remember any stories being read to me when i was very young. Maybe it's just too long ago to remember, or maybe my mom was too busy raising 2 kids alone to have the time. Either way.. I can't share a childhood story.

However, I have had 2 kids of my own (loooong, loooong ago) After the usual Dr. Seuss books we graduated to something a bit more interesting and the one book i remember reading to them that really kept them asking for "the next chapter" was one called JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH by Roald Dahl. (then married to actress Patricia Neal... just an f.y.i in case anyone out there is old enough to remember her! )

Of course i read the book years ago to my kids, who are now grown, and since then James and the Giant Peach came out in a movie as well.

I can remember i would sit in a recliner seat with one son squished in on each side of me so that they could see the pictures as I read to them. The real fun part was trying to give the characters different voices. Who knew back then that people could get paid for "voiceovers"?!! Oh well, the most important people heard me.. my kids.

Have you any idea how many kids it takes to turn off one light in the kitchen? Three. It takes one to say, "What light?" and two more to say, "I didn't turn it on."

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Tuesday Two

Wednesday, October 19, 200510:57:00 AM EDT
Feeling Sad

The Tuesdays Two at Patricks Place
I've never tried this before but have found many of the questions and answers interesting so i thought i would try to respond to this topic..........

QUESTION A:Describe the last time you felt as though you were being discriminated against. Looking back at it now, do you think you really were being discriminated against?
QUESTION B:Do you think that we are automatically prejudiced against certain people, regardless of our upbringing? Why or why not?

Choose A or B, (indicate which question you're answering!) then either answer the question in a comment or answer it in your journal and include the link in a comment. (To be considered "first to play," a link must be to the specific entry in which you answered the question.)
Remember: choose one or the other...not both!

I am going to choose "A", and I'll tell you up front, as I look back I have no doubt that i was discriminated upon.

I am white, old, and not what anyone would call "one of the beautiful people". Some years ago i was living in southern California; Sherman Oaks to be precise. (the "valley"). I was in my mid 50's and had lost my job (a loooong, whole other story). I was sending out resumes and doing alot of praying as my "savings" wasn't a whole lot. I was one of those living from paycheck to paycheck, like many do.

One day i received a phone call from one of the places I had sent a resume to. A woman was on the other end. We spoke a few minutes and her voice sounded excited as she said, "You sound perfect! Exactly what we want! When can you come in and fill in some papers and have an interview?"

I got hopeful inside, something that I don't do easily, and told her i could come in later the same day.

The job I was going to interview for wasn't one that would need a rocket scientist. They were a company that rented "lights" to movie studios. (most jobs in the valley related to the movie studios one way or another) But, there I was.. middle aged, wrinkles and all..

Gee, do you want to guess the response when i walked in for the interview? Well, I'll tell you anyway.. it was like watching a cartoon of a face going from a "smiley" to "totally disappointed"... and i hadn't even said hello yet.

They had no choice but to have me fill in the papers, since they asked me to come.. but when it came time for the "interview" the very same lady that sounded so excited on the phone came in and told me, she would call but.. (here it comes) "but, it seems the boss has decided not to fill the position at this time." I dare anyone to tell me i wasn't discrimintated against. I wasn't one of the "beautiful people" that should be working in any position where i might be discovered by a studio.... get real folks, when is the last time a producer or a casting director went out and rented the lighting for the studio??? I'm (at that time) in my mid 50's! do you really think i want this job to be discovered??? However, I would like this job to pay my rent and to put food on my table!

To this day you could never convince me that my age wasn't discriminated against. And it didn't stop there.. it continued until my savings ran out and i was forced to survive by moving to NJ and in with my older brother. Want more discrimination? File for welfare. ('nuff said)

Some people get lost in thought... because its unfamiliar territory

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pow, Zoom.. to the moon Alice!

Tuesday, October 18, 200511:28:00 AM EDT
Feeling Anxious

I was just reading another journal, he had posted a beautiful photo he had taken of the moon, and it got me thinking.. or rather remembering a time in my life that I will never forget.

When i was still in high school (lord that was long ago!) I can remember sitting in study hall (which was actually our lunch room). Over the loud speaker our principal let the whole school hear Alan Shepard's first flight. I'm not sure it all seemed real to me at the time, but it quickly became very important to me, and I can't really say why.

All I know is that every chance i could i would watch the blastoffs of the Mercury, Apollo, and Gemini flights. At each and every blastoff I would sit there and bawl my eyes out. I even remember thoughts at the time.. i would repeat over and over "let them make it.. let them make it". When all seemed safe I would begin to relax and listen to what was being said and mostly to the voices of the astronauts.

Days after the blastoff I would run home from school to turn on the television to watch the splashdown. Once again the minute the shoots deployed the "waterworks" began. Relief! They got home safe!

Then one night when i was married and had 2 children.. I sat up late at night and stared at a snowy television at man took his first steps on the moon. ON THE MOON! This was Star Trek in reality! Where did these men get the nerve to take such a chance? Didn't they think what might happen if they couldn't get back? Did they not have any fear whatsoever? And what made them feel what they were doing was worth dying for ? For surely they knew that there is always a chance that could happen.

It's a shame that today's "news" doesn't follow the astronauts of today unless theres a tradedy. The people taking the chances of space travel are the future of mankind. Yet they are now only worth a small blurb unless there's an accident. And then they become so busy saying that space travel is dangerous and not worth human life, that they forget what sort of a planet we live on. We happen to live on an unstable planet! Duh.. wake up and smell the roses guys, one day (no matter how many hundreds or thousands of years from now) could very well break apart! We have cracks all over the planet, least they forget a little something called "earthquakes"!

Space is the only guaranteed way that mankind may survive someday. Yet the astronauts of today aren't even worth newscoverage most of the time. I find this hard to comprehend... many may not have a special interest in space but the astronauts of today.. or yesterday should not be the forgotten few.

Too bad the only people who know how to run the country are busy driving cabs and cutting hair. ~George Burns

The Stories of Pern

Tuesday, October 18, 20052:13:00 PM EDT
Feeling Quiet

The Stories of PernTwo in words: Anne McCaffrey.

One of my all time favorite authors. I've read every Pern book that's been put out!
The White Dragon
Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern
Nerilka's Story: A Pern Adventure
The Renegades of Pern
All the Weyrs of Pern
Chronicles of Pern:
First Fall
The Dolphins of Pern
The Masterharper of Pern
The Skies of Pern
Dragon's Kin (Todd McCaffrey)

Yep, I did, I did.. I read 'em all.. more than once. Her first trilogy impressed me so much I spent nearly a year embroidering a picture i drew of "The White Dragon" and Jaxom.

A year, because this picture is about36 inches wide and 46 inches high.. that's alotta thread! (no pun intended) Thread isn't the best at blending colors, but i did what i could.

Pern and the characters have stayed with me over the years. Like I said, i've read them more than once. The characters were so terrific, and I loved how she named the riders by "shortening" their names. (F'lar, F'nor) She continued to keep me close to them when she wrote the smaller trilogy of the more understated characters in Dragon Song, Dragon Singer and Dragon Drums.

She's probably the only author that I like that kept a "good thing going". Many other authors who i just loved their stories and characters eventually came to an end and they would go in other directions. I tried to like the other stories saying it was the Author I liked so much, but found out in reality... it was the characters of certain stories that captured me so intently.
I'm more then glad she always came home to Pern. Now her son is doing his own writings about Pern. His first book "Dragon Kin" I read upon it's release. He's good.. but he's not his mother. Heh..

I hope Anne McCaffrey never totally leaves Pern, or her characters. I hope I'm still reading about Pern in the years to come.

Thanks Anne.. thanks for so many wonderful hours of reading!

A day without sunshine is like, well, night.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Why can't i leave my computer alone?

Sunday, October 16, 20057:16:00 PM EDT
Feeling Quiet

Why Can't I leave my computer alone?What is it about me that won't let me leave my computer alone? I have this need to dink with it and make it "all mine" so if anyone comes near it, it's clear that it's mine. (not that i let anyone close to it mind you!)

This is my wallpaper... well.. one of many actually, i like to make my own wallpaper..

Ummm, yes.. it's George Lucas. I do think he's extremely handsome, so why not have something restful on these old eyes? (I also have one of Harrison Ford, and one of DeForest Kelley and one of....... heh, well you get the idea)

I didn't stop there either, when I first boot up my computer I hear a few bars of the main theme to star wars. (duh..) Then when I log on to aol I hear a few bars of the Indiana Jones theme. The aol "welcome" just didn't do it for me, heh. I wasn't fond of "you've got mail either".. so when an email arrives I now hear the 5 notes from Close encounters of the Third Kind. (hmmm, I detect a pattern here) I switched gears for my buddy list. The door opening and closing grated on me. A friend recorded "hello m'lady" and "I'll see you around m'lady".. sounds a whole lot better then the creaking and slamming door! And finally.. when i log off of aol I hear Tigger.. "TTFN, TaaTaa for now"! (once again.. aol's "goodby" just wasn't it.. whatever "it" is)

So i sit and wonder sometimes, why i can't leave things alone? Obviously they work fine without my intervention.. I guess I just don't like knowing it's like everyone else's computer.. this one is all mine!

One day your prince will come, mine just took a wrong turn, got lost, and is to stubborn to ask for directions

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Sun is Out!!

Saturday, October 15, 200512:55:00 PM EDT
Feeling Chillin'

THE SUN IS OUT! I think i've gone bllind! 8 days of rain and now this! The sun finally came out and its reflecting in all the water laying around, so I'm sqinting, so of course i step in every puddle around! I waited 9 days to see the sun and now i can't open my eyes!

I had to help bring 3 of the 9 cats to the vets today. All three needed a booster shot and one (Stinkey) is left there to get his fur shaved. It seems about every 2 years, no matter how much he is brushed he just gets matted up and then it's off to the vets for a "haircut"

Here are the 3 culprits that went to the vets. Take a good look at Stinkey..long about Tuesday i will post a photo of what a cat looks like "shaved"..heh. The cats belong to my brother and David. I'm pretty sure the address for this house for stray cats is 336 Sucker Street.

While at the vets someone brought in a 6 month old English Bulldog. Really cute. He kept trying to wag his tail (which he only has a numb) and his whole butt wiggled instead. He tried to get to me and kept walking sideways.. i think he was trying to show me that his so-called tail was wagging. I went over to him and got on the floor with him... not the brightest thing i've ever done. (slobber slobber)
He's umm.... (slobber) a loving little thing (slobber) isn't he!
His owner tried to pull him off..
No, no (slobber) it's ok (slobber) honest it is! (slobber)

I was beginning to feel like i got off lucky with 8 days of rain and not drowning, and here i was in a vets office slowly drowning on dry ground!

Then it was time to take the cats in.. oh joy. They were getting shots and nails clipped. I don't understand something about the vets office.. how come a vet can clip their nails and they don't move a muscle, but when i try to do it at home i come out looking like i ran thru a briar patch naked! (pahleese, don't try to invision that! Nothing worse then an old wrinkled lady nekkid.. unless its an old wrinkled lady nekkid with claw marks!)

Actually, the rest of the visit went well.. two cats came home and when let out of the carriers ran and hid for their life. (all i have to do is jiggle a box of dry food and they'll forget the vets) and the third comes home monday evening, after which i will take a pic with the digital camera so you can see the results.

My eyes are finally adjusting to the sunlight.. whew, dang glad i'm not blinded! I hope everyone has a bright day of their own!

My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Usually, Friday is a good day..

Friday, October 14, 200511:58:00 AM EDT
Feeling Frustrated
GET ME OUTTA HERE! 8 straight days of rain, and Noooooooooo, i cannot tred water!

Yesterday i answered a question that had put out about writing. I found it interesting enough to try to respond to even though I'm not a "hopeful author." Well, not like some I know, or even some that i know are published authors who tell me that unless you happen to write a "best seller" you will never become rich enough to pay your bills with writing. And this was from a published author of a number of Star Trek Novels! (all of which sold very well i might add). She is also the one that told me that unless you "burn" to write don't even bother to try to get something published. That one i took to heart, since i don't "burn to write", but rather have just gotten myself so involved in the one thing i did write that i still can't just "let it go" as something that happened.

I find i constantly question myself about it.. where did it come from? (i sure didn't know i had it in me to write for two years and create characters.. and yaddada yaddada) A few friends read what i wrote "as i wrote it", typo's and all and would anxiously await another chapter. Part of me began to write it for them.. however, thankfully no "suggestions" came from them and they let me write only what "I" wanted. Nicely they would "review" as i wrote and just tell me what they liked or disliked, not a word about what they wanted or expected.

The whole consept of "me" writing a story still amazes me. I came up with a simple idea.. a beginning and an end, and then began to write.. but where did all that stuff in between come from?? Especially, when i thought i was going in one direction and would find myself headed somewhere else because of something i had written that i never expected to even write! So, i still wonder.. where did it come from?

A mention of the site ofthe original question was also about "hearing voices" while you write. Oh yeah! that came pretty quick! As soon as I would nail down a characters personality I would hear a voice that fit the character. Re: a character i call Abbercorn became the voice of Roy Dotrice. (Maybe you remember him? He played the character of "Father" on the tv series of Beauty and the Beast, starring Ron Perlman.) Other characters voices followed and each time there was dialogue i heard the voices.

Occasionally, I look into "printing on demand" or "printing your own book" type thing as I have dreams of leaving the "books" to my son when i die as a part of "mom, that he never knew". I can invision him reading them and maybe even discovering something about his mother that he never realized was there.

I already know i will never try the "try to get it published" route. I am not one who can take anymore rejections, that I or what i did is not good enough. I've had my quota of that in my life already, which is how I got in the condition I am in now. (depression/ anxioty/ stress) The bulk (that should have been in caps!) was from the people i worked for in California, who decided to try to get me to quit my job because i voiced my opinion that i liked the job of being a receptionist and had no real interest in learning how to make insurance quotes. For 3 yrs. i cried before i went to work. No more can i put myself out there for someone to say yet again that i'm not good enough. Though I think it of myself everyday of my life. Oh well, that's my problem not yours.

I still have "thoughts" of continuing my writing "saga".. have an idea and a beginning, but don't know where i want it to go.. so it sits and waits for the light bulb moment when i figure that part out haha.

Meanwhile if anyone comes by this journal and they've read "Runes of the Earth" by Stephen R Donaldson I would love to hear what you thought of it, and did you read his other books on Thomas Covenant? The new book was one I knew i wanted to like but was thinking I wouldn't because the main character had died. But Mr. Donaldson managed to pull me into his world yet one more time! Now, waiting for the other two books to come out is hard, hard, hard on this old lady. I just hope i live long enough to read the final book!! (he's allowed nearly 3 yrs to come out with each book..totally 6 argh!!!!!!!!)

My theory on housework is, if the item doesn't multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one else cares. Why should you?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Writer's weekly question...

Thursday, October 13, 20057:47:00 PM EDT
Feeling Quiet

Writer's Weekly QuestionWritten by aurielalata
Writer’s Weekly Question #2: Why do you write? Is it because you want attention, or is there some other reason you are driven to do this? What draws you to this craft?

Wow, I found this question very interesting.. and the answers as well. Though I do not consider myself a writer by any means, (graduated High School, then became a wife and stay at home mother for 26 yrs before finding myself divorced and alone with no special training for the “job force”) So I’m not an intellect, I’m not even very smart. I like to think I have common sense, but that’s about it.

Due to a variety of circumstance, after a certain age, it’s no long easy to find work that will pay the bills when you haven’t had a lifetime of training for anything in particular. And so I found myself on my brother’s doorstep because I had nowhere to go and no money to get there. I thought I had found a haven to get back on my feet. That was a wrong assumption, as 4 weeks after I arrived at the home of my brother and his “better half”; he had a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery.. this on top of a stroke he had 15 yrs earlier leaving him paralyzed on his right side (he was right handed). Along with diabetes and high blood pressure, my “haven” became a “job” of care taking, while his partner went to work each day. (So much for hoping to get better from depression, anxiety and stress.. it just worsened.. big time)

I had heard keeping a diary or journal might help get feelings out and easier to cope with, but no matter how I tried I couldn’t write about it. Each time I tried it just depressed me more knowing I had no way out except when my brother may die, and I didn’t want to think of that.
One day, for no particular reason except to try to “escape” mentally, I decided to write a little story. It had been suggested to me from a few others I chatted with in IM occasionally. I don’t know what made me start it but I did. Thru about a dozen calls a day to go downstairs to get my brother water, something to eat, or get something he wanted I began to write. It took me 2 yrs to write my “little story” that turned out to be a sort of trilogy (approx. 700 pgs.). Fantasy/ fiction.

I found I had created characters, given them personalities and a journey of their own they I could escape to. Once I began, I think I kept going because it was something I could control, where I couldn’t control my own life, or my brothers, I could control my characters. I could make them happy or sad, I could make them meet challenges and win or loose, depending on what “I” wanted. Quickly I fell in love with my “creations”, I couldn’t let them go. I wanted to be with them more then I wanted anything in my real life. So I wrote.. more, until I had “created my trilogy”. But it didn’t end there, I “edited” my books several times.. until one day I thought, If I do this again I’m going to get to the point I’ll ruin it. And so I stopped.

Missing them, I turned to Paint Shop Pro and tried my hand at drawing some of the characters I had created. Once again.. remember, I only went to HS, and so I never had art lessons (or computer lessons for that matter!) I dinked around and “sorta” said to myself that they weren’t too awful, since I have seen other art in books where the “author” drew their own drawings, and they weren’t anything to write home about.. so mine were as good as that anyway! LoL. Then I tried my hand at creating the cover for the first book. Psp5 was becoming my new companion to escape.

Although I know I am not a “writer”.. the question still drove me to answer it, because someone else may have reasons like mine.. to escape, to create, to control. I will never get “published” or “paid” for my writing, but even now I can’t let it go.

“I wondered if there was something special that I must do that I had not done before, but I had to do nothing but be there for her. How simple a task, yet she never found it anywhere else.”

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

One more adventure of Spin & Marty

Wednesday, October 12, 200510:13:00 AM EDT
Feeling Silly

I couldn't get Spin and Marty out of my mind all day yesterday. I guess i took a little trip down "memory lane", remembering when I met them.

Actually, something happened after we met. I got this "brain storm" (that's back when i had a brain) to write to Harry Carey Jr. (who played Bill Burnett, the head of the camp) and send him a copy of the photo i had taken of Tim and David.

I didn't think too long when i searched to find out how i could write to him and found an address. I wrote him a letter and sent the photo. I think I told him how i loved Spin and Marty and thought he might enjoy seeing "the boys" as they look now. I also told him about the autograph show where I got to meet them

Anyway.. not too long later i get a note back from Mr. Carey thanking me for the photo and saying he was going to try to come to the show!! OOOOkay.. now i had to write to David or Tim and let "them" know in hopes they would do the show again. Which i did. Low and behold 6 months later when the show came around again who was there but Spin and Marty..AND!.. Harry Carey Jr!! I couldn't beleive it! It was so good to see them smiling and chatting with each other about "the old days"! The whole thing turned out great.. I got a hug from Mr. Carey and.. heh.. and.. yet another hug from David Stollery! (heart be still! hahaha) Gosh, that made me wish I was a kid again with a crush on "Marty"!

Anyway, I thought i'd finish up the "saga" of Spin and Marty for ya.. and for me.. I still get a smirk on my face when i think of it all. One of those memories you just never want to forget.. and i doubt i will.

Here's a picture of Harry looking much like he did in the Spin and Marty days.. and a Photo of David, Harry & Tim at their "reunion".

I'm glad i had this memory to work with for the journal today.. it's yet another rainy day here in New Jersey.. this makes 6 in a row.. Enough already!

If at first you don't succeed skydiving isn't for you

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Then and Now

Tuesday, October 11, 20058:00:00 AM EDT
Feeling Quiet

Before I fell asleep last night I came across some old photos I had taken sometime over the course of the last 10 yrs. I started looking at them and began to "feel my age".. sheesh. The pictures were of tv actors that i had taken at shows over the years. I began to wonder if others remembered them the way I do. I'm sure many "young folk" might recognize them thru reruns... but I was there when the shows originally aired! (wow.. now that's really scarey!)

So, anyway.. see if you recognize any of the pictures i will put up here. I am putting a picture of them as they were when the show was on television and a picture of what they look like now ("now" being within the last 10 yrs, I don't remember which year i took which photo..heh.. it must be another brainfart! I'd say it's a "senior moment" but i blame that on EVERYTHING~)

Does anyone remember Billy Gray? Or the show he was on called "Father Knows Best"? It starred Robert Young and Jane Wyatt. (I watched Jane Wyatt be a "mother" twice! Once to Billy Gray and then some years later she was Spock's mother on Star Trek!) The show was on from 1954-1963.. (groan, I feel my bones aching!)

Ok, how about Johnny Whitaker?
Johnny played "Jody" on the show Family Affair. Brian Kieth was the father and Sebastian Cabot (Mr French)took care of the kids.

I saved the best for last .. why you ask? well because I hadda crush on David Stollery when i was young! (was i ever young? hmmm. that's a thought that taxes my brain!) Anyway.. here are the pictures..

Wow, now this was a real fun time! Spin and Marty! A "mini series" on the Mickey Mouse Club! Boy, did I want to go to the Triple R Ranch? Only about as much as a fish wants water! haha. I was terribly in love with the red-headed Marty (David Stollery)*sigh* If you remember this series Harry Carey Jr. played the adult lead, the head of the ranch, it aired in 1955. (gosh, was I old enough for a crush back then? I musta been old for my age.. yeah that's the ticket!)

I have to admit here, as I sit and ponder the situation when i met Tim Considine and David Stollery in person at the show. I gotta laugh even now.. I know I had a grin on my face so wide and hard that my cheeks hurt! lol.. gosh.. there he is! in person! and he's a real redhead! hahahaha. I did get to talk to them both and had to gush out how much in love i was with "Marty", who grinned back in return and did a "nah-nah, nah-nah, nah-nah" back at Tim and then stood up and gave me a hug! It was one of those moments that you know you will never forget!

Well, this post sure ages me! I wish i could say I only remember these people from re-runs, but dang it.. I was there in the beginning! And ya know what... considering some of the programming for kids now... I'm glad i had Spin and Marty!

Have a good day!......

You know you're getting old when you tell your kids their history book is wrong. You should know. You were there.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Feeling dumb,dumb, dumb..

Sunday, October 9, 200510:50:00 AM EDT
Feeling Frustrated
Watching a movie: The Other Sister

Another rainy morning, so i decided to use my new Print Shop to make a card for a friend.. ok, the key word in that sentence is "new". I think the version I had before was ..ohhh... maybe version 2, heh, and they are up to version 21! (which is the one i had to get to work on xp)

Why is it that these software companies have to take something nice and simple, that any idiot like myself can work the first time they use it, and have to make them so technically "advanced" that only a super brain (and i sit here with 1 working brain cell left) or tech person can use? It took me over an hour to make one lousy card!! I really hate feeling dumb!

My next "challenge" was to open the new version of cd creator.. once again, the last version i had was version 5 (basic).. once, again any dummy like me could make a cd, or erase one or play one. sigh... all i needed to know was how to erase a rewritable cd.

On the old version you just clicked "cd" which was at the top then clicked "erase". (see even dummies can do that much!) When i couldn't find how to erase i (smartly) opened "help" typed in the word erase and saw a topic saying "how to erase a rewritable cd".. wow! great! this isn't going to be so bad after all!.. WRONG! (why me lord?)

The directions sure were simple enough," In the source pane right click the recorder and choose erase"... oooohkay! One thing is wrong though.. there is no "recorder" to right click on! I right clicked on every icon in the source pane and.. you guessed it.. nothing! sigh.. it's not going to be one of my better days!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Too Much time to Think

Saturday, October 8, 20056:14:00 PM EDT
Feeling Surprised

ARGH! Halloween Already?I was in a store the other day and it already looked like all the halloween costumes were gone! Oh geez, this means I have to get Halloween candy! I really get upset when the door rings on Halloween and the kids at the door haven't even attempted to dress up. I get resentful, and hand them ONE candy.. but the kids in costume i let them take more.

This year i figured I'd scare everyone at the door and just plain don't wear makeup. Heck, the witch masks I've seen don't have as many wrinkles as i have! Gimme a break will ya?!

Knowing Halloween is here is depressing.. you KNOW what happens the day after right? Right! All the Christmas stuff comes out! What ever happened to Thanksgiving?? The stores have wiped it off the face of the earth! I guess the only one happy about that is the Turkey!
Rainy days definately gives me too much time to think!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I Must be having a brain fart..

Thursday, October 6, 20059:13:00 PM EDT
Feeling Frustrated

I must be having a brain fart...Well, it's true.. when you get old ya get alot of "brain-farts".. you know, things happen and a light bulb finally goes off and you realize.."ok, i got it" (finally)

Well, I'm just getting the hang of this journal thing.. sheesh.. I'm old but i'm still trainable! (if there was only someone to do the training i might get it sooner) sigh.

So the other day i wanted to talk about aging in America.. I still think it pretty much sucks and I doubt anyone will change my mind anytime soon, but if you'd like to try.. be my guest! I'm still angry and upset and depressed over it all. You work all you life (one way or another re: stay at home housewives. I DARE anyone to say that isn't work! I was one of them and going to work from 8-5, getting paid and getting weekends OFF and paid vacations is a hellava lot easier!) and then you wake up one day and know the time you have left is "numbered".. that alone is enough to scare the "doo doo" out of anyone! Then as your body begins to fall apart (and don't think it won't) You find out your insurance doesn't cover very much. The money you may have saved "for the golden years" dwindles and of course no one cares.. heck your just an old person. Old people don't have lives or even enjoy being alive. Well, Duh.. no chit sherlock! you wouldn't either if you had to pinch every penny and not go to a doctor because you can't afford to .. and on an on..

Ok.. i feel myself getting on that soap box again.. I didn't want to do that.

So... today was another jovial day. (yeahrightsure) Sooooooo.. how about?... ummmm Ohhh, I watched Lost the other night!! Great show don't ya think? I am sooooooooooooooooooooo glad the new season finally started, I don't know about anyone else but i had more than had it with reruns!

Well.. I think I am getting the hang of this journal thing.. hopefully i will get better at it as time goes by.. (thats a song isn't it?! heh)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ageing in America

Wednesday, October 5, 200511:13:00 AM EDT

I believe more and more that the "elderly" in the U.S. are the forgotten people.

The "golden years" that we so look forward to aren't even there unless you are among the very wealthy. I have found "middle class" just doesn't exist anymore. So, when you age, all that happens is to find ways to crush you until you no longer exist.

The biggest "crush" is on health care for the elderly. If you really think you can age and not ever need medicines or surgeries as your body deteriorates, you are sadly mistaken. And the worst part is: no one cares. Most especially those that make medicine and doctors that care for you. It's all about "the american dream for money". And if you don't have it.. no one cares, especially the government. Billions can be spent to help in other countries (and I agree they are worse off), but let someone in their 60's need surgery and even with insurance their life savings can be ripped from them in one swoop. And then they wonder why aged people say they look forward to dieing.. to get the physical and mental stress over with. Other countries, far worse off then America, takes COMPLETE care of their elderly. Shouldn't it be part of the American Dream to not suffer or live in poverty at the end of our lives??