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Friday, June 29, 2007

Tiny Story

Carl, over at Stainless Steel Droppings, was running a Challenge.. his challenge was to write a Tiny Story. Simple enough huh?.. heh.. wrong!

This Tiny Story had to be exactly 100 words. (not easy)

This Tiny Story could NOT use the same word twice! (This includes words such as "a", "as", "the") .. it turned down right HARD!

Well, I tried to write a Tiny Story. My first attempt, (which I gave him for his Challenge) took me 3 days to be able to say what I wanted AND not use the same word twice! It's harder then you think! Try it sometime! Just for fun.. or aggravation lol

Anyway.. After finding success once, I gave it a second try. This time I managed to do it in ONE DAY! Whoa....

I thought I'd share the second attempt with anyone that cares to read it... then think about it, and try one of your own. Challenge yourself. Just to see if you can do it!


Abbercorn paced, while mulling over yet another impossible situation. Walking thusly, his boots made the, well worn, wooden floor creek and groan with age.
“ Growing old,” he muttered, “was a time I didn’t have to rationalize everything, my justifications were always there”

Being elderly has taken its toll. Recollections fade; experiences hide, explaining decisions becomes tougher, although through longevity comes wisdom, confidence, good judgment…. or so it’s said.

An overstuffed chair beckoned. Reclining, senior moments inadvertently tiptoe around; they become more frequent but still a compromise found….. for now.
Grinning full of self-assurance, another hurtle completed.

Answers found; gratitude abounds.

Now it's your turn! If you do one, post it and leave a link here so I (and others) can read it!!

...'till next time....

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Andy Shows his Theatrical Side

I don't know if anyone saw it, but I watched Andy Serkis last night on PBS portraying Vincent Van Gogh. If I hadn't already seen him in person and heard his normal accent I may have been shocked that Van Gogh didn't sound like Gollum ! heh.. just kidding.

Andy was great! Now I have no problem imagining him on stage in England! Boy, what I'd give to see him in a play...sigh.

The program itself didn't mention anything I hadn't heard in the past.. I remember that Kirk Douglas played Van Gogh in an old movie. (haven't seen that one in some time)

I did like the way the show was put together, and glad that it aired on PBS. Much of Andy's works, (along with other British actors that I like), never show here in America.

I'm glad to say that it looks like Andy is keeping busy since he filmed Van Gogh:

Freezing Time (2007) (in production) .... Erickson
The Cottage (2008) (filming)
Einstein and Eddington (2007) (TV) (filming) .... Albert Einstein
Inkheart (2008) (post-production) .... Capricorn
Extraordinary Rendition (2007) (post-production) .... The Interrogator
Heavenly Sword (2007) (VG) (post-production) .... King Bohan
Sugarhouse (2007) .... Hoodwink

"Simon Schama's Power of Art" .... Vincent Van Gogh

Of everything listed there, I think the only one that will make it to America is Inkheart.

Speaking of British Actors.. I got to thinking, .. there sure are a lot of them that I've enjoyed over and over again.

I found this site listing some British actors A-Z. I thought I'd jot down one from each letter that should ring a bell with pretty much everyone.

A- Richard Attenborough
B- Richard Burton (Orlando Bloom gets a mention just 'cause he looks so damn good!)
C- Sean Connery
D- Judy Dench
E- Denholm Elliott
F- Albert Finney
G- Alec Guinness
H- Anthony Hopkins
I- Jeremy Irons
J- Glynis Johns
K- Ben Kingsley
L- Charles Laughton
M- James Mason
N- David Niven
O- Peter O'Toole
R- Basil Rathbone
S- Maggie Smith (& Andy Serkis!)
T- Emma Thompson
U- Peter Ustinov
W- David Warner

.. I bet you never realized, or thought about, how many actors from across the pond, that you've enjoyed.

And I'm glad that Andy Serkis is added to MY list of people I enjoy.

...'till next time...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Stewart's Assignmnet

"I see things in darkness that no one should see by light of day."

Stewart's Assignment: I offer up an assignment to the Chesterfield group, and of course to the rest of you should you care to participate: take the phrase above and incorporate it directly into either a work of poetry or a work of short fiction. I will put a word limit on it of 500 - 1500 words. Usually an assignment is geared toward some aspect of writing, this is no exception. I have been talking with some people about word choice.

After this has been written, pick a minimum of ten words from the text, then use a thesaurus to find ten rich words to take their places. Be sure the new words enrich rather than detract. When submitting your work to the group, be sure to identify which words were replaced and what they were replaced by.

Now, normally I don't do such things, seeing as I'm not a writer (in the sense of writing novels).. however... Stewart (who is an educator; for those who are unaware) posted this assignment. Generally, I do nothing but go back later and read some of the stories that others have written and then read Stewarts comments.

This time, when I read the sentence a thought jumped out at me, so I went ahead and wrote it down... and I am now offering it up for Stewart's Assignment.

Jesse sat unresponsive as his mother spoke with the doctor.

“I was wondering, doctor, is he in pain?”

“My presumption would be that he’s not,” the doctor responded. “He shows no signs of any pain, or of anything at all. The catatonic state he’s in won’t allow it.”

Jesse’s mother stood looking at him. Jesse didn’t move, didn’t blink. There was nothing at all to indicate how he felt.

“It would be nice to be able to shut down and not think,” she said. Her eyes widened as though she was surprised to have spoken out loud.

But Jesse’s mind wasn’t quite as shut down as everyone thought. He knew he was bound, firmly, in a straight jacket. He knew he couldn’t move his arms and hands. He knew he couldn’t protect himself. One thing for certain, if he fell asleep, they would find him and he would die.

The doctor and his mother watched him, waiting, hoping. And on the other side, there were others who waited, watching hoping---and all he had to do was go to sleep.

The unknown drugs that he had tried time and time again had showed him the way. In the beginning they were breathtaking and made him euphoric. He flew through the skies, higher than any bird could go. He could twist and twirl and tumble and dive, and all he had to do was to take that little pill. He loved the freedom, but only until the pill wore off.

He didn’t want to be bothered going to school and would argue with his mother until he learned that arguing was futile, instead he would just not go, she would never know. And so it was that he went to meet his friends so that he could laugh and be happy and fly.

Today he had sought to fly higher then ever before, he wanted it to go on forever. His friends helped him achieve his craving.

But this time was not like before, this time he was flying in a different place, among dark things. After a time he reasoned they were not very much fun, but when he tried to leave. the shadows swarmed around him.

Then something, he didn’t know what, seemed to pull him from the sky. The shadows followed. But scattered at the last moment, hiding behind their own door. Jesse watched, then did something he would regret …. he peeked behind the door.

Once he did, everything became dark; he tried to scream but no sounds came from his lips. He wanted to warn his friends, but could not see them standing by his side.

“I wonder what it’s like,” his mother whispered. He wanted to put her in his field of vision.

“What?” asked the doctor.

“To not be aware of anything.”

The doctor leaned over Jesse, smiling.

Jesse sat with a vacant look on his face. But his mind truly wasn’t quite empty; it was determined… not to fall asleep.

“If you only knew mother, but you don’t want to come here, trust me on this one, for I see things in darkness that no one should see by light of day.”

Word………………..replaced by:

1 Expressionless…….. unresponsive
2 guess………………..presumption
3 answered……………responded
4 tightly………………firmly
5 real………………….genuine
6 wonderful………… breathtaking
7 wanted…………… sought
8 wish…………………craving
9 sorry…………………regret
10 blank……………….vacant

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Lately it seems, that some blogs are talking about things they have. (Naomi is showing her library and Chris some new acquisitions..his stuff. And Carl is excited over some of his pride and joys!) Pictures, Books etc. and what they mean to them..
I thought I'd put my 2 cents worth...
Stuff... those are the things you surround yourself with, that for some unexplainable reason mean something to you... and you may not even be able to explain why. We all have them, and sometimes you don't even realize you do until for some reason they are gone.
Stuff, should not really mean that much to us.. after all, before you obtained it, you got along just fine without it. And should it be gone, be it stolen, sold, lost in a fire, we do survive without it.
So, when I had to sell some of my stuff in order to keep surviving in California, why did it then feel as if I was chipping away at who and what I am?
Other than something horrific, such as a death of someone close, why did I cry as I sold it? Why do I, even today, miss it? Not everything can be replaced... well, not in your heart anyway. Yes you can replace most stuff but it's never the same as when you first realized the stuff you had was actually a part of who you were.
Most people, if they are fortunate enough to get warning that a disaster is approaching, such as a hurricane, will grab their photo albums to save, since it really is something that cannot be replaced. You can't go back and get childhood photo's when the kids are now adults, or family outings when some of the family is now gone. Photo's are a major part of stuff...... yet if we do loose them, we go on. We can live without them. But a sadness remains for all time.
But the stuff I had to sell to keep myself from becoming a street person still meant a lot to me, and I still think of it, and still wish I had them.
Much of what I sold pertained to my collections of stuff. Autographed photo's that I had been collecting just about forever, along with books and movies. Just stuff right? So why should I still miss them? I can replace many of the books... but now they aren't the originals, with the original art work on them. Some autographs I can replace, but some I cannot because that person is no longer with us. Movies can be replaced too.. so why is it that as I sold each item I felt like I was a statue that was being chipped away with each item that left my apartment?
Stuff shouldn't mean that much to anyone, should it?
Of course I know that getting by is more important... if I didn't I never would have sold the items. I know that health and well being are more important. Many things are much more important than stuff is. (and I am aware of this fact!)
But still, at times I find myself looking at some of my stuff and relating to it in such a way that I know it's part of who I am. And I wonder, would someone else feel the same way about a book they read, or a movie they watched, or an autograph they managed to get? Is it wrong? Is it shallow?
I think the bottom line.. for me ... is that, stuff isn't so much important as it is a reflection of who we are. When someone is around you, and see's your stuff it helps in knowing that person.
When you first see or meet a person they are judged on looks. (hopefully we all know how shallow THAT is!) It isn't until we actually get to know the person (and their stuff) that we like or dislike who and what they are.
So maybe stuff does have a meaning to the whole picture... ya think?

Addendum: Sorry if you get two alerts but after I posted my stuff it came to me why it's so important to me. (ME being the operative word)

I think my stuff means a lot to me because: I've been at the other end. And I expect to be there again one day. But, for now.. the fact that I may give up something I need in order to get myself some stuff is (besides wanting/ liking it) because it proves to me that life isn't so bad right now. It could be worse. I could be selling, not buying. So when I look at my stuff I smile, 'cause for now... life is ok, ya know?... and I really like my stuff!

Monday, June 04, 2007

It's a Female Thing

It's rainy and miserable here in New Jersey today. It began yesterday and will continue through the day. I don't mind it until (or if) it goes on for days at a time. But it does make staying awake harder. I wonder why that is? On rainy days I feel like I never truly wake up. Sheesh.

It is a good day for reading. I've gotten a little of that in already. Unfortunately that just makes me more tired! Ya know.. old age pretty much sucks... and don't let anyone tell you any different!

With luck your mind stays pretty much "normal" (whatever that means) but the body begins to fade away. (gross understatement lol)

When I was young, rain would mean running out and getting soaked and jumping in puddles...

When I hit my teens it meant running in between the raindrops so my "hairdo" wouldn't get wet...

When you get old, you can no longer run between the raindrops... nor can you jump in puddles.... it just becomes a dreary day, sigh.

I went for a Mammogram last week. Something we old woman are supposed to do each year... so I do it. It's not the most fun one could have, but it's for a good reason. Actually, it does hurt... and most woman complain about it... with good reason! But since I've gotten "older", I find it rather amusing.

I'm betting the lady that does the Mammogram never realized what good physical condition they had to be in to do such a job. I mean really!

They get the "gadget" ready and the first thing they have to do is do a squat to reach the boob to place it on the machine!!

How many times a day can someone do squats?! And they don't do this once but twice for each patient!!

I bet they have really strong legs!... and I bet they never realized that strong legs were a requirement for doing Mammograms!

.. ahhh the foolish young! Never thinking ahead, never realizing that it's the "older generation" getting most of the Mammograms!.. and ya know what?... Even with all that work... I bet they never realize that one day it will be another young doctor doing the same thing to them!

Sometimes, Mammograms make me smile... heh.

... 'till next time....

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Wonder of it All

This post is about the book I finished and one I am beginning..
But before I do that, I wanted to mention something... I don't know if it's actually REAL or not, but I had a comment left on a post I did about another book I had read called Here, There Be Dragons by James A Owen. It seems that either the author, or someone "claiming" to be him left a comment on my meager blog! In the comment he says:
I've heard the sequel to HERE, THERE BE DRAGONS is supposed to be better... At least, I think the characterizations are stronger!
..and it's signed: James A Owen (the author). I'd love to think it's really him, but I can't for the life of me think of why a busy man (writing his second book to Here There Be Dragons) would or could find my lowly blog. (I don't even use Tags) But, I will say for a few moments it made me smile!
Of course before I tuned into the self doubt, I decided to google his name and came up with a website. Which is very nice indeed, and talks about his present book and the sequel, Search for the Red Dragon, due out in January.
However, I didn't need his comment (if it is him) to already have the second book on a list to watch for it's release.
So... if it was you Mr Owen.. I thank you for stopping by. I love my books, and any contact with their authors is indeed special. I hope someday Mr James A Owen happens to be doing a signing somewhere near.. I'd certainly grab my copy of Here, There Be Dragons to get it autographed!
Ok.. so that was my bit of wonderment... I will always wonder now if it was him! Now.. about the book I just read..
I have to admit... part of why I bought Hatching Magic was the cover art... ummm, and the title.
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Hardcover: 256 pages

ISBN-10: 0689834004

The review of it read as if I'd enjoy the story. (In this friendly little fantasy, three different seekers pursue a lost dragon. And this isn’t just any dragon--her name is Wycca, and she’s a wyvern, the most catlike of the species.) And I guess I did.
Although it's aimed for grades 4-7, I found something that drove me nuts while reading it and wondered if the kids would have the same problem.
You know how if you have a group of characters and they are divided into, let's say, three different places. (one in the city... one in the country... one in a house) Well... as she wrote I'd be reading about Wycca. A new paragraph began and until I read 2 or 3 lines I didn't realize she was now talking about someone else ..that was someWHERE else! She did this often and I even thought I had a handle on it when... bang! I'd get mad that I didn't realize she once again changed who was doing what without any notice. You know.. like "meanwhile...." or "back at the apartment...."... or even begin the paragraph with the name of the other! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. It was rather annoying.
Also I found this book.. ummm, slow?... until the very end of course. (naturally!)
I have been reading many YA books and this one didn't hold up as well as the others. I wouldn't say it bad!.. just not as enjoyable to me (but then it wasn't intended for the Elderly!) ; which isn't to say it wouldn't be more enjoyable to others.
However.. I do have the second book which follows called: The Dragon of Never-Was. Once again the art work and title caught me, so I purchased them at the same time with the intention of a continued read without waiting for a book to come in the mail.

  • Reading level: Ages 9-12
    Hardcover: 320 pages
  • ISBN-10: 0689855710

  • I do have to admit that good cover art and a good title will always grab my attention...
    ... 'till next time....

    Saturday, June 02, 2007

    Stewart at His Best

    From my friend Stewart Sternberg comes a heartfelt plea for help

    Stewart is putting forth his serious side. Stewart is on a mission! (One which everyone can help him meet.)

    It's to raise 700 dollars for Muscular Dystrophy.

    On his site he has a link to click to help him raise the 700.00 for MDA. That's not a huge amount, but it is a doable amount. It would be super if that number could be met...and maybe even surpassed.

    Even if you've never read Stewart's blog before I think you'll still agree, his heart is in the right place.. So Please, check out his blog and see if you can scrounge up a dollar or two to help along, ok? .... danke! danke! danke!