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My name is Pat and I live in Florida. My skin will never be smooth again and my hair will never see color. I enjoy collecting autographs and playing in Paint Shop Pro.,along with reading and writing. Sometimes, I enjoy myself by doing volunteer "work" helping celebrities at autograph shows. I love animals and at one time I did volunteer work for Tippi Hedren's Shambala Preserve.

Monday, January 30, 2006

John Scalzi's Monday Photo Shoot....

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a snap of something in the house you're pretty sure other people aren't likely to have in their house. Pets and people are not included (we're pretty sure your pets and kids aren't in most other people's houses). For this photo shoot we're looking at things -- stange objects, curios, odd keepsakes and just generally weird stuff.

Well, this isn't my house that i live in so I am just going to put up some things that are my brothers.. some Soapstone objects. And..umm a dragon that was an ashtray, that i use as a pen holder, and two dolls. I'm not sure if they were my mothers or just mine, they are only about 4 inches tall.

I guess some people have Soapstone objects but I can't say I've seen any in any other homes I've been in all my (very) long life. The Dragon I have had so long i don't even know where or when i purchased it, just know it's a long long time .. and the dolls... are at least as old as I am and if they were my mothers.. even older. But they aren't worth anything, no makers marks or anything so they were probably just some cheap toy.

Just a moment in time..

Yesterday when I was reading journals, Judith Heartsong ( ) asked about if we could take some more educational classes what would they be? I commented in her journal and went back today to read what others had said, (as well as to read any new post).

I think what I read in the comments was that when young our choices seemed to be more towards what is expected, and classes that would lead to better paying jobs. Not so much towards following dreams.

I believe part of that is the push to learn something (anything) that will help you most financially. But asked what you'd like to study as an older adult, I saw subjects that made each person happy even if it didn't lead to a well paying job. I chose as others did, I wrote subjects that I felt I wanted to know more about and I would enjoy.

Of course as for myself being older then most that commented, there was also absolutely NO PRESSURE to even pass the courses! If I found part way into a subject that I didn't have the interest I thought I would, it wouldn't matter if I dropped it or didn't pass it. This would be equivalent to: working because you wanted to and not because you had to! All pressures off of you would make a big difference in how you felt about the job, knowing you could leave if you so chose to and that it wouldn't matter.

Never had having the financial means to go beyond High School I don't think I ever found my "one true love" (not meaning my mate). There are a number of things where I find once there I don't want to leave, but that changes now and then. They all do seem to rotate though and come around again and again.

So I wonder sometimes what would have captured my interest "way back when" compared to the "here and now".? Some things in life never get answered.

Anyway, that said and after reading others comments at Judith's journal, I remembered something that hasn't come to mind in some time. When I lived in California, along with a then friend, I took 2 adult classes at a local college, that I thought I'd be afraid of but wound up having one heck of a good time doing it!

The classes were for "voice overs". In the world on Entertainment voice-overs is a form of "acting" when you don't see the person but only hear the voice. The best example of this is when you listen to the radio. The actor doing the commercial that you hear but don't see. Another would be all of the actors that lend their voices to Cartoons.

When my friend asked if I'd be interested in doing the classes with her, I figured.. ok, what the heck, it's being heard and not seen so I didn't have to be young and beautiful, I only had to be able to talk... this I can do! heh.

The first class mostly taught about commercials. You were given a script to read and told to stand in front of the class and "sell the product". Ummm, I have to say even though it was a small class stage fright was still an issue, and not just to me. Which was good since we all were slightly terrified of doing this in front of others, no one had an advantage. After you were up there and after your first, what they called Cold Read (cold read is reading without having read it before) the teacher would say.. "ok, now expand yourself". (like, did he expect me to gain weight right in front of him????)

Seeing that "what the heck are you saying" expression on my face he would continue... " read it with an accent". I can remember looking him right in the face when he said that and asked out loud.. "you mean my Jersey accent isn't an accent?" He wasn't expecting that and laughed.

I think the laugh broke the ice for me. I began to do the commercial (which if I remember right was trying to sell a car) as if I was Mae West flirting with him! I think here is where I tell you he was a red head.. and red heads blush easily! From that day on the teacher and I got along great! (though at times he was almost AFRAID to call on me haha)

The second class I took was with the same teacher (poor man!) and it revolved around doing cartoon voices, and learning things like Looping. Looping is when you go back and try to match words to a cartoon (an action) that has already been done. In that class one thing we had to do was to make a cartoon voice of our own.

He then had a whole script (this particular one was Rocky and Bullwinkle) and we had to "audition" for each character. He would then choose who was which character and then we all sat around with microphones and read the script as if it was a real cartoon show. Later he played it back for us and it was really neat to hear everyone doing the voices of the characters... we were all given a copy of the tape, oh how I wish I could find that tape!

The second thing we did was the Looping. Here he had a section of a cartoon and had taken the voice off of it and each had a turn to read the script and try to match it with the movement on the screen. (I'm about to pat myself on the back here!...) The cartoon I had was a piece from The Little Mermaid. And yep, even though I was in my 50's "I" was the little mermaid!

In the scene Ariel and Flounder were swimming away from a shark and into an old shipwreck. There was some dialogue that i forget at the moment but i remember it ended with Ariel giggling and saying "ohhh, Flounder" (like in the tone of: you silly thing you)

Well.. I Nailed It!!.. oh yes!! Not sure how, but I nailed it good!
When he ran the cartoon back for us to see it was Perfect!! OMG! I can't tell you how fantastic it looked and how I felt watching it!

My "moment of greatness" lol.. for one whole minute I WAS THE LITTLE MERMAID! hahahaha.. should I sell autographs now? lol lol.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Day Away..

I didn't realize when I wrote my post about the Challenger that what I was going to write before that was "Spacey" too.. well.. sorta... kinda.. ok, so it's just "pretend space".

Isn't she beautiful? Nichelle Nicoles.. remember her? That's Uhura from the original Star Trek. I was at an autograph show all day yesterday and Nichelle was there. We talked quite a bit, first about my friend and hers, DeForest Kelley and Carolyn, and then about acting in general and how it was for her in the beginning. I stayed around and listened to some of the fans that came up to her. Every single one of them managed to say one thing the same.. gosh, you're beautiful! And she is! She is 72 yrs old now.. unbelievable! She looks about 55.. I think I hate her! hahahaha.

Another that was at the show who I had never met before is Robert Picardo.

He was the holographic doctor in Star Trek Voyager. What a really nice man he was to meet. I did talk with him a little too about some years ago in Alabama at the 30th anniversary of Star Trek. Many Star Trek people were there and 6 of the original Astronauts. It was sort of funny... the actors were in Aww of the Astronauts, and the Astronauts were in Aww of the Actors!.. go figure huh?!

All in all it was a nice day. The weather was very UNlike January weather in New Jersey and I got out of the house! That only happens when there's a show because I can only go somewhere alone when David is not working so that someone is home with my brother. I get out about 3 times a year.. so, needless to say.. I look forward to it! I think the next show is June.

Until then... say goodnight Pat... "Goodnight Pat".

My Hero's

I didn't post yesterday because I was up and out of the house by 7 am to go to an autograph show... when I played catch-up this morning reading other journals I saw that more then one remembered that yesterday was the anniversary of the Challenger explosion and the loss of 6 astronauts and 1 teacher.

I can tell you exactly where I was when the tragedy occurred. I was still married back then and living in Ft. Pierce Florida. My X and I always watched any blastoff and landing of all the space vehicles. We had the television on and were watching countdown of Challengers lift off.

Moments after it began to lift off we went outside of our house and looked northward in the sky. We knew we would witness the vapor trail as we had done other times. Of course what we didn't know was that we would be witnessing the explosion of Challenger.All seemed to be going well when we suddenly saw a mushroom in the sky.. I think I stood there a moment taking in what I was actually seeing. Not even saying a word to each other we raced back into the house to the television that was still on. We sat dumbfounded as we listened to the newscaster utter words that were even unbelievable to him... the Challenger had exploded.

It was one of those moments you know will remain with you for the rest of your life.
It was nice to read other journals and realize these brave people were not forgotten.

As some of you know I was privileged to meet some of our earlier astronauts.. some that went to the moon and back. I posted their photos on a small website I made here is the address in case you want to have a look see:

They have been and always will be: My Hero's.

Friday, January 27, 2006

A Good Ending to the Week...


After weeks of searching and pleading with my neighbor to bid on books for me on ebay (I don't have paypal but offered to pay him cash instantly) and after loosing one bid and him not being home to bid on another I FINALLY managed to get the old books I had been wanting by Terry Brooks!!

(I have a photo of the covers but blogspot will not let me post a photo)

Yesssss! And they are the Originals too!! And in Excellent condition for books put out in 1977 -1984! They don't even look like they were ever read!

I definately OVERPAID for the first book "The Sword of Shanarra" but I got the other two cheap! But overall, it cracks me up when I saw one of them being "ebayed" once with an original price sticker on it of 3.95... you can bet that's not what i paid! (and paperbacks no less!)
But if you ask me if I am happy with them... you'll get a huge, profound YES!

It may sound strange to some to overpay and go crazy to replace old books I've already read more then once... but you see... I intend on reading them yet again! I do this every few years. I start pullling out my favorite stories and read them over again. It's not that i forget them as much as I do tend to forget "details" which allows me to enjoy rereading them.

I would begin reading them tomorrow but there is a small version of the autograph show i go to on the weekend, and I plan to go tomorrow. There's not many "guests" that I really care about, but there are two I want to get their autographs.

One is Terry Moore. Besides the fact that she happened to have a part in 3 of the westerns that my friend DeForest Kelley was in, but also because she starred in a movie i absolutely love: Mighty Joe Young. It starred Terry Moore and another actor I adore, Ben Johnson. (I am happy to say i wrote him once and got his autograph)

The other person I want to see is Robert Picardo. To most, he played the holographic doctor in Star Trek.. but to me, he was the man on stage with DeForest at the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek, when the two of them brought down the house with laughter. I hope I have the opportunity to speak with him about that time.

Ok.. so.. Friday ended as a decent day!! I hope it was a good day for you too.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Remembering When...

Ever since I posted the photo of my brother in costume as "the beast" of Beauty and the Beast, thoughts of another gentleman I have met and had contact with for a number of years came to mind.His name is Roy Dotrice.

The reason he's been on my mind lately is because he played the part of "Father" in the old television series Beauty and the Beast. Boy, how I loved the show! (and how I wish it would appear in reruns, but for whatever reason no one has managed to pick it up. It's a shame too because it had a very large and loyal following and I know it would do well in reruns.

Beauty and the Beast Starred Ron Perlman as Vincent (the beast) and Linda Hamilton as beauty. My first contact with Roy (Father) was when I wrote to him for an autograph and "happened to mention the fact that I hoped the beard was really his" ..I happen to like beards) I received a photo back which he signed and noted "the beard is mine!".Some time later Beauty and the Beast conventions began to pop up.

Also, strictly by luck, a charity / celebrity tennis tournament was happening not far from where I live in Florida. Roy's son in law was playing and it was noted in the ad that Roy would also be there. Needless to say.. "I went!". I got to meet and have good talks with Roy and his great wife Kay and took pictures. After that I wrote to Roy and to my surprise he frequently answered my letters. What fun it was corresponding with him!!

I remember (and just reread) a letter he sent me in which he told me that "if you want to see "Father" in an entirely different light, rent Cheech and Chongs Coriscan Brothers". He went on to say I may never speak to him again!.. hmmmm, talk about getting ones curiosity up!

I went and rented the movie, though I was not a Cheech and Chong fan. The movie is hysterical and Roy plays a gay chancellor.. stockings and all! I remember writing back to him after I saw the movie and telling him he was right, that I shouldn't speak to him since it wasn't very nice for a MAN to have nicer legs then I had! hahahaha...

After many letters I got to see Roy a number of times at conventions and each time we had nice talks. He's a very funny man.

A little trivia about Roy.. he and Kay have daughters. One, Karen Dotrice, was a child actress and was the little girl in Mary Poppins! (And is married to Alex Hyde White actor) His other daughter is also an actress, Michelle Dotrice, and is married to "The Equalizer", Edward Woodward.

I wrote to Roy a few months ago, to his old address. The letter didn't come back so I hope he received it. I'm not certain where he lives now, I do know they also have a home in England and they might be there.

I picked just a few of his credits to show because he has such a long list.I hope someday Beauty and the Beast manages to get on the air again.. if you never saw it I can tell you.. you wouldn't easily forget it.

Amadeus (1984)
"Tales from the Darkside" - My Ghostwriter - The Vampire (1987)
"Beauty and the Beast" (1987)
Carmilla (1990)
The Cutting Edge (1992)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (1996)
Madigan Men" (2000)
Life Begins" (2004)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Gosh I hope my day is over.

It's Wednesday.. after 6 calls on Monday, 4 calls on Tuesday and 2 today I finally got the call backs i wanted on Monday!.. and it's Wednesday. *sigh.

One call wasn't the answer i was hoping for.. the other was. About what I expected though.
Last night we brought my brother home from the hospital. Which was one reason i was trying to get the phone calls over with and off my mind one way or another. He kept me hopping today.. get this, get that, do this, do that.. I don't "excercise" but I generally make a minimum of a dozen trips down and back up the stairs here.. so i consider that my excercise. And it's Wednesday.

I'm not young anymore and I tired easily. Well, maybe not "that easily" but I definately tire easier then when i was younger.. duh. I want desperatly to concentrate on writing again.. but the constant interruptions make it hard. I know i can still do it.. least I did it for 2 years while I wrote before, so I hope I can get into whatever I was then so I can write again. Nothing unstresses me more then loosing myself in reading or writing.

Hey.. it's Wednesday! Ohhhh.... I just remembered! "LOST" is on tonight! yeeeeehaaawwww! I am so hooked on that show and on Grays Anatomy! Good, good, good... I need to key down before the show comes on and be in bed and resting! Sounds like a plan ! So, maybe Wednesday isn't so bad afterall !!

I hope your day went well and you have a good evening...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Monday Photo Shoot on Tuesday

Your Monday Photo Shoot: ( Share some of your favorite black and white photos. Older pictures are good, but what you also might think about is seeing how some of your favorite color pictures look in black and white -- most computer photo editors will let you make a photo black and white (or sepia-toned -- that's monochromatic, too). This is an opportunity to look at some of your best photos in a new way.

Well geez... I guess it's obvious John doesn't come by MY journal! lol I've used many black and whites recently! But I dug up yet one more just for his Monday Photo Shoot.

This is my brother when he was young and thin. (weren't we all? *sigh) He made the costumes for a big Halloween Party in NY. He and the gal to the right went as Beauty and the Beast. Take a good look at his face.. that's real hair glued to his face, my mother's hair to be precise!

The gal to his left was "snow" and her date went as "Winter". Way back then the only Beauty and the Beast he based the costumes on was the old original black and white movie. (Jean Cocteau 1949 ) I remember seeing that version too! It was probably one of the first Fantasy movies I ever saw on television.. quickly followed by a black and white King Kong and a black and white Mighty Joe Young.

Gee.. even back then Fantasy hooked me! Then I began to read Fantasy!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday Rant

It's bad enough it's a "Monday" but it snowed some last night, then turned to slushy rain and it's still yucky outside. I am hoping it clears some before this evening when we have to bring my brother home. He can't walk but a few steps but if wet or slippery it could turn into a bad time. They say it will clear so I hope, for a change, the weatherman is right!

I am not thrilled when I have a few things that i want to get cleared up before having to put all my energy into my brothers return. Most especially when, in order to take care of these matters it means phone calls.

First, of course, you get the recordings.. choose this, choose that.. then when they finally get you to where you need to be, the person doesn't answer and asks you to leave your phone number for a "call-back". Well.. I don't know about you but when the messages says they will call back, I learned long ago .. don't hold your breath!

Gads I hate it. Wait, wait, wait, and then you call again and get the same thing of "leave your phone number".. well duh, been there, done that! Gimme a break!

The fun thing about calls like that is, have you ever noticed, that when a company DOES give you a human being to talk to that you immediately get the impression this person has no idea what you are talking about?! Umm, like train those you hire please! aggggggggggg.

Gee, can you tell that i could be in a better frame of mind??!! The phone ringing with answers would help tremendously!.. but , nope.. I won't hold my breath.. i might hit my head when i pass out!

Deja Moo : The feeling you've heard this bull before.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Sunday Movie

I'm watching Fried Green Tomatoes on television. I can't tell you how many times i've seen it, heck, I even OWN the movie on vhs! I could watch it any time I want to, so how come I can't "not watch it" when it comes on tv?

Why is it there are certain movies, and or actors and actresses, that whenever they come on tv I stop and watch them? I must own over 500 movies, and I still watch them when they show up on television!

You'd think I'd take out the movie and watch it without commercials! But nooooooooooooo, I heard the voice or saw a moment of the movie, knew it was one I really liked and settle right down to watch it.. again!

Right now it's Jessica Tandy. (and Kathy Bates) I've always loved Jessica Tandy and all the movies she's been in. Maggie Smith. James Earl Jones and Sean Connery are some others I can't seem to pass up. I think I'm on my third vhs of Medicine Man.. another of those movies I should know by heart but watch it over and over again. And the movie, Rudy?! No way can i pass it even if there's only the last 15 minutes of the movie I have to watch it! agggggg!

Are there any movies or actors that make you stop and watch no matter how many times you've seen them? Or am I the only nut on the tree?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

He wasn't the good guy!

Paula Lambert commented wondering about DeForest Kelley's "westerns" so I thought I would post a list of his westerns (movies only) and just a few "cowboy pics".

Tension at Table Rock.. 1956...Richard Egan, Dorothy Malone

Gunfight at the O K Corral ..1957 ...(played Morgan Earp) Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas

The Law and Jake Wade ..1958 ...(played-Wexler) Richard Widmark and Robert Taylor

Warlock ..1959...Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn

Gunfight at Comanche Creek.. 1964...Audie Murphy

Town Tamer.. 1965...Dana Andrews, Terry Moore

Black Spurs ..1965...Rory Calhoun

Apache Uprising.. 1966...Rory Calhoun

Waco ..1966...Howard Keel, Jane Russell

He also did guest stints as a cowboy on numerous television shows....from Bat Masterson and Bonanza to Death Valley Days, Laramie, The Lone Ranger, Trackdown, and the Virginian

My Brother, the artist..

I've talked about my brother a number of times so I thought I would show you him today...The first photo was taken about a year and a half ago, the second photo is my mom, Jim, me, and david. One of the last pics I have of her before she died.It was taken about 10 yrs go.

When he was young (and healthy) my brother was a dress designer. (re: the dress I had on in Round Robin) Here are two pictures of things he made many many years ago, which accounts for the fact they may look "outdated"..

Since those days his health has failed. When he was 50 he had a stroke leaving him paralyzed on one side. His right side.. and he was right handed. When he turned 60 he had a heart attack and quadrople bypass surgery. The meds from the stroke made him diabetic and have high blood pressure. Up until his heart attack he still managed to "walk" around by dragging his bad side, still cooked dinner and fed the cats. After his heart attack he gained alot of weight and his health is steadily going down hill.. the diabetes is effecting his kidney's now and his bad side, since he could never really use it, the muscles have all but disappeared so he's lucky if he can get up and into his wheelchair.

Until recently (and after his stroke.. remember he was right handed) though when he tried to write with his left hand it looked like a preschooler learning the alphabet, he found he could still paint on sweatshirts and tshirts.

If you are into fantasy art you may recognize that what he does is copy from books.. in some cases Frank Frazetta or Boris Vallejo. He did this for many years just to be busy and give as gifts. Since he was copying someone else's work he can't and wouldn't charge anything for them, so he mostly made them for christmas presents or birthday presents. To anyone who never saw his work before they think they are fantastic, but I can see a huge difference in them, before and after the stroke. But anyone who was gifted with one always loved them.

So.. there is my brothers story in short. He's back in the hospital right now, as he was sick and they thought it was the kidneys but it's looking like he may "escape" going on dialysis one more time. He will probably be home by Monday.

Meanwhile.. something very exciting happened to me yesterday and I am "up" for a change!

I know I've mentioned my writing of my stories about Kesterwood before and recently mentioned I had an idea to continue it but couldn't figure an ending for the next *book*.. welllllll.......... out of the blue, I have an ending!! I quickly jotted it down last night after coming home from visiting my brother in the hospital and now I'm excited to get started once again!! I love my own characters and to be in Kesterwood with them for periods of time while I write is wonderful to me.

It's if I am escaping.

I can feel small ideas of things to happen in the story and will begin jotting those down as well. What they do for me is give me some direction.. but more then not the characters seem to give me the direction I need all by theirself. I'm feeling good about this next story.. and the sun is out! I feel like nothing will go wrong today

Friday, January 20, 2006

January 20th..

January 20th.. this day never goes by that I don't think of my friend DeForest Kelley. For many years on this date, which is his birthday, there would be a phone call I would make to him and many laughs to follow.

( photos: De, myself, and Carolyn Kelley.... cowboy De and me)

I could spend all day and more sitting here writing about DeForest but instead I will make it brief with some photos and if you have an interest in DeForest you can visit my "picture tribute" at:
or a fan site that is really one of the best I've ever seen is:

For me, today will be a day that many happy memories will fill my mind of my friend, the actor, the husband, and the very wonderful humanbeing, DeForest Kelley. Thank you for making me part of your life De, I will always miss you.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Round Robin Photo

As I read other journals I came across what's called: Round Robin Photo's.. where someone picks a topic and then anyone who wants to participate puts up a photo concerning the topic. For more info see:

Anyway.. while reading some journals yesterday I saw pictures that Dee at had displayed for the Round Robin.. It got me thinking of a photo I had come across while redoing some albums. (you've seen a number of old photo's lately because of this..heh)

The topic is "super model".. well, those words and "me" aren't ever said in the same sentence! But.. there was this one photo of my X and myself. I remember it well because the way I felt at that time I had never felt before.. or since. I felt pretty. You have to know me to know that I never, but never , ever felt petty. But this one time I did.

My brother and I, though he is 5 yrs older then I am, was taking us out to celebrate our birthdays, which fall one week apart. I believe he made the dress at the time and loaned it to me for the trip we were about to make.. THE PLAYBOY CLUB !! Lord, help me lol.. bunnies all over the place! haha.. funny, thinking back now.. I bet my X remembered the bunnies.. but I remembered that the steak was so tender you didn't need a knife to cut it!!

Anyway.. here is the photo.. the only time i felt "super" (not all that sure about the model part lol) Oh.. and i was pregnant with my second son at the time, but didn't know it yet. (maybe that had something to do with feeling good about myself for a change?)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Golden Globe awards

For those who are interested and missed it.. here are the Golden Globe winners.
63rd Golden Globe Award Winners











BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN Music by: Gustavo Santaolalla Lyrics by: Bernie Taupin











CECIL B DEMILLE award was given to Anthony Hopkins

To Mural or not to Mural?

Over at Roxymama's ( ) she told of her daughter painting a mural on her bedroom door..(surprise surprise ma!)

Well, eons ago the same happened to my mother only it wasn't a door it was a wall! While at work one day my brother painted a mural on our livingroom wall! FYI it remained there until my mother moved from the apartment..heh.. (this was probably 45 yrs ago)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Aurielalata's Writer's Question

Writer's Weekly Question #13: Where do you begin when you start a novel? Do you begin at the beginning or with the characters? Or do you begin with the setting? Where do you begin and do you start with a game plan?

As usual, you don't have to be a writer to respond to these questions. This meme is meant as a community building sort of project. All you have to do answer the question either in the comment box below, or in your own journal. If you post in your journal, be sure to drop by and leave a link in the comment box so that we all can share in the joy of your response.

Jess ( ) posted a writer's question but says you don't have to be a writer to respond... that makes it so even "I" can respond, so I will.

I've only written one story that I consider writing, since it took over 2 years to write it and when i broke it down I had myself a "trilogy"..

(my designs for covers.. would this make you pick one up to see what it's about?)

When I wrote my *books* I knew the beginning and the end of each, and had ideas for some of the middle. However, during the writing, the characters managed to take things in their own directions, which kept me hustling to make sure it would still wind up the way I had seen the ending. So, yes, there certainly was a game plan, what I didn't know until I was writing it was "how" it would get to the conclusion. I wound up letting the characters lead the way.

This worked for all three *books*, since then I've had an idea to continue the story.. I have a beginning, and ideas for the middle.. but no conclusion. I find I need this so that i can keep the direction towards that ending.

It's strange to me that I can't come up with an ending.. maybe because it can't be just an ending, there has to be a reason for the ending. My idea for the next *book* is logical.. it's a step forward that although it's a fantasy, makes sense. But i just cannot write and not know where it's going. I can't seem to get the full Game Plan together. *sigh*

Monday, January 16, 2006

Peanutchew (no, not the candy)

I've had requests for more pictures of Peanutchew..

I hate it when George Carlin is Right..

Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we're kids?

If you're less than 10 years old, you're so excited about aging that you think in fractions.

"How old are you?" "I'm four and a half!" You're never thirty-six and a half. You're four and a half, going on five! That's the key.

You get into your teens, now they can't hold you back. You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead.

"How old are you?" "I'm gonna be 16!" You could be 13, but hey, you're gonna be 16!

And then the greatest day of your life . . . you become 21. Even the words sound like a ceremony . . . YOU BECOME 21. YESSSS!!!

But then you turn 30. Oooohh, what happened there? Makes you sound like bad milk! He TURNED; we had to throw him out. There's no fun now, you're Just a sour-dumpling. What's wrong? What's changed?

You BECOME 21, you TURN 30, then you're PUSHING 40. Whoa! Put on the brakes, it's all slipping away.

Before you know it, you REACH 50 and your dreams are gone.

But wait!!! You! MAKE it to 60. You didn't think you would!

So you BECOME 21, TURN 30, PUSH 40, REACH 50 and MAKE it to 60.

You've built up so much speed that you HIT 70! After that it's a day-by-day thing; you HIT Wednesday!

You get into your 80s and every day is a complete cycle; you HIT lunch; you TURN 4:30; you REACH bedtime.

And it doesn't end there. Into the 90s, you start going backwards; "I Was JUST 92."

Then a strange thing happens. If you make it over 100, you become a little kid again. "I'm 100 and a half!"

by: George Carlin

Olympic Year

Yesterday there was a program on with figure skaters AND gymnists.. ohhh boy, I am soooooooooo ready for the Olympics!

I'm not sure why but when it's the Olympics I watch things I would never watch if it wasn't the Olympics. Like.. Curling. Ummm, I really don't think I'd watch Curling if it wasn't on the Olympics.. but there I sat last time during winter Olympics watching Curling and of course routing for some team.. sheesh.

I'm looking forward to Figure Skating, of course. (Now that's one thing I watch even when it's NOT the Olympics.. I really enjoy the skaters). Believe it or not that includes a newer favorite of mine and that's the "cutie" Apolo Ohno on short track. He grabbed my heart during the last winter Olympics and I've began to hear his name now that February is around the corner.

Our best "hopefuls" for the U.S. this year are:

Sasha Cohen (oh sure anyone can do that! ..heh)

(I suspect that Irina Slutskaya will give her a run for the money..err, I mean medal!) (ouch, I have backpain WITHOUT doing that)

Johnny Weir (He's soooooo artistic)

Belbin and Agosto (thankfully Belbin is now an American citizen *and Canadian* so that they WILL represent the U.S. at the Olympics.

Apolo Ohno (cutie pie lol)

Two other skaters that I just can't get enough of, who no longer are in contention.. are : Todd Eldridge and Alexei Yagudin. I'm glad that they have specials on tv such as "Smuckers" so that I can continue to enjoy them.

Ok.. I'm ready!.. Bring on the Olympics!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

5 Guilty Pleasures..

Patrick over at brought up 5 guilty pleasures..

whelllllllllllll.. like Patrick food is way up there, but having a cholesterol problem makes those VERY GUILTY pleasures!

Number one isn't food.. it would be when I get to go to an autograph show or convention.
I enjoy mingling with "fans" and watching their expressions and how excited they get seeing someone they've admired for along time. And I totally enjoy when I get to help any of the guests. The guilty part comes because I know I should be here waiting on my brother. (thankfully it's a weekend day when David is home to do it but for whatever reason I feel guilty enjoying myself, no matter how short of a time it is)

Now we can get to food! heh.. I love love love, pepperoni pizza (2). ..
Breyers vanilla bean ice cream(3)...
Peppridge Farm chocolate cake(4)...
and Russell Stover French Mint candy!!(5)

So.. there you have 5 guilty pleasures (i try hard not to cheat on the cholesterol problem, and I'm pretty good at doing what I am supposed to do.. but boy doI savor the times I cheat! )

Kwan-der This..

Ok.. so something about me I haven't discussed yet is my becoming a fanatic when the Olympics are on. I can't get enough of ANY of it, be it summer or winter, I love it all.

Now.. that brings me to last nights Figure skating. They showed the female figure skaters and the winners are to go to the Olympics. My favorite person to watch skate was not there, Michelle Kwan, due to a groin injury.

Ooooookay.. so .. now what? The winner was Sasha Cohen who is automatically on the Olympic team. Second place went to Kimmie Meissner and third went to Emily Hughes.

During the show I am hearing talk about the fact that somehow Michelle Kwan may still make the team even though she's not skating, and even though she hasn't skated very much at all this past year.

Hmmm, I love watching Michelle but in all honesty, I don't think she's been keeping up with the new ladies that are up and coming. Do I want to see Michelle at the Olympics? Ohhh sure I do! Does she deserve to go? Now that I don't know.

I won't presume to know how their points system works or even to know if her injury will allow her to skate her best by next month.

I'm in a quandary about Kwan.

I found this article on the web.. but still I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do or not...

Michelle Kwan made the U.S. figure skating team forthe Turin Olympics despite missing the national trials with a groin injury.
The selection committee gave the nine-time U.S. and five-time world champion a medicalbye Saturday night, placing her on the team with Kimmie Meissner.
She made it ahead of third-place finisher Emily Hughes, who was designated an alternate along with Katy Taylor.

What do you think???

Big brother's aren't always so big..

Awww, see that sweet little girl with her Uncle? That's me. Cute huh? And sweet and innocent. (heh)

See this cute little boy? Looking all clean and behaved.. this is my brother Jim, he's 5 years older then his sweet, innocent little sister.

Do you know what it's like to be a sibling? Well, let me tell you.. my brother is 5 years older then me. So that meant, when we were young, he tended to be bossy. It gets old fast being the one that is bossed around!

Now, sweet innocent me, didn't always like that. But what was I to do? I was so much younger and smaller, and he was so "big and strong" compaired to little 'ol me!

Whelp, lemme tell ya what I did! I learned sumpin' 'bout my brother that no one knew... heh.. he was afraid of earth worms!!

So.. when "big brother" became too bossy, sweet innocent me would go dig up a worm and chase him around the yard! Heh.. just the thought of that brings a smile to my face.

It's just too bad that eventually he outgrew his fear of worms! (dang it!) After that i was at the mercy of an older brother. sigh. Well, at least I had a time I could look back and think: "heh, GOTCHA!"

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I tought I taw a puddy tat..

Steven of (My Sometimes Photoblog) made a request that we all name all of the cats we've ever lived with.. I know I've use the photo's before but here it goes anyway..

The first cat I remember I don't have a picture of. My brother came home with a cat that was SUPPOSED to be a male, which she proved differently when she had kittens born on a window sill.. her name was Kitty Gray.

After that I didn't have a cat until I lived in florida.. there I had Garfield and Pookey.

When I moved in with my brother.. there were many cats.. a few have gone to Kitty heaven but these are the ones still here.

Just an added note: Angel has only 3 legs (right front is gone) and Winkey has 3 1/2 legs (part of her right back is gone) All 9 cats were strays that came to this house.. they all saw the big blinking red sign that said "sucker" heh.

A Long time ago..

Once upon a time.. long long ago.. (sounds familiar huh? heh)

Last Vet's day I mentioned my brother had been in the Air Force during the Cuban Missile Crises. After that was over he went from the Azores to Michigan. When he was there he made friends with some fellow AF guys that he felt badly for because they didn't get a lot of mail. He asked them if they would like to write to his "little sister", who at that time was 16 yrs old. I think his buddies hesitated because the little sister was so young.

Soooooo, when my brother came home on leave he dawned me in his dress uniform jacket and high heels and took the pictures below:

About a week after his return to Michigan I began getting mail! heh.. I don't know how those photo's got around but beside AF guys I got mail from a Marine and one in the Navy!

One of his buddies I remember well. His name was (I say was, only because I lost contact with him after a while) Freddie. Now, Freddie was Italian.. and dang proud of it! His letters were hysterical! He wrote in "broken english" as if he had an Italian accent. Some words were even spelled phonetically to get the point across. He was the one i wound up writing to until he was released from the AF. His stories were things comedies are made of. How I wish I had those letters now.

After his release, my brother, mother and I went to visit him in Conn. for Thanksgiving... I don't know how his life went but it was a time to remember writing to the men in the service.

By the way.. scroll back and look at the tall photo.. get a load of that television! I'm betting most reading this never even saw a television with knobs!! So, let me take a moment and explain "knobs".. Knobs were before cable, Knobs were before a zillion channels, Knobs were when you had to get off your butt and go change the channel MANUALLY! (oh *shudder*! )

Sometimes what's in the background of an old photo is more interesting then the actual subject!