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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This 'n' That...

On Monday, on television (on The View) Barbara Walters had Angela Lansbury on. It wasn't long ago that I had written to her and received an autographed photo of her, so I was really happy to see her!

What I was most pleased to hear, beside the fact that she is doing a stage show at the moment, when asked if she would ever do another Murder She Wrote, she said that she told her son (who is a director) to find a good story that they could make a 2 hours special of Murder she Wrote!!

Golly! I think that's a great idea! There are so many writers in blogville here maybe someone should write a good story for Angela Lansbury and send it to her!! (keeping with the old format of the show of course) One person in particular, who I know wants to become a screen writer (yes, you Kiyotoe) might give it a try? If anyone needs more "practice" at something like this, this could be a challenge. And if for any reason it doesn't get sent to her, then post it somewhere that we can all read it!! I wouldn't mind ready a few "new episodes" of Murder She Wrote lol.

I started some packing yesterday for my trip .. lord those 4 books I have to bring are heavy! Each one is thin and not to bad on it's own but put the 4 of them together and it really adds to the weight!

I will only take a carry on.. I like that I know it can't get lost by the airline. But I'll tell you what... lifting that thing over my head into the overhead compartment is horrid, especially with my bad back...and now the 4 books!! I'd put them in what "can fit under the seat" but I have a cloth bag and it's carrying my heavy camera (the one with the 300 zoom lens) and my purse. They make no exception for ladies to carry on a purse! That means if one was to bring a laptop with them, you can't be a female and have a purse too! One overhead item and One under seat item...that's it.

I really need to get a "good" digital camera with a zoom equal to my heavy camera that takes film. I've looked at them on line and they've gotten to the point that I just don't have the brains to learnall the buttons and menu's. With this old SLR Cannon the only setting I have to do is film speed.. then it's point, focus and shoot. Somehow, I don't think I'll ever find a digital like that with a zoom and macro. I keep going on line, looking them up and reading all i can about them in hopes one day something "will click" and I'll understand it all rather then feeling like it's written in Greek...but so far..nadda.

Anyway, I have the "film" camera and the small digital which isn't the greatest but at least I get a lot of use out of it for my journal. (Kitty pics/ plants in spring/ snow in winter etc) Which is still another thing on my "list".. to remember to charge the batteries for the digital on Sunday, the day before I leave... it's always something!

I'm tired before I even get there!.. OH! and it isn't bad enough on this old body to have the time change for a week out there, I just found out that the last Sunday I am there.. we push the clocks forward an hour!! More sleep lost! It could well be a week before my head clears up from all the time changes that I have to go through ! But I promise not to complain about it... to much. heh.

Before I leave this post I just want you to know that it's still Winter here in New Jersey... wanna know how I know this? Because what you see below is still going on! It's called "winter cuddles"...

"Till next time..."

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


In response to a comment made in my blogspot journal by Stewart, where he mentions occurrences in the film industry such as the blacklisting of anyone thought to be a Communist during the McCarthy era...

There once was a man named Edward Dmytryk.. he was a director. I came to know of him because (as you may well suspect) three movies that he made had DeForest Kelley in them. De had told some stories of working with Mr Dmytryk and so he popped into my mind when Stewart commented.

I've only ever met 2 Directors of movies. (I've seen George Lucas, but never spoke with him) One was Nicholas Meyer (I tell my story of Nickie, as I fondly called him around De and the other was Edward Dmytryk.

I met Mr Dmytryk quite by accident. Myself and a then friend of mine happened to go to breakfast one day when I lived in Encino. We decided on the Pancake House. As we were leaving and paying our bill there was an elderly couple in front of us. The man was not much taller then myself with pure white hair. I couldn't help but overhear the man taking their money thank "Mr Dmytryk" for coming by.

I may have never opened my mouth to him but as he turned to leave he looked right at me and smiled a friendly smile.

"Mr Dmytryk? Mr Eddie Dmytryk?" I asked quietly.

"Yes, it is," he responded, "Do I know you?"

"Umm, well no.. but you worked with an actor friend of mine a few times, DeForest Kelley."

He smiled again, "Oh my, yes I have. How is DeForest these days?"

From that we had a small chat and he introduced his wife to me. It was only about two years later that Mr Dmytryk passed away. But I will always be grateful that I had a chance to meet him.

Now back to Stewarts comment.. the reason I am remembering Mr Dmytryk is because he was one of those people that was blacklisted. He wrote a book about it which I read a long time ago. (somehow while moving the book got lost and although I could replace it, just never got around to it.)

The book is called "Odd Man Out". It's very interesting if you want first hand information on what it felt like to go to jail and be blacklisted.

Still another book he wrote was Hollywood's Golden Age. Which is a memoir of Edward Dmytryk's early days in Hollywood.

Some of the more famous movies you may have heard of that he directed are: The Caine Mutiny (1954) Soldier of Fortune (1955) Raintree County (1957) . And the three movies he made with DeForest in them were: Where Love Has Gone (1964) Raintree County (1957) Warlock (1959)

"Till next time...

Monday, February 26, 2007

Can You Hear Me Now?...

On Saturday 3:30 pm.. did you hear me scream? It was loud enough for everyone to hear!

I finished reading Inkspell.........

AAaaarrrggghhhh! I can't believe how it ended! And I have over a year wait (maybe 2) before the third book comes out in English!!! (I know better then to read books that are a series before they are all out... for the life of me I don't know what made me do it!)

Needless to say I really enjoyed the books, even though they were written for young adults. It was a new concept, and I really liked it. Very well written! Excellent story! What more can I say?.. oh.. don't read them or you will be as frustrated as I am having to wait for book 3!!!

I'm really glad I got them in hard back.. they will definitely stay in my collection of books that I know I will re-read at some time or another.

So... now I am but a week away from my trip and I don't want to get into anything too exciting that I don't want to put it down; plus with my cloudy eye I still find the larger print or double spacing in hard backs much easier to read so.. the only hard back I have left in the house at the moment (that I haven't read yet) is a little book written by Sean Astin called "There and Back Again an actors tale."

He's too young for a biography so I guess this is going to be about the making of the movie.

I remember reading a book by Walter Koenig (Chekov in the Original Star Trek) called Chekov's Enterprise in which he talks about the making of the first movie. In that book I found out what a wonderful sense of humor he has for writing. I don't know that Sean Astin's will be funny but I hope it has alot of his feelings he was having while filming Lord of the Rings. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

So between making lists and packing, (and anything else that I do each day) I'll begin this book... I hope it makes me forget that what I really want is to be readingbook 3 of Inkheart!

"Till next time..."

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Some Sort of Fabulous..

For those who are tired of seeing autographs... have faith! This is the last post like this, for a while anyway.

For this post I am showing some autographs of some Stars that I will never, ever stop watching their movies.

The First is Douglas Fairbanks Jr... Besides having a very long list of credits, Mr Fairbanks, in the 1950's Mr Fairbanks hosted a show: Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Presents, also known as The Rheingold Theater. (yes, some of us have loooong memories)

If you watch old movies you may have seen him in Gunga Din along with Cary Grant and Sam Jaffe.

Next is John Huston. Unfortunately I only have his autograph from someone's autograph book... but I didn't care, as long as I had it!

Mr. Huston fascinated me. He was as famous in front of a camera as he was as a director, as he was in voice over work.

Long ago I bought the book "An Open Book" which he wrote as his own biography.

There is a list of 47 movies that he directed.. beginning with The Maltese Falcon, all they way up to The Dead (1987) In the middle of those are a few movies one might have heard of... Like: Key Largo/ The Asphalt Jungle/ The African Queen/ Moby Dick/ The Bible: In the Beginning/ and The Man Who Would Be King, just to name a few.

He has a list of 36 writing credits.. among them Wuthering Heights.

Add to all of that, his voice was almost as famous as he was for narration or readings.

The next autograph is the ONLY one I have just on a card. (but I'll take it anyway!)

It's of Sir Alec Guinness. Yes, to most of you it's Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi.

Sir Alec began his career in 1934 (uncredited) and although he made many movies following that, he probably became famous in America when he made The Bridge On the River Kwai,

Much as I love his performances, which are mostly very theatrical, I have to say I was shocked and pleased when he really reached out of box and played the blind butler Jamesir Bensonmum in Murder by Death.

It never surprised me when he became Obi-Won... he could be a mentor to anyone, for anything.

This seems to be the post of signatures not on photo's... well folks, I am not rich! And some of these people bring thousands of dollars for an original signature on a photo.

This next Gorgeous Hunk, Stephen Boyd , died at the young age of 46.

Probably most famously known as Messala in Ben Hur, Mr Boyd remained a face any woman could not forget! In the way of (sorta) type casting he also appeared in The Fall of The Roman Empire and The Bible: In the Beginning. However he did dabble in Sci-Fi when he was in Fantastic Voyage.

And for my finale exquisitely handsome actor: I give you... Jimmy Stewart

Now, for Jimmy Stewart, I would be SHOCKED if someone reading this hadn't known him from at least several movies!

With a list of 100 movies to his credit... somewhere along the line, you came across this special man. Maybe it was It's a Wonderful Life! (ya think?!!)

As with all the previous "autograph" posts, each actors name is a link to IMDb, with a full list of their credits. If you enjoyed any of these people even once, they are worth a look-see to find out if there are other movies that may crop up on television in which you might see them in a different light.

'Till next time....

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Moses...and then some..

I was helping out in the California Autograph show the first time I ever saw Charlton Heston. I came out of a walkway at the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn and started towards the pool area. Out from the side of the pool came Charlton Heston... I stopped in my tracks... from the angle I was standing, it looked as if he was walking on the water!!! (talk about the picture of Moses coming to mind!!!) I stood a moment before I finally saw him headed to the same room of the convention I was going. I knew he was going to be there signing autographs for his charity, which I don't remember what it was at the moment.

During the day his line wound from inside to outside to up and down the parking lot without stopping! I knew I was doomed not to get his autograph! I couldn't stand in line all day when I was inside helping Jonathan Harris. I sighed and mentioned to Jonathan that I had wanted his autograph but the line was too long. He told me to go over and ask the man helping him if I could write to him for one. I did.. he told me the address where to write, and I bought the Moses photo below to mail to him.

Obviously he responded, not with just this photo but he also added a portrait shot of himself signed... I thought that was awfully nice of him since I didn't pay at the show for an autograph, all it cost me was the envelopes, the photo itself and some stamps...

I have to say I can't look at this photo though without remembering how my first sight of him looked as if he really could walk on water!

Oh goodness, here's one not everyone will know unless you like old movies... Tony Curtis. If you are one of the two people in the world, who never saw Some Like It Hot, among his, oh so many movies.. well... you'd best not let it pass you by. But maybe you recognize him from Houdini, or Operation Petticoat?..

Billy, Billly, Billy... Billy Barty, what a nice man he was. I met him three or four times at the autograph show. By then he was getting around in a scooter, as he was older and his legs, which never were very good for him, were giving out. He'd buzz around the show talking to everyone, he didn't care if you were an actor or not!

Billy began his career when he was only 3 years old... and never looked back. Later in life he was the High Aldwin in Willow, and played Screwball in the movie Legends.

Here's another name the very young won't know, Burt Lancaster. One of his most famous scenes was probably the kissing scene on the beach in Here to Eternity.

I had written to Mr. Lancaster for his autograph. Nearly a whole year passed when I received it along with a typed note from his secretary telling me that a whole bag of Mr. Lancasters mail had been misplaced by the post office and they just came upon it. I thought that was nice to let me know, they really didn't have to give any explanation on why it took so long.

The last one for today should look familiar... Mr. Kirk Douglas. He did a bit of every sort of movie they could make, but none will be remembered more by me then Spartacus.

I was really shocked when I received his autograph. I think it was the fastest time I ever received one by mail... 3 weeks after I mailed it I had it back!

'Till the next time....

Friday, February 23, 2007

A Brief Intermission...

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programing (the autograph posts) briefly for breaking news!

(but the next installment of autographs will be below this post)

February 22, 2007 has turned out to be a good day after all!

I received the book, The Making of King Kong, in the mail today; in plenty of time to take on my trip with me. (now the book count is 4.. and it's gotten heavier then I had wanted it to be!)

I flipped through the book, hoping against hope, that there would be a good photo of Andy Serkis doing his thing, as King Kong. I came a cross a few smaller photo's, one in which he has all the electronics all over his face to make the facial expressions for Kong, but it was very small. Then I spotted another picture that was maybe 1/2 page in size of him with some prosthetics on for some movement of Kong...

And then... low and behold... what before my eyes should appear?..... but THIS!

Ohhhhh yeah! Hello! This is it! This is the photo I will have Andy sign from the Kong book!!

A full page photo! I couldn't have asked for more!!! And a good photo of Andy to boot!!!

'Till next time....(my precious)

Some Females

Is there anyone out there old enough to remember "My Little Margie"?.. well, I remembered it! And I remembered enjoying it enough to write to Gale Storm who played Margie Albright. Her father was played by Charles Farrell. (young as I was, he was a pretty good looking father!

Gale began her career in movies in 1940 and then moved to the "small screen" for My Little Margie. Her last appearance on television was in a Murder She Wrote episode in 1989.

When I first wrote to Gale I told her about the show and asked if she might do it sometime... and she did!!

This next lady, Betty White, is someone I've loved for a long time. The characters she managed to make her own ( such as: Sue Ann Nivens on Mary Tylor Moore, and Rose, on The Golden Girls) have always, always made me laugh.

I think my first constant seeing of Betty Whitle was on the game show Password, which was starring her husband Allen Ludden. And many more remember her from Hollywood Squares.

All that and she's a person who loves and helps animals. What's not to like about Betty White?

This next lady is yet another person that I met at an autograph show, Penny Singleton.

For many who don't know the name, Penny, in the 40's mad the "Blondie" movies. She was Blondie Bumstead and Arthur Lake played Dagwood.. They were fun movies to watch. I don't know if they will ever show up on TMC or not, but they should!

I saved my "namesake" for last... Lily Tomlin! I first found Lily, like many others, on Laugh In... and laugh she did make us do! Who, among movie watchers, can't remember her in 9 to 5 and The Incredible Shrinking Woman?

I still hope that one day I get to meet her in person.

(I have to say I miss seeing her do Ernestine, the phone operator.. )

"Till next time....." (snort!)

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I couldn't do cowboys without having Harry Carey Jr. I've written other posts about meeting him and getting him together with "Spin and Marty". But Harry did many, many westerns with the likes of John Wayne. He was one of a handful of men that John Ford would call each and every time he was making a western. Besides a long list of movies, Harry made regular appearances on television, most especially westerns such as: Wagon Train, Have Gun Will Travel, and Laramie.

Although the next photo is not autographed ( I have his autograph, just not on a cowboy shot) I HAD to include this photo of Richard Widmark from the movie The Law and Jake Wade. I love love love this photo! (hey Naomi.. look close at the cactus behind ready to bloom!) DeForest made a few westerns with Mr Widmark, The Law and Jake Wade among them.

Richard is probably more known for his villain portrayals, but I liked his cowboy persona. While making one of the westerns that De was in, De mentioned to me once that while the cast was "doing lunch", and Richard was somewhere behind where he was standing, suddenly he heard this laugh, that he said sent chills down his spine. Yep, you guessed it... it was Richard. He was known for his evil laugh, the same one that made him famous for having a small part in "Kiss of Death". De said, his evil laugh was natural... and that alone was scary!

Another veteran cowboy is Dale Robertson. (every bit as handsome when I met him as he was back in the day he was a household cowboy name. His longest running television show was: "Tales of Wells Fargo" .... Jim Hardie / ... (201 episodes, 1957-1962)

A small piece of trivia here: Dale had an uncredited part as a cop in The Boy With Green Hair, which starred Dean Stockwell, who's autograph I had in my last post.

Well... what can I possibly say about Clint Eastwood?.. duh.. handsome, talented, actor, producer, director...... 'nuff said? (unfortunately, I've never met Mr Eastwood.. darn, darn, darn!)

I guess it's safe to say that the spagetti western did right by him! Playing the tough guy, be it western or Dirty Harry got him where he is today, but to me he did just fine as a leading romance in Bridges of Madison County.

And just for the record, I'm old enough tohave seen him when the original series of Rawhide was on television... lordy he was handsome!

I saved the last picture for one of my absolute favorites: Ben Johnson.

Gawd, how I adored this man! He began his career as a stunt man for westerns and soon was given parts in the movies and they found a fabulous Star! I "found" Ben from the movie Mighty Joe Young, and followed that man and his fantastic voice from then on.

My kids could have the tv on and I could have loud noise in my ears from running the vacuum and I could even be in another room and my head would perk hearing a voice, and immediately I'd know it was Ben Johnson.. the vacuum would get turned off and I'd wind up sitting next to my son just to watch Ben at work. I was crushed when he passed away in 1996.

'Till next time.....

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sci-Fi Autographs

Some of my readers have asked about other autographs I have collected.. or rather, that I have left after I had to sell many off trying to stay in California..

Anyway.. I thought I would post some.. maybe more then some... the next few posts I will put up autographed photo's... no particular reason I guess.. Just thought looking a pictures sometimes is easier then reading alot lol..

So.. my first few would be considered Sci-Fi. Yeah, I know surprise, surprise huh?!

The first would be the Creator of Star Trek himself... Gene Roddenberry.

Naturally, I will follow it up with a Trek personality.. and since ya'll must be sick of me talking about DeForest, I'll fake you out and put up Patrick Stewart.

The next is Dean Stockwell.. I am including him here since he did Quantum Leap, Enterprise, SG-1, and Battlestar Galactica, I think he fits the category.

... and one more. A really sweet, dear, man who we lost only last year. Dan O'herlihy. In the photo below was a favorite character of mine that he played in The Last StarFighter named Grig.

Of the four very fine actors here, I can say that at one time or another I've met all four of them. As for Dean Stockwell and Dan O'Herlihy, I had an added pleasure of helping each of them during autograph shows.

So... that's four autographs I don't think I've shown before... tomorrow, I will do a few more. I think I will post a few "Cowboys" ... and once again I will leave DeForest out of the pictures! (but he really was one bad ass cowboy!)

'Till next time...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tired Eyes...

This is how I spent my day yesterday..

making 19 frames to that I could have Myrtle "alive" for the first time...

I guess I couldn't get the idea out of my head about characters coming alive.

It's jerky but that's because I had to move her more then you would for a "real film". As it is someone on dialup may have trouble loading 19 frames. I did shrink it down from the size I worked with to help for loading purposes... plus 400 pixels is the limit on my blogspot journal and I will post it both there and aol.

Anyway.. working in pixels really puts a strain on these old eyes. By the time I finished all the frames my eyes were stinging and I could barely stay awake to watch "Enterprise" on the Sci Fi Station. (they show 3 shows every monday evening.. starting from the very beginning)

It took many hours to do this. I kept taking short breaks when the nerves in my mouse hand would shake from clicking so much. It would have been a whole lot easier if I had a WACOM pad.

I had the smallest (and cheapest) Wacom Pad once but it won't work with XP. Seeing as the cheapest one is 100.00 I haven't replaced it. It's a pretty great thing to have if you do alot of art work on the computer.

I'm glad all I had to do today was to put the frames together in Animation Shop because I think my eyes need a break lol.. they won't really get one though, I know I'll pick up Inkspell and do some reading before the day is over.

'Till the next time...

Monday, February 19, 2007

A Moment in Wonder-land

I know I talk of books I've read or movies I love a lot... it's part of me, you'd better get use to it if you are a regular at my journal. I do it so that my mind stays off of other things that keep me depressed... it helps.. somewhat.

My last few posts were mostly books and movies and when Astarth mentioned that she forgets things and names much as I do my mind began to wander.. Often at this house we are the same when it comes to names.. be it characters, movies, book titles or real names of actors.

"Oh, did you know that what's his name is in that movie we saw the other day. He was also in.. ummm.. that movie about horses."

That would be a typical sentence used in this house.

My mind wandered on....

I began to wonder what it must feel like for an author to watch his/her book "come to life" as a movie?

Do they get to watch it being made? and mostly.. how do they feel inside when they first see their favorite character standing there before them? What would Tolkien have felt when he first laid eyes on Gandalf, or Frodo? In that first moment seeing them, before they could utter a word of the script. Would it take his breath away? Would he tear up inside? Would he ever again look at the actor portraying his characters in the same way? Could he see them and not think of his beloved characters?

Heart be still.

I found myself sitting, looking out my window with my eyes beginning to tear up.

Abbercorn.. oh what I would give to see him just once. To touch him. To believe such a person could exist, even for just a moment in time.

The name Abbercorn would mean nothing to anyone reading this, because he is a character that was born in my mind...and my heart. But, he would be the one I'd want to meet.

I sat there for some time feeling what I thought It might be like to meet someone who only existed somewhere inside of me.

My mind continued to wander..

Having known DeForest Kelley, and having been on a movie set while he filmed, I had a clear picture in my mind of the what the setting would be like. People buzzing around getting set for the shot, the camera men and lighting people making everything just right.

I remembered when DeForest walked out into the scene that I was watching and the overwhelming feeling inside that I had just met Dr. McCoy! It was a glorious feeling... but McCoy was not of my making, not someone that I had created. But I did feel I had met the Real McCoy, and it did make him VERY REAL for a brief moment. Breathtaking.. simply breathtaking!

My mind seemed to switch gears on me and I began to remember the only time I had met Anne McCaffrey. As she signed a book for me I asked her if one of her characters (Master Harper Robinton) was fashioned after anyone she knew in real life. She responded by telling me, "he's my neighbor in Ireland".

Although her books have not been made into movies, I now wonder if when she sees her neighbor, does she see the character she made from him? Or the neighbor? While speaking with him, does she ever inwardly think, that's exactly what Robinton would say? ! If I ever have the opportunity to meet Anne McCaffrey again, I hope I remember to ask her this exact question.

Strange how a simple comment to my post would set me off in such a way... and that I had to write it down quickly while I was still full of the emotions that filled me so instantly.

I guess it was really a combination of that comment from Astarth and the books I am currently reading, (Inkheart/Inkspell) where someone can read characters out of a book and have them standing there before them. In this case, most (not all) that were read out of a book are not the sort of person you'd relish meeting.. however, meeting one of the good guys or one very special character would be fascinating, to say the least.

One thing is for certain.. that person/ character couldn't disappoint you.. after all it was created from within, given all that you wanted him/her to be.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Feeling Really Stupid...

Have you ever read something, but it seemed to go right out of your head, like you never even read it? Or swore that you saw something but it just didn't register anywhere, even near your brain? GAWD, I hate when this happens to me... and it appears it happened many times recently for me NOT to have known what I finally found out today.

As you know I will be going to California soon.. to visit some girlfriends and to do a LOTR convention... and that one of the guests will be Andy Serkis, who played Gollum, both in voice and "actions" for the digital making of the character. All of this I have known for some time.. and so I made sure I have the LOTR picture books to bring to have him sign them.

I have also known from the start, that Andy had a small part in Peter Jackson's movie of King Kong, playing Lumpy the cook on the ship.

(the master director himself!)

This morning, on HBO, I watched Peter Jackson's King Kong for the... ummm 4th time. Though it's been on many times, I don't actually see every minute of it, but I do see most of it.

Today however, was a little different... I was still actually in my room when the movie ended and got to see the credits.... sigh. *hitting myself in the head over and over... feeling like I shoulda hada V-8~! grrrrrrr...

After oh so many visits to IMDb and oh so many visits reading up on Andy Serkis so I don't seem dumb when I actually get to talk to him while he autographs my books.. I never REALLY read it... or... it never REALLY registered with me... I'm not sure which way it works..but either way, I managed to MISS the VERY BIG FACT, that Andy also did the movements for Kong the way he did them for Gollum!.. *hitting forehead on the desk*.. *bang*bang*bang* dumb*dumb*dumb!!!

So, I almost made a really big booboo in not recognizing his amazing talents as once again playing a character "where you don't actually see all the hard work he does"...

Sooooooo, I had to hurry and look to see if there was a book like the LOTR books about the making of King Kong.. and I found one. (a bit disappointed that it's not in hard back, but I know they aren't always, and many, like this one, are ONLY paperback).. I ordered it.

In it I hope to heck there are photo's of Andy doing his "Kong thing" so that I might have him sign it on such a photo.

On the web, I did find the photo below where you can see him and the digitized Kong both at the same time....

Along with an excellent article describing Andy's work as King Kong.

Here's an excerpt from an interview....

Unlike Gollum, most of Kong’s facial expressions actually came from motion capture on your face…
I had 132 markers attached to my face and it literally drives the facial muscles of the gorilla. This is the point where it helps that I've lived through those scenes with Naomi. I'm acting off of her close-ups in actual fact. A lot of the way gorillas work and the way Kong works is through the gaze and reading what they're feeling through their eyes.

..And so I sit here feeling really stupid!! How the heck did I not see or hear of this until now???? I'm sure it was this brain of mine having "senior moments" any time I got around anything to do with the movie... sheesh.

With much luck it will only take a week for the book to reach me... it will be packed along with the other 3 books to bring to the convention for signing... I guess I am glad I found out before I didn't have enough time to order the book... although chances are that at least one of the dealers at the con will probably have it there..but I can't take that chance that maybe they won't.

I know I'm not the "brightest bulb in the pack", but sheesh, I really don't know how I missed this fact! He sure is one hard working man. He's proven that by having double the work of any other actor in both LOTR and KING KONG. I will appreciate this fact all the more when I finally get to see him in California.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Feline Friday

Winter is for lazy days.. it seems Booboo and Peanutchew spend most of their time cuddled on the bed. Ocassionally they waken and wash up...

... like all men... one thing leads to another and Peanutchew gets a washing from Boo.

Tuckered out Boo rests while, one good turn deserves another... Now it's Peanutchews turn to clean BooBoo.

Have some Felines to show off? Play Feline Friday and always leave a link at (sometimes) Photoblog so all can see your beautiful kitties...

Friday, February 16, 2007


An update on Cornelia Funk's Inkheart book... I finished it just today. It's fast and easy ready (duh, it's a young persons book). I enjoyed the story very much and yes, I can see this as a movie!

I was disappointed when I read of the character that Andy Serkis will be playing in the movie, he's going to be a villain. I was hoping he could spread his wings a bit more.

Inkheart movie: I was happy to read some of the others that will be in the movie such as Brendan Frasar and Helen Mirren. It sounds as if it will be a decent movie.

Upon reading an article on Inkheart and then opening book 2 Inkspell, it seems that Cornelia Funke wrote the part of "Mo", who is the father that can read characters out of a book, with Brendan Frasar in mind all along.

In the beginning when you open book 2 she writes:

To Brendan Fraser, whose voice is the heart of this book. Thanks for inspiration and enchantment. Mo wouldn't have stepped into my writing room without you, and this story would never have been told.

Having written a story of my own, I know how it feels to hear the voices in your head when you are writing dialogue (you can even see their expressions, because to you they have become nothing less then real)... I find it wonderful that she managed to have him for the part when Inkheart became a real movie.

The other thing worth mentioning with this book is that it's originally written in German and has obviously found it's English voice with Anthea Bell, who wrote the translation.

A book for the young it may be, but I think she has come up with something very original. (Although I haven't read that many young folks books so I could be wrong) I think I see her as one of her own Characters named Elinor.. a book collector and lover of books at heart.

Although there are no great wars between good and evil, it's there all the same in a much tamer way. I really thought the book was very clever and I'm curious to read on and see what she does next... though the wait for the last book is not one I look forward to.

The third book of the trilogy, Inkdawn, will be out this year, however it has to be translated into English sooooo Inkdawn probably will come out around Spring 2008. Sigh.. I hate waiting so long. (very good article if you click that link)

I would recommend this to young readers, even before I begin book 2.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Daily News Report...

February 15, 2007... Orange NJ..

So? What's the big deal? you are asking...

That's not much snow. (nope) This is your winter? (yup)

I know it doesn't look like much, and in the amount of snow it sure isn't. But what you are looking at is more dangerous then if it was snow... it's ice! And it's been so cold here, single digits and below, that even putting salt on it doesn't help... it stays frozen.

On today's news they showed a film clip from a police car that had pulled over to someone stuck on the road...what it showed would have given me a heart attack had I been in that stuck car! A Fed X double trailer truck was coming down the road in the opposite direction... the second trailer began to slide and went right into that car before bouncing back and then swinging back again farther down the road before the driver could get it to a the time it stopped the double trailer truck looked in the shape of a "Z" Thankfully no one was hurt... but it is an example of what happens on the "nothing to speak of looking road" pictured above.

We are getting to 18 degrees today with a -2 degrees wind chill factor.. I don't think it's going to melt the roads yet! This is surely a case of: Less is More.

Did anyone hear about the passengers on a Jet Blue plane that went out to take off in this weather and sat there for 7 hours?!!! For this they got their money back and a "free flight" later to anywhere... well duh... need to give me more then that after sitting there for 7 hours before the flight gets canceled!!!! I might have choked someone by then lol.

'Till next time...